Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 29 August 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th August 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki finds pari's handbag in the cupboard and thinks she would definitely finds something in it. Outside hetal tries to stop pari to go inside but fails, then mira rushes to pari and asks her to help in dancing. Mean while, tolu-molu-vidya enter into the room and tells koki that pari is outside. Molu finds a chocolate box and opens it. He finds a letter in it and gives it to koki. Pari anyhow makes excuses and walks to her room. Koki locks the door slightly inside and takes kids into bathroom. Koki hides in a corner and kids get ready to bath. Pari walks in and finds her things are mess. She doubts and rushes into the bathroom. Their she finds kids playing with water. Pari scolds kids to leave but kids yell at her to leave as its thier parents room. Koki slowly walks in and asks pari why kids need permission to come into their parents room. Pari hears car coming inside the house and rushes downstairs. Koki-kids feel happy. Later, koki-kids check the paper and realizes that pari has fooled them. But koki determines herself to find pari's intentions in a week. 

They hear jigar yelling and come downstairs. Jigar wonders and asks hetal why a constable is behind him since morning. Pari tells jigar that she has appointed a constable to know where jigar is going. Jigar-hetal scolds pari. Pari asks koki whether she found any proofs against her or not. Koki-hetal wonders. Pari says they should stop playing hide-seek game with her anymore. Later, koki doesnt allow pari to have food but hetal allows. Koki says hetal that if they provide all the means to pari then how can they make pari leave their house. Hetal agrees. Again hetal comes to meeti and says not to give food to pari. 

Gopi goes to urmi's house. But urmi drags her out and even madhu. Gopi cries and pleads urmi to listen to her. Urmi keeps on rejecting gopi. Gopi finds a window open and pleads urmi to listen to her. But urmi doesnt. After few trials, gopi asks urmi to listen to her thinking about rashi-tolu-molu. Finally urmi agrees. Gopi explains urmi that pari has planned something evil and entered into the house. And jigar still loves rashi then how can he marry pari.