Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th June 2014 Written Update

Modis on revenge mission. 

Next day morning, At urmi's house, radha gets ready and asks madhu also to get ready and come along to modi bhawan. Madhu will be worried for koki-gopi but radha will be happy to see koki dead. Modis return home. Hetal will be happy looking at koki. Hetal says everyone were worried for her and she shouldnt leave house without saying anyone. Hetal remembers about koki's lost memory but koki says she has recalled her memory. Koki apologizes hetal for misbehaving with her. Bha says koki that maata rani has helped her to gain her memory. Koki apologizes everyone if she has misbehaved with all. Koki remembers hitting parag with sandal and apologizes him. Parag asks koki to forget everything. Koki feels bad for ahem-kinjal and apologizes them. Kinjal-ahem hugs her and feels happy. Hetal says everyone that she would call madhu-radha that koki is all well. But gopi stops hetal and explains all the fuss she has done to them, how she kidnapped mira and tried to kill her and even koki. All remain shocked. Bha feels bad that radha being with them has planned all this. Rashi finds radha has come with madhu. Rashi sends the kids to their room. 

Radha happily enters the house along with madhu. Urmi thinks radha is very dangerous than she expected. Madhu asks hetal about koki. Radha insists hetal to tell about koki-gopi and others. Ahem-gopi-rashi come out. Radha feels shocked. Gopi recalls her bitter past because of radha. Madhu hugs gopi and feels happy. Radha thinks gopi is calm so its sure that koki is dead. Radha goes to gopi and cries to show koki. Modis look on angrily at radha. Radha finds koki coming downstairs and remains shocked. Koki comes downstairs and remembers the bitter past about mira, tripti trying to kill her and slaps radha. All get shocked with koki's behavior. Rashi tries to balance the situation saying, koko why she has slapped radha so hardly. Koki says she found dengue mosquito on radha's cheek and she felt to save her. Radha goes inside to apply ointment. Koki apologizes gopi for slapping radha. Urmi explains everything to madhu, she gets angry with urmi. Gopi takes away madhu and explains. Radha calls tripti and says about koki alive. Both the ladies feel disappointed that their plans got spoiled.