Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd August 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, pari confesses her love towards jigar. But jigar yells her to shut up and leaves from there. Koki asks pari to leave modi bhawan but she disagrees. Koki asks pari that she has no relation with modis so she cannot stay in there house anymore. Ahem says koki that she would leave next day as its too night. Koki agrees and all leaves from there. Gopi packs pari's clothes. Pari pleads gopi that she cannot leave from there. Gopi explains pari that she is giving more pain to jigar. Koki comes there and asks gopi no need to explain or plead pari to leave the house. As she has to leave modi bhawan anyway. Gopi-koki leaves from there. But pari determines herself that she wouldnt leave the house. Urmi calls gopi's mobile but she doesnt picks the call. Urmi thinks gopi isnt willing to allow kids to talk to her so she is ignoring her calls. Jitthu supports gopi that she might have kept the mobile somewhere. But urmi doesnt agree. 

Jigar comes downstairs and calls ticket booking agency and books tickets. Hetal-pari-gopi-koki come downstairs. Hetal asks whom is he calling in the late night. Jigar says he would stay away from home for few days. All get shocked. Jigar says they all are worried for him and he doesnt want to hurt him more. Koki says no he is their family and they worry about him. Ahem says he should think about kids. Jigar asks them to take care of them. Gopi says no one can take his place for kids. Jigar cries and says he couldnt forget rashi and he is feeling miserable without her. Hetal tries to explain jigar that he shouldnt stay alone, kids need him and they cant allow him alone but jigar says he has decided to leave and will be leaving next day. Jigar again says before he gets shattered they should allow him to leave. Jigar leaves from there. Hetal cries and koki comforts her. 

Next day, jigar says everyone that he'll go to US next day and asks hetal to take care of kids. Ahem asks about visa. Jigar says rashi has booked a holiday to US for his family. So he can get the visa. Jigar walks and pari comes there and asks jigar not to leave the house or her. Jigar asks pari to leave him alone. Koki yells at pari that she should leave this house by this time. Pari disagrees. Koki drags pari to send her away. But jigar stops koki and says anyhow he is leaving so she can stay here. Koki says he cannot leave. Jigar walks off from there. Pari says she cannot leave modi bhawan till she completes her project. Jigar goes to tolu-molu and explains that he should go to US and will be back soon. Later, jigar gets into his car and finds pari inside. Pari apologizes jigar for all her mistakes. Pari says she is impressed with him as he loves his wife still. Pari asks jigar to take all the places where he and rashi had gone in past. Jigar agrees to take her. Later, kids get ready to school. Koki calls urmi and says she needs to talk her. Urmi asks koki that she wants to talk to tolu-molu but gopi stops them as they are getting late for school.