Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th July 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, vidya comes into her mom's room and says she has come first in the dance competition in school. Ahem-gopi congratulates her. Here anurag will be waiting for gopi to come along with the kids. He feels frustrated and thinks of finding himself. Hetal finds tolu-molu hiding under the table and asks them to go to their room to study. Koki comes there and calls gopi. Anurag finds ahem-gopi romancing, anurag hears gopi pleading ahem to leave her as koki is calling her. But anurag thinks ahem is forcing her. Anurag walks off to his room and will be angry with ahem. Ahem comes there to check his file which kids might brought into their room. Ahem finds anurag furious and asks what happened. Anurag seriously comes to ahem and grabs his collar. Ahem remains shocked. Gopi finds this and rushes over there. Anurag finds gopi coming and suddenly starts crying. Ahem wonders. Gopi comes inside. Anurag says he recalled his wife who has cheated on him. Ahem-gopi consoles and leaves from there. At pooja's office, pooja gives a document to Mr. Mehta and asks to make it legalize. Mehta asks pooja to think once again, but pooja warns him not to give any suggestions. Mehta agrees and leaves. Pooja kisses dhaval's picture in her mobile and feels happy that now no one can depart them. Anurag brings a yellow saree for gopi and thinks of gifting it to gopi. Anurag walks to gopi's room, but overhears ahem-vidya-mira talking. Ahem shows the red saree to kids which he wants to gift gopi. Mira-vidya say that the saree is nice. Kids leave. Ahem places it in the cupboard and walks to washroom. Anurag slowly enters into the room and drags off the red saree so that another saree falls on ground. Before he keeps it in place, ahem opens the door. So anurag hides inside the cupboard. Ahem finds the saree on ground and takes it in hand. He opens the cupboard one side and keeps it inside. Ahem locks it and thinks of giving the saree by himself. Again he thinks of surprising her and calls gopi. Gopi comes there and asks for another kurta. Ahem says she might find something good which she likes a lot. Anurag thinks, yes gopi will find a good thing in cupboard but not in his(ahem's) presence. Gopi opens the cupboard, koki comes there and asks the couple to come to bha's room as she wants to talk to all. So ahem-gopi leave. Next day, gopi finds the yellow saree in the cupboard and thinks this is why ahem was asking her to open the cupboard. At mandir, ahem will be waiting for gopi to come in red saree. Gopi comes in yellow saree. Ahem doubts gopi dint like the red saree and asks her whether she liked the saree. Gopi replies she liked it. Anurag feels happy. Ahem-gopi will be giving aarthi. But anurag feels jealous. Anurag makes more smoke and ahem coughs. Ahem while coughing drops the diya and oil spills on gopi's saree. Anurag feels ahem has done it intentionally. Ahem asks gopi to change the saree. 

Rashi finds gopi's picture in anurag's pencil box and wonders.