Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 25 August 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th August 2014 Written Update

Koki asks urmi to take away pari from there home. Urmi says when they have allowed radha to live in their house for years then they should allow pari as well as she is rashi's sister. Urmi hangs on the call. Hetal-gopi in kitchen, hetal feels bad about jigar in between rashi's memories and pari. Koki comes there. Gopi calls jigar, he tells that pari is with him and she has understood his situation now. Jigar hangs on the call saying he would talk later. Koki feels suspicious how could pari agree him to leave to US. Jigar-pari reach the temple. Jigar says rashi used to come to this temple when she was pregnant. They both go inside the temple. Pari purchases two garlands and keeps on khana ji. Here urmi reaches modi bhawan. Urmi asks koki to send tolu-molu with her. Urmi calls her lawyer in. The lawyer says urmi has filled a case against modis to take tolu-molu as jigar isnt taking care of kids properly after rashi's death. Ahem says she cannot take kids with her as she needs to consider jigar's and kid's wish too. Urmi asks ahem to call jigar then. 

Jigar-pari reach a pani-puri bandi. Pari says that place is so tacky but jigar says rashi loves this pani-puri and used to have fun with them. Pari couldnt eat the pani-puri. Jigar shows a garden nearby and tells pari that he and rashi used to hangout in this garden. Pari asks him to take there. Here in modi bhawan, ahem says urmi that she cant bear the kids studies with the money she gets from the rents and koki says urmi that when father of kids is alive then she being a grandmother cannot file a case to take kids responsibility. Urmi remians thinking. Koki again says she cant remain calm as its a point of kids future. Kids return home from school. Koki asks kids whether they are willing to live with urmi forever. Kids reject to come along with urmi. Urmi shocks. Koki sends away kids to their room. Urmi says koki that they have spoiled kids minds against her. Koki says urmi that according to law kids should live with their father but not with their grandparents. Lawyer also suggests to leave this case. At urmi's house, the lawyer demands 2000 rupees and asks to prepare 25000 rupees as his fee. 

At garden, pari shows a book to jigar and says she has prepared a love story of his and rashi's, pari asks jigar to sign on that book. He does on few papers. A document drops from the book but pari stops jigar to check that document. A kid dashes pari and cool drink spills on her dress. Jigar says he would buy another dress for her. They both go to a hotel. Jigar says pari that he would wait in the reception and pari goes to the room. Pari calls jigar and says she is scared of something. Jigar rushes over there. Pari hugs jigar and says there were lizards in the washroom and she is scared of them. Jigar leaves pari and says he would check. Pari changes her dress and both come back to modi bhawan. Koki finds pari's dress has been changed and asks about it. Pari says she bought a new one as her dress got spoiled. Next day, jigar comes downstairs with luggage to leave to US. 

Police arrive at modi bhawan and says jigar that he cant leave to US as his newly wed wife has filed a case against him. Modis shock hearing this.