Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th September 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, modis will be having breakfast. Bha will be dissapointed with pari's behavior towards hetal and jigar. At urmi's house, baba ji comes there. He calls some lady and tells urmi that rashi is talking to her now. Urmi says its not rashi's voice, baba ji scolds urmi that when a person is dead his/her voice will be changed. Urmi says its okay and continues talking. Mean while baba ji enters into urmi's room and will be checking her wardrobe. At modi bhawan, pari will be worried as she couldnt gain points from her MIL and husband. Hetal comes there, pari says she would help her in work but hetal rejects and leaves from there. Koki-gopi finds this and thinks its good that pari dint irritate or talkback to hetal. Gopi finds pari checking her mobile in happy mood and thinks pari can forget everything if she has her mobile in hand. 

At urmi's house, pappu-kinjal comes to urmi's house to take pappu's clothes. They find urmi talking to someone on mobile and thinks she is chatting with some friend. Pappu goes to urmi's room and finds baba ji taking all the jewelry from the cupboard. He calmly rushes to kinjal and tells her. Kinjal comes there with her clothes bag and hits baba ji for stealing the jewelry. Pappu rushes to urmi and asks her to come inside. Urmi angrily comes there and scolds kinjal for coming inside. Kinjal says urmi that the baba ji was stealing her jewelry. Mean time, baba ji puts all the jewelry from his bag to kinjal's. Baba ji asks urmi to check kinjal's bag as she was stealing. Urmi does and finds the jewelry. Urmi scolds kinjal for stealing jewelry and misunderstanding baba ji. Urmi drags kinjal out of the house. Kinjal warns urmi that baba ji is cheating her. Urmi gives all the jewelry to baba ji. 

At modi bhawan, pari goes to jigar's room and asks him to smile but he doesnt. Jigar yells at pari so modis come there. Hetal scolds pari for being intimate with jigar. Koki suggests pari to make jigar feel happy whole heartedly but not by forcefully. All leave. Angry pari makes funny images of modis and feel happy. Later, jigar comes downstairs. Kids ask him to help them to finish their home work. Jigar agrees. Pari finds this and thinks to make jigar smile, she has to take kids help. Urmi comes there. Urmi gives toys to kids. Urmi goes to rashi's room but there pari yells at urmi that its her room now but not rashi's.