Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd July 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, rashi asks hetal to teach the same lessons to gopi as well. Ahem-jigar leave without having breakfast, hetal scolds both the ladies. But rashi blames gopi and leaves. Koki comes there and says gopi to be brave enough and tackle with rashi-urmi. Urmi calls rashi, rashi complaints urmi about gopi not preparing tiffin for tolu-molu. Rashi hangs on the call angrily. Urmi feels bad for her daughter and grandsons. Urmi comes inside the home and asks kinjal to serve food but she says she hadnt prepared anything and asks to prepare food for herself. At school, vidya asks tolu-molu to come for lunch but the kids makes excuses and leave from there to buy food outside. Pappu dashes tolu-molu and pappu finds money in their hands. Vidya demands why they have money. Tolu-molu tells rashi has given them. So vidya demands the kids to buy pani-puri for herself and pappu as well if not she will tell koki about this. Tolu-molu agree. 

At modi bhawan, ladies will be excited about mira going to school. Anurag comes home. Gopi thanks him for helping mira to pass in the exam. Anurag gets worried that modis might ask him to stop coming home to tutor mira anymore. Anurag takes out his pencil box and gifts a pen to her. Anurag drops the box falls on the sofa. Anurag leaves. Rashi while dusting finds the pencil box and rushes to give it to anurag but finds he has left. Gopi comes there and asks her to check her work in kitchen. Rashi gets hyper and yells at hetal as she defends gopi. Koki comes there and scolds rashi for yelling at hetal. Rashi throws the pencil box on sofa and leaves from there. Anurag finds his pencil box is missing from his bag. He rushes back to modi bhawan thinking if someone checks it then they might know his actual intension of coming to modi bhawan. Here in the house, meeti gives the pencil box to koki thinking its tolu-molu's. Koki tries opening the box but hetal comes there and asks her about some book. So meeti keeps the box inside a cupboad. Kids return from school. Tolu-molu ask vidya not to tell anyone about pani-poori. Gopi asks kids to have something but kids deny. Meeti finds the tiffin boxes cleaned. Koki calls gopi as vidya will be vomiting. Gopi rushes to kitchen to bring ajwain. Koki asks vidya what she ate. Rashi asks kids what they ate. They say that they all ate paani-poori. Suddenly tolu also vomits. Kinjal calls modi bhawan, gopi takes the call. Kinjal complaints gopi that rashi has given money to tolu-molu to buy something outside. Gopi shocks. Gopi goes to kids room and tells everyone that rashi has given money to kids to buy something outside. Rashi tries to deny. Gopi says even pappu isnt well as he too at outside food.