Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 5 September 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th September 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki asks everyone to have breakfast as gents need to go to office. All sit except jigar. Pari asks jigar to have breakfast but jigar denies. While jigar leaving to office, pari rushes to him and hugs him, kisses him. Modis surprise but remain calm. At urmi's house, babaji says urmi that he knows rashi and talks to him daily. Jitthu scolds babaji and asks to leave. Babaji continues acting that rashi is talking to him. Kinjal scolds him not to talk rubbish. Babaji gives his icard to urmi but kinjal takes it and asks him to leave. 

The newly hired workers will be cleaning mandir. As per pari's orders they try to move the idol. Gopi passing by finds this and stops them. Gopi says pari that idol cannot be moved as they wish. Gopi says again that if she wants to become a good DIL then she has to know about modi's family rules. Koki-hetal comes there and gopi tells about the mistake. Pari says gopi that she is feeling bad as workers were moving the idol. Gopi explains that there is no matter of servants or owners, anyone can pray khana ji. Pari takes gopi's words in wrong way and says gopi's thinking is so low and she is feeling bad that servants were touching the idol. Koki yells at pari that she is acting so smart and one day her truth will be revealed and that day everything will be sorted out. Modis leave. Pari thinks that day audience would cheer for her but not modis. 

All the modi ladies gather in bha's room, koki-gopi will be worried that they are feeling burdened because of pari. But hetal-bha say that pari is not bad at heart. Koki says she has to find out the truth about pari and send off all the newly hired servants. Pari eavesdrop this discussion and thinks bha-hetal has good opinions on her so from here she can win jigar's heart as well. In kids room, kids decide to send away pari from their house. A maid comes to kids room and starts cleaning. But kids trouble her, so she scolds the kids. Pari comes there and scolds the kids. 

At urmi's house, urmi says jitthu that she would go to babaji and meet him and find out whether she can talk to rashi. Jitthu rejects. Jitthu-kinjal also explain urmi not to believe that babaji. Jitthu convinces urmi not to leave. Pari comes back to kids room with a bow-arrow toy. Pari aims at kids and make them scared. Pari releases the arrow at vidya, but gopi grabs it.