Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th September 2014 Written Update

At urmi's house, urmi comes back home, kinjal will be waiting there. Kinjal enters the house and walks into urmi's room. Kinjal takes away all the jewelry. Kinjal tells urmi that she has already blammed her that she has stolen jewelry so she is taking away all the remaining. Urmi warns kinjal that she would complaint against her in police station. Kinjal replies that she would tell police that urmi has stolen these jewelry from modi bhawan. Kinjal walks off though urmi yelling at her. At modi bhawan, jigar says kids to finish up their home work and goes to his room. Pari finds kids alone and goes to them and asks them to play foot ball with her. Kids deny to go. Pari says jigar has told her to give a play break to kids for a while. But pari tempts kids to play with her in rain and walks outside. Kids think jigar has told pari to tell them to play as they were studying from longtime. Though mira asks them not to go, tolu-molu-vidya rush out. All kids start playing. Koki-hetal-gopi come out umbrella and asks kids to come inside. Kids continue to play though they slip. 

Pari asks koki to let them play for a while. Jigar opens the window and finds kids playing. Kids & pari requests jigar to come down and play with them. Finally jigar comes out. Kids request jigar to play with them and jigar agrees. Jigar-kids play together. Koki feels happy looking at jigar playing. Jigar slips and falls down but laughs along the kids. Even elders and pari feel happy. Later, jigar asks kids why they are playing when he asked them to finish up the home work. Kids say that pari has told them that he asked them to take a break. Jigar gets hyper for lying to kids. Jigar leaves angrily. Gopi-koki scolds pari for taking a wrong way to make jigar smile. Pari brings her mobile and checks the funny animal character morphed with modis faces. Gopi checks this. Gopi asks pari's mobile, pari denies but gives as koki insists. Gopi shows the funny pictures to koki and says pari is controlling her angry in this way. Pari explains gopi-koki that its a game in which people can keep their mind cool and its helping her to get attached to modis. Gopi says koki not to believe pari. But koki explains gopi that no one is perfect and if they can try then she can become perfect. Though her procedure was wrong, her intensions arent bad. Koki again says to see pari in a positive way then she can find the good in pari. Gopi feels bad that pari isnt showing them her real intensions. Later, pari will be talking to her dad that everyone are getting in her favour slowly. Only gopi is against to her but she would try to convince her. Koki comes there. Koki asks pari whether she is truly interested to get along with modis. Pari says yes. So koki asks pari that she has to promise her to try hard to win everyone and stay good to modis. Pari agrees.