Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 28 July 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th July 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, rashi comes home. Jigar scolds rashi for leaving kids alone at home and going out. Rashi says she is worried about kids and so she brought anurag to stay at home to tutor her kids as well and that too any time. Ahem denies for it saying the kids are too young to force them to study all the time. Anurag gets worried. Rashi-ahem argues about this. Anurag feels dissappointed as he has planned a lot to stay with gopi in modi bhawan. Gopi also supports rashi. Finally koki agrees anurag to stay at home. But koki warns anurag that if tolu-molu doesnt improve in their studies then he has to leave the house immediately. Anurag agrees. All leave. Anurag thanks gopi for supporting rashi. Ahem finds them talking and calls gopi. Anurag gets irritated that ahem is always interupting them though gopi is interested in talking to him and spending time with him. At urmi's house, urmi requests dhaval to give 2000 rupees. Dhaval says he gave her 5000 rupees in the morning. Urmi acts innocent that she needs money for medicines for jitthu, madhu and herself. So dhaval gives money to urmi but kinjal drags the money. Kinjal reveals the truth that urmi has taken credit from her friend in kitty party for buying kangan. Urmi remains shocked. Kinjal scolds urmi saying that she doesnt need money for medicines in fact she needs money to buy gold or sarees for herself. Kinjal asks urmi to sell those kangan and buy medicines. Urmi starts crying. Pooja comes there and says she would like to buy the kangan. Dhaval says pooja that if she buys the kangan then there will be some peace in the home. Urmi says they are costly. So pooja says tomorrow she would bring a legal notice and give double the amount and take away the precious thing. Madhu feels suspicious. At modi bhawan, rashi tastes biryani and finds its salty. So she thinks of preparing it again. But gopi mexes lemon juice-garam masala and makes it tasty again. Rashi scolds gopi for not supporting before about anurag. Gopi says rashi not to be angry with ahem as he dint support her and the kids are very young to get suffer in tution. Rashi yells at gopi that they wanted a tutor for mira but not for her kids. Gopi says as mira doesnt know anything they thought of arranging a tutor for her. Rashi says she and ahem are not treating tolu-molu as their kids. Koki comes there and scolds rashi. But hetal stops koki as anurag is at home now. Koki stops. Later, anurag will be searching for gopi. Gopi finds him and asks what is he searching. Anurag says he was checking kids. Gopi says she would find them and send them to him. But tolu-molu will be unhappy as anurag will be all the time with them. Hetal consoles rashi. And gopi consoles ahem for not to be angry with rashi and she would take care of everything.