Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th June 2014 Written Update

Ahem calls jigar. Jigar tells ahem that koki is with gopi in katra. Ahem feels relaxed and says he would return home by night flight. Radha calls tripti and scolds for making their plans again flop. Tripti gets upset when radha says koki is with gopi in katra. Gopi will be very concerned about koki but koki feels suspecious why gopi is so concerned about her and she should go to her mother's place as early as possible. Madhu will be worried about gopi-koki so she calls kinjal and asks about them. Kinjal tells that koki-gopi are together in Katra. Madhu feels happy and tells to jitthu and urmi hears this. Ahem comes back home. Jigar tells that he has booked tickets for ahem-rashi-himself to katra. A devotee gives a entry pass to mandir to all the members. But gopi thinks to take home first and when koki gets fine then she will bring her for darshan. 

Tripti thinks radha might reveal her name as well in anger so she calls radha and tries pacifying her saying that they should do something before koki gets her memory back. Radha says tripti that ahem-rashi-jigar will be leaving to katra in the morning. So tripti says they both should go there before them and do something in katra. 

Next day, Gopi will be in the hotel. Ahem calls her, she explains everything about koki's health. Ahem gets upset, gopi says koki isnt recognizing her and they will be going for darshan soon and pleads to come soon. Ahem says gopi to take care of herself and koki and hangs on the call. Ahem comes to his room and finds mira packing his clothes. Ahem feels happy. Mira asks ahem to bring mom-dadi safely. Ahem says everything will be fine. Gopi offers aloo parathas before leaving to darshan. But koki denies, gopi insists to have them. So koki says when she is no one for her then why is she so concerned about her. Gopi gets hurt with koki's words. Radha comes to ahem's room and finds no one in the room and takes out ahem's-jigar's adhar card from his wallet. Mira comes there. Radha says mira that because of her koki and all others are suffering. Mira starts crying, ahem hears this and goes to her. Ahem consoles mira that she isnt responsible for everything. Mira insists to come with them so ahem agrees to take her. Radha comes to hetal and says she wants to go to urmi's place for few days. Hetal agrees.