Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th September 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, pari faints but gopi grabs her. Koki-gopi make her sit and feeds food. Gopi brings glucose for pari. Modis will be worried for pari but pari says she was acting ill to make koki herself to feed her so koki has lost her challenge. Modis remain silent. Pari says hetal that jigar has become a widow and she loves him a lot so they should accept her as their daughter-in-law. Koki yells at pari that she doesnt take anything serious and she has no qualities to become modis daughter-in-law. Modis leave from there. Pari determines that she should win koki's heart to stay in modi bhawan forever. Later, in the night, hetal will be worried for jigar. Koki comes there and says they shouldnt step back, they should look for more proofs against pari so that they can send her out of modi bhawan as soon as possible. 

Next day, pari brings tea for jigar but he gets angry and drags her out. She yells that she got hurt. Modis come there worried. Jigar says pari has started her nautanki. Pari says she was taking care of her husband. Koki says she has to take care of whole family as well. Pari asks koki what she has to do to get accepted as modis daughter-in-law and wife of jigar. Koki says if she does everything which gopi does then she would think about it. Pari says gopi works as a servant and she too would do so if koki orders. Koki yells at pari that gopi does all the work to take care of the family and now she should prepare breakfast for everyone, school lunch box for kids. Pari agrees. 

At urmi's house, one saadhu comes there and tells urmi that he would connect to talk to rashi directly. Urmi feels happy. At modi bhawan, modis come downstairs to have breakfast. Ladies will be worried how pari does her work. Pari comes there and calls for food. Few people come along with food. Koki asks pari whats happening. Pari says only servants can work as gopi does. So she has hired few servants to help her. And koki dint say not to hire any one. Koki yells at koki to send them away, but pari denies. Chirag asks pari they are not bothered about salary but they dont need any. Pari says chirag not to involve in ladies matters. Koki scolds pari to respect chirag. Pari says she wished for a happy and cool family but she got a nautanki family as her in-laws.