Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd July 2014 Written Update

 At modi bhawan, gopi seriously asks urmi not to involve in THEIR family matters. Rashi defends urmi but gopi asks rashi as well not to allow urmi to involve in their family matters. Urmi scolds gopi that vidya has scolded her. Gopi defends vidya that the lil girl was defending herself but dint scold urmi. Urmi leaves angrily. Rashi follows her. Koki-hetal appreciates gopi for behaving right with urmi-rashi. Master-mira comes back home. Gopi will be worried about mira's admission, mira says everything went well and mira got the admission. Master says mira has done her exam well and theres no problem. Koki-gopi requests master to continue tutoring mira as she needs his help. Anurag master agrees. Koki says they want to gift him something(Guru dakshina) as he has helped mira a lot. Anurag says he wants nothing now but he would ask them when time comes. Anurag leaves. Koki feels suspecious about his words. Anurag comes out and thinks that one day he'll definitely take the GIFT from them. 

At pooja's office, pooja plays "aye mere humsufar" song and keeps works on. Dhaval hears this song and comes to pooja's room. He says pooja that he loves this song and he loves old songs. Pooja asks dhaval to come to her house and collect few old cds. Dhaval feels uncomfortable but agrees as pooja insists him. At urmi's house, urmi will be muttering about gopi-koki-kinjal and cries. Rashi consoles her and scolds gopi that now gopi as well is behaving like koki. And she would take revenge on her. Rashi checks time and leaves as gopi has warned to come soon. Gopi-tolu comes back from hospital. Gopi says tolu not to eat chocolates. Rashi comes there and scolds gopi not to worry about tolu and she is his mother to take care of tolu. Rashi blames gopi that she is trying to be great-innocent before elders so that they forgive her for radha's mistakes. Again rashi warns gopi not to involve in urmi's, hers and her kids matters. Hetal shocks looking at rashi's behavior. Hetal tries to convince rashi but she leaves angrily. 

At urmi's house, kinjal finds radha's photo in the cupboard and throws out. Kinjal scolds madhu for keeping radha's photo in her house. Urmi finds this and feels happy. Madhu asks kinjal to return the photo, but she doesnt. So urmi defends kinjal before madhu. Next day, at modi bhawan, ahem gets call from school principal that mira got admission in 2nd class. Modis feel happy. Hetal asks rashi to pack tiffin and serve breakfast for all. Rashi thinks she dint even prepare anything. Rashi keeps money in tolu-molu's box and says them to buy anything they wish to eat. Even vidya asks for tiffin, but rashi says sorry as she hasnt prepared for her. Gopi asks rashi why she hasnt prepared food for vidya, rashi says because she dint prepare food for her kids yesterday she dint prepare for vidya today. Gopi keeps khakra in box and gives to vidya.