Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th June 2014 Written Update

Modis and evil couple reach near the mandir. The evil couple think of showing pictures of koki-gopi to people and find out. Ahem says the announcer to call gopi-koki on mic to find them. All start searching for koki-gopi. Mira prays mata raani to help them to find her mom-dadi soon. Urmi will be angry with rashi that she hadnt call her till now. Kinjal calls madhu and tells modis have reached Katra. Urmi hears this from madhu and will be angry with rashi. Urmi thinks of going to modi bhawan and have some delicious food. The evil ladies hear an announcement about koki-gopi that their family is in search of them. Tripti-radha worry that modis have reached there. Ahem still calls to gopi's mobile but it will be switched off as its stolen. Rashi says they should ask people to find out them quickly. Modis-radha's couple will be searching for koki-gopi in the same place. Rashi feels she heard radha's voice, tripti finds rashi and covers radha and takes her from there. Koki-gopi reach Charan Padhuka. Koki will be getting tired, gopi feels bad for her. Radha-tripti covers themselves with their dupattas and keep searching. Gopi requests koki to stop and her sandle will be broken. Gopi requests to take a palki (A carriage where old people will be carried to mandir by 2 guys). Gopi forcfully makes koki to sit in it. Koki-gopi move on, and radha finds them and shows to tripti. The ladies find 2 guys in a shop talking about datura which makes a person unconscious. Tripti-radha steal a datura from the shop and leave. Tripti asks to break the datura while she brings water bottle. The ladies mix the datura in water. Koki feels dizzy and thirsty. Gopi will be walking before the carriage. Tripti-radha give the datura mixed water to the carriage people and even koki. Here rashi slips and falls down struck to koki's sandals. Rashi feels happy that they are koki's sandals and she might be near to them. Modis get a clue that koki is near by and feel happy. The palki guys and koki start feeling dizzy. 

Ahem meets gopi. But they find koki-mira missing.