Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 30 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th June 2014 Written Update

Rashi comes to radha's room and finds her mobile. Radha brings milk for koki and leaves. Radha remembers her mobile is in her room and thinks of carrying with her. Here rashi will be trying to change the sim cards. Before radha enters into her room, koki drags her and stops her. Radha wonders about koki's behavior. Koki takes away radha from there. Rashi hears koki-radha's voice and leaves from there. Koki brings radha downstairs and asks radha to leave their house right now. All others come there and asks what has happened. Koki says she dint mix sugar in the milk which she brought for her. Rashi will be happy that koki was saving her. Koki gives "its okay" look. Hetal asks koki to forgive radha. Koki agrees and warns radha to be careful in future, if not she will drag her out of the house. All the ladies will be happy looking on.

At tripti's house, urmi finds a message in her mobile and confirms whether she has checked her mobile. Again tripti says urmi not to believe radha much as she is dangerous. Urmi defends radha that radha isnt bad. Urmi leaves. Tripti thinks radha and urmi has joined hands. In the auto, urmi calls rashi and asks rashi not to allow radha to speak with tripti. Radha comes to her room, tripti calls her. But before radha receives the call, kids rush inside and dash her. Radha's mobile falls on ground. Tripti thinks radha is cheating on her. Again tripti calls her, kids start playing with the mobile and finally vidya throws it in the water. Radha scolds and hurts vidya. Rashi-gopi-hetal who are watching this from outside feel bad as radha is hurting their child. Hetal rushes their and scolds-hits radha. Radha requests gopi to call madhu from her mobile as she is frustrated at this house. Gopi calls madhu, radha requests madhu to take her from there. But madhu denies sweetly and hangs on the call.

Tripti comes to modi bhawan and looks on from the gate for radha. But koki comes there and asks what is she doing here. Koki asks whether she wants any donation, tripti nods as yes. But koki scolds tripti and asks her to leave from there. Tripti feels relieved that koki hasnt recognized her. All the ladies will be in bha's room, koki comes there and tells everyone that tripti has come there. Koki says she has acted that she hadnt recognized her. So gopi decides to impliment their plan no. 2. Later, rashi calls urmi and says to start their next plan. Koki comes to kitchen and says they all going to mandir and asks her to come along. Radha thinks of going out and call tripti from some booth.