Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th September 2014 Written Update

 At modi bhawan, jigar will be disappointed with pari because of her lies. He leaves angrily. Pari asks meeti to serve food for her. Gopi serves food to pari. Molu says pari that urmi will be eating in the same way now. Pari says she is busy talking to ghosts now. Gopi hears this and thinks pari talks all nonsense. Landline rings so gopi picks up the call. Kinjal tells gopi about babaji's arrest. Gopi hangs on the call and thinks how could pari know about this. Gopi feels suspecious how could pari knows about this matter. 

Later, in the night lady modis gather in bha's room. Bha-hetal will be disappointed about pari's behavior towards jigar and kids. Pari will be passing by, hetal calls her and asks how could she lie to jigar to make him come home. Pari says she was just trying a way to finish up the work and this she has learnt from daily soaps. Gopi scolds pari that television will be showing wrong sometimes and shouldnt follow them blindly. Pari replies that gopi has provoked everyone against her so they are yelling at her now. Koki defends gopi and asks pari to apologize elders. Pari does and leaves from there. Hetal will be worried about pari's odd behavior. Koki asks hetal to give some time to pari to change herself. Koki again says we cannot see jigar as ahem has changed when gopi has left modi bhawan. So by pari's childish behavior jigar is getting distracted of rashi's thoughts. 

At kinjal's house, kinjal-dhawal-madhu will be having dinner. Kinjal wonders and asks dhaval and madhu why they arent complainting about food. They say its fine. Kinjal says urmi used to taunt her about the food all time. Here urmi says jitthu that kinjal has helped about babaji but she cannot accept her back in the house. Later, dhaval says kinjal that he would talk to urmi and move back to urmi's house as she is missing her. But kinjal rejects to go back. 

Pari comes to kids room and gives chocolates, but tolu-vidya scolds pari. Pari gets a call. Pari scolds the person not to call her, she is trying hard to win modis heart and asks him/her to help her. Pari hangs on the call and finds gopi at the door. Gopi doubts with whom pari is talking. Pari denies to tell gopi with whom she is talking. Vidya says gopi that pari was bribing them with chocolates. Pari leaves angrily from there. In guests room, jigar will be angry with pari. Hetal comes there and tries to console him. Jigar angrily says hetal that he cannot bear pari and cannot accept pari as his wife and cant forget rashi. Hetal asks jigar to give some time to make pari to behave like an adult. Jigar finds his file in pari's room and walks over there. Koki comes there but jigar leaves without talking to her. Jigar goes to pari's room. He finds cupboard is locked. He asks pari about keys. Pari sleeps on the bed and tells jigar that the keys are under her pillow and he should take them himself. Jigar goes to washroom and brings a bucket of water. He pours on pari and takes away the keys. After jigar taking the file, pari stops him but jigar yells at her to leave him alone. Pari gets a call from her friend shilpi, she asks pari to meet them as they are in rajkot and they will be leaving next day. Pari agrees.