Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Ssaath Nibhana Saathiya 1st July 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, tripti will be waiting for radha outside, but all modi ladies come out to go for mandir. So she hides aside. Koki acts good with radha which tripti finds and thinks radha has mixed up with modis. Modis move to mandir, tripti follows them. But urmi-dhawal on scooter follow them, ahem-jigar also follow. Lady modis in front - next dhawal-urmi - next tripti - next ahem-jigar. Urmi steals koki's wallet from the window. Dhawal drives off. Urmi checks the wallet but she finds nothing and gets angry. Rashi says they should go to police station and complaint. So modis go to police station. Tripti finds modis going to police station and thinks radha is complaining against her. So she leaves from there angrily. 

Modis come back home. Radha while going to her room dashes with molu. Kids get angry and scolds her. Even radha scolds them. Tolu-molu get angry and say radha that they will send her to jail for all her evil deeds. Mira tries stopping them. Radha shocks hearing this. Radha asks the kids what she has done. Mira says its nothing and takes away the kids from there. Kids in their room, kids discuss that they should be careful while talking so that radha doesnt doubt them. Radha finds this and doubts modis know something. Later, radha finds hetal alone in hall and remembers she hitting her and thinks in all these years hetal hadnt scolded her but now she has hit her. So from hetal she can get the information. Radha goes to hetal and says they are very good in lying with koki, and no one can doubt them. Hetal shocks and leaves from there. Hetal drops a message to gopi-rashi to come into koki's room. Radha finds gopi-rashi-hetal going to koki's room and locked inside. Radha gets upstairs through pipe and hears from the window. Koki comes out from the bathroom. Radha hears koki calling gopi bahu. Hetal says all that radha has learnt that they knew the truth. Radha shocks. Koki finds someone moving near the window and checks, koki finds radha's reflection on the car's window glass and shocks.