Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th June 2014 Written Update

Koki-gopi will be walking along with other devotees. Ahem tries calling gopi but she hangs on the call. Gopi goes beside koki and tries calling ahem, but a thief on a bike steals her mobile. Here ahem's car gets punctured. Gopi will be worried how to communicate with ahem. Koki asks gopi whether she wants to come along with them or go to police station to file a complaint. Gopi agrees to come along with her as she cant leave koki alone. Koki agrees and both the ladies walk together again. At modi bhawan, modis will be worried for gopi-koki. Urmi calls kinjal who is in modi bhawan and complaints about dhaval that he is coming home late and dont know what he is doing outside. Kinjal gets frustrated and replies that dhaval was with her in modi bhawan. Koki's saree gets spoiled near Baan Ganga, devotees explain them that every devotee should have bath in this Baan Ganga and should go for maata's darshan so koki decides to take bath there. 

Radha-tripti will be waiting for modis at airport. Radha says she has punctured their tyre at home but modis reach there. Radha-tripti hide aside and checks on modis. Radha will be much worried about her breakfast and asks about it to tripti but tripti scolds radha to leave about food and think about modis. Ahem-jigar unknowingly give tolu-molu's school id cards at the security check. The person wonders at the kids id cards and asks whats these. Ahem-jigar shocks. The evil couple feels happy. Ahem-jigar blames tolu-molu and scolds rashi. Gopi tries stopping koki to have bath in the water but pundit suggests the ladies to have bath for better health. So gopi agrees. Botht the ladies have bath in Baan Ganga. Radha-tripti check-ins and gets on the plane. But ahem-jigar will be stopped to for check-in as they got delayed. Gopi offers some prasad to eat but she denies. Gopi explains koki that god never asked their devotees to starve. So koki agrees to have. Both the ladies share the prasad. Gopi feels happy that anyhow koki is having something to eat. Ahem calls someone and orders for a chopper. Tripti-radha reach Jammu. And even ahem too.