Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th August 2014 Written Update

At school, Anurag tries touching gopi but she keeps on crying. Anurag says gopi not to think about ahem anymore and he knows she was dreaming a happy life with him. Anurag says gopi that they will get married in this school and live happily ever. Ahem and police will be enquiring about anurag near by the school. Anurag goes out of the room for water. Gopi cries for ahem. Police calls ahem and says people have told them that they have seen anurag near the market. Ahem says he would come there. Rashi comes into the school and searches for gopi. Gopi finds rashi downstairs and calls her. Anurag gets alert and ties a cloth to her mouth and scolds her and makes her sit on floor. Anurag will be arranging things for the marriage. Chirag-parag return home. They say that ahem hadnt found gopi yet. Kids come here and ask about their parents. Mira comes there and explains kids that they shouldnt force elders when they arent saying anything. Kids decide to pray khana ji. Anurag arranges everything. Gopi throws the rakhi from the pit pipe, rashi finds that and thinks gopi is somewhere near. Rashi's mobile slips and falls in water so she couldnt call. Ahem-jigar realise rashi got missed. Jigar says he would search for rashi and he should search gopi. Kids will be praying for their parents. Koki-madhu-urmi will be searching for gopi. Urmi feels something bad gonna happen but koki says not to feel so. Anurag makes gopi to sit beside him for marriage. Rashi finds school is locked. So she again goes o the pipe. Rashi finds the pipe coming from which floor and thinks going to that floor. Chirag gets call from police that ahem are at government school. So hetal-chirag-parag leave. Anurag starts the marriage process. Rashi climbs from the pipe and reaches the room in which gopi-anurag there. She tries calling gopi but her voice couldnt reach because of tape recorder. Rashi breaks the window and comes inside. Gopi feels happy to see rashi. Anurag shocks. Rashi comes inside and throws kumkum on anurag and unties gopi. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th August 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, Koki says modis that anurag has kidnapped gopi. Everyone shocked. Koki-ahem-rashi-jigar leave o follow anurag. Pari will be worried for gopi and hetal consoles her. Rashi feels bad that she should have believed gopi. Ahem scolds rashi but koki defends rashi. Rashi feels happy. Anurag gets down in market and purchases something. While getting into auto again finds gopi's earring on ground and looks around. He finds modis vehicle and gets angry that modis are following him. Anurag gets into auto and goes on. Modis follow him. Anurag gets down the auto suddenly and rushes. Modis miss him. Modis get down and start searching anurag. Jigar finds anurag but misses him again. Pari checks her photo album and finds anurag's picture and uploads on social networking site. Koki gets an idea of finding out where did anurag tell the auto driver to go. So rashi calls urmi and says that anurag has kidnapped gopi and they should find the place where anurag has told to go to find gopi. Urmi says she would come there. Urmi leaves along with madhu. Anurag hits gopi and scolds her why she has kept her earring on his pant to give a clue to modis. Urmi demands the auto drivers to tell where anurag has told to go. Rashi shows anurag's picture and shows it to auto driver, the driver finds and tells them about the place.