Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 8 September 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th September 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, gopi says koki that she has found a hotel room bill from her pocket. Gopi says she would go to that hotel and find out anything against pari. Koki agrees. Gopi leaves alone to hotel. Meanwhile, urmi goes to that babaji and asks him that she wants to talk to rashi. The baba asks her to give all the money. Then he acts as if he is talking to rashi's soul. He tells urmi that rashi is asking for her jewelry. Urmi gives her jewelry. Then he asks urmi to send kinjal from her house anyway. Urmi agrees. Baba ji says urmi that souls can speak to them only for 5mins and come back again next day. Urmi leaves. Gopi reaches the hotel and enquires about the waiter who has taken care of the room on the day. The hotel manager denies. So gopi warns him to help her otherwise she would call police. Ahem-jigar come back home. Pari rushes to jigar to hug him but jigar stops her. Jigar walks to his room. But he finds pari has changed all the room and thown away his alarm clock which rashi has gifted him. Jigar gets hyper and yells at her. Koki-hetal-ahem come there. Jigar leaves silently. Pari tries to apologize but koki says pari not to get worried, meeti will clear it all. Hetal-ahem remains surprised at koki's soft behavior. 

At the hotel, gopi learns that the waiter has allowed the photographer to stand near the window and click the pictures. And he has allowed him as pari has bribed him. Gopi asks the waiter to come along with her to police station and help her to file the complaint and give him the proof. The waiter agrees. Gopi calls koki and tells that she has found the proof against pari. Koki asks gopi to come back home. At urmi's house, urmi yells at kinjal that she has prepared worst tea and kinjal's family should leave the house. Urmi even slaps pappu. Dhaval gets serious and says he would leave the house as urmi is yelling at them to leave the house. Jitthu pleads them not to leave but dhaval determines to leave. 

Pari thinks of going for shopping to buy some gift for jigar. Pari gets into the car and starts. Kids once again irritate pari. While pari rushes behind kids. Kids get into the car to escape from pari. Kids step on accelator and car moves on. Gopi reaches home and finds kids in car. Gopi tries to stop the car. Pari finds kids in the car, and a sand lorry before. Pari rushes and opens the sand lorry and all the sand falls on ground, car gets stopped. Gopi opens the door and hugs kids. Gopi scolds pari for toubling her kids again. Pari tries to defend but gopi doesnt listen to her. Gopi-pari-kids come into the house. Modis come out. Pari explains everything to elders. Gopi scolds pari for being irresponsible about kids. Gopi shows the video in which the waiter saying that pari has bribed them. Gopi says she has called police and they'll arrive. 

Gopi couldnt find any proof against pari in her mobile, so she asks gopi to give her some time. Koki apologizes police and tells that they have no proofs against pari.