Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 15 September 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th September 2014 Written Update

Early morning, pari asks elders to put mehendi on her hands to get ready for teej. Pari has some food before. While giving the teej material hetal remembers rashi and feels bad. Hetal feels sorry as she couldnt accept pari as her daughter-in-law. Next day morning, pari asks jigar to come home soon in the evening as she should break her fast. But jigar says gopi that he would not come home for today as he has some work. Kids find this and plan to trouble pari about eating. Pari insists bha to keep mehendi on her hand. Bha writes "J" on pari's palm. Kids come with all food and starts eating before pari. Pari gets tempted and asks for 1 jalebi. Before pari eats the jalebi, she herself stops and says she cant eat. Pari leaves angrily. Mira asks kids not to trouble pari as she is fasting. Kids plan to disturb pari's mehendi. Tolu comes to pari and says gopi is calling her and takes to their room. Pari opens the door and enters inside, a bucket of water falls on pari which kids have tied on the door. Pari gets hyper. Pari tries hard to save her mehendi and kids keep on troubling pari. Mira goes to call elders so that they can stop kids troubling pari. Kids throw a ball at pari but it hits rashi's photo on wall, but pari grabs it without falling on ground. While doing this pari's mehendi gets spoiled. Pari gets upset. Elders come there. Pari says kids that she loves their father and she is fasting for their father's long life. But they dint help her. Pari again says, if they love her then at least respect their mom rashi.