Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 19 September 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th September 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, gopi finds the thali is urmi's and feels suspicious. Koki comes there so gopi tells her about the thali. Urmi while leaving, overhears koki-gopi's discussion about the thali. Urmi gets worried and thinks of the plan. Koki says gopi that she is over thinking about the thali. Gopi couldnt get convinced with koki's words so koki says she would find out the truth. Both the ladies come into the hall, at the same time urmi comes inside the house. Urmi says she has come to see her grandsons. Urmi finds thali in gopi's hand and says its hers. Gopi says pari has taken that thali to mandir. Urmi yells for pari and pari comes there. Urmi says pari that she gave that thali to rashi once and she shouldnt use her daughter's things. Urmi goes to garden to check the kids. Koki softly explains pari not to talk back when urmi gets emotional about rashi or rashi's things. Pari agrees. 

Koki will be doing pooja to tulsi plant, savitha's kitten comes there and jumps on the plant. The plant pot breaks. Savitha comes there searching for her kitten. Koki scolds savitha for leaving her kitten on streets. Savitha taunts koki that she cant raise a pet though she is rich. Koki yells at savitha to take care of her kitten properly. Urmi calls pari and explains her to help jigar in his daily works so that she can win his heart. Pari makes the list of the things which jigar likes. Gopi finds this and thinks someone who know jigar well is helping pari but who is the person. 

At kinjal's house, kinjal prepares laddu and thinks urmi-rashi used to love them. Jigar comes out of the washroom and finds his dress on bed and thinks pari has done this. He searches for keys of the cupboard to take other clothes. Pari hides the keys. So jigar takes some other clothes. Vidya-tolu comes there and asks jigar to permit them to play with savitha's kitty but jigar rejects as koki doesnt likes pets. Pari says kids that she is allergic to kittens so they shouldnt play with them. Tolu-vidya plans to trouble pari. Pari sits in the garden so vidya slowly goes behind and leaves the kitten there. Pari will be sneezing continuously. Kids say pari that they will trouble her as she is troubling jigar. Later, pari gets a parcel of kurta. But the kitten spoils it. Pari finds this and gets angry with kids.