Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th September 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki softly asks kids why they are troubling pari. Kids reply that they want to disturb pari's fasting. Koki says she is disappointed with their behavior towards pari and they shouldnt involve in elders matters. Koki asks kids to apologize pari. They does but pari leaves angrily as kids have spoiled her mehendi. At urmi's house, urmi calls rashi (babaji's wife) and asks rashi to take care of their treasure box in which their money and jewelry are stored. Urmi says she is going out for a while so she should take care of the treasure well. Babaji and his wife thinks its so easy to fool someone. Kids will be discussing about pari's good and bad deeds. Molu supports pari and tolu doesnt. Gopi comes there. Mira asks gopi how to judge a person? with good or bad deeds. Gopi explains kids that they should first consider the good deeds and think positively about that person so that we can love that person whole heartedly. Gopi again says kids not to trouble pari as they doesnt like her. 

Later, pari feels bad that her mehendi has got spoiled. Molu-mira send a "sorry" card to pari. Pari doesnt accept the apology. Molu says pari that he would help her to help jigar to come home. Pari opens the door. Molu calls jigar and says he got ill suddenly and asks him to come home. But tolu calls jigar's office and tells molu-mira are planning to bring him home anyway. Jigar thanks and hangs on the call. Jigar says molu that their plans wouldnt work. Pari again calls jigar and tells him that she would come to jigar's office at 6pm. Tolu comes to pari's room, Tolu-molu start fighting about this. Koki-gopi come there. Gopi asks pari not to involve kids in their personal matters and never tolu-molu have fought about anything with eachother. Koki defends pari and says that they shouldnt involve in kids fights as they will become one in little while. Pari feels happy but gopi gets upset. 

At urmi's house, baba ji and his wife enters urmi's house from the window and start breaking the connecting wall of urmi's room and hall. Urmi and all other family members come there. Urmi says baba ji that she wouldnt be fooled all time. Urmi explains baba ji that kinjal has found out that babaji was making his wife to talk to her as rashi and told this plan so that they can catch him red handed. Shah's make babaji and his wife arrested. 

All the ladies will be waiting for jigar. Jigar comes home. Jigar asks 200 rupees to koki and goes out. Again he comes inside. Modis will be confused what has happened. Koki asks whats the matter. Jigar explains that he has determined not to come home in the evening, but pari has called his driver to bring home his car and he stayed at home. And when he checked his wallet he found no money in it. Pari has kept a letter in the wallet that he should come home soon as she has removed all the money. So he had no option other than coming home. Pari requests jigar to let her drink water and break the fasting. But jigar walks off. Pari asks jigar to make her wear the ring she bought for herself. But jigar pushes away and walks off. Pari acts as though ring has gone into her mouth and got struck in her throat. Jigar gets worried and makes her drink some water. Pari shows the ring and modis remained shocked.