Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 16 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th June 2014 Written Update

Finally in the market, gopi finds koki and rushes to her. Gopi hugs koki and feels happy. But koki has already forgot gopi and denies to recognize her. Here modis will be worried for gopi as her mobile couldnt reach. Koki while yelling faints. Gopi gives some water and she wakes up again. Koki denies to recognize gopi. Gopi will be worried for koki. The devotees suggest gopi to go to mata rani temple along with koki. Gopi will be angry mata rani for not helping them and still testing koki. Gopi goes to mata ki darshan with koki. Gopi finds her mobile got switched off. Gopi thinks of not talking to modis in front of koki, if not koki will be angry with her and leave her. Vidya will be upset about gopi, so rashi explains the kids to be strong and gopi will bring back their dadi home at any cost. Rashi asks kids to pray khana ji to keep gopi-koki safe and bring them back home soon. Radha will be happy looking at modis and thinks this time koki will never come back home because of tripti's evil plans. Gopi will be taking care of koki, the other devotees will be impressed with her. They all rest in some rest house. 

Ahem gets down in Chennai and tries calling gopi but he couldnt reach her. Then he calls jigar and asks him about updates. A woman observes ahem talking about koki and tells him that she has seen her. The lady takes him to some calm area and demands to give all his money. Gopi comes out and tries calling gopi from a std booth's owner's mobile. While the goons hit ahem and ahem also fights back. Police come there and saves ahem. Ahem finds the missed calls. Gopi calls jigar as ahem isnt taking her call. Gopi says everyone that koki is with her in Katra and explains everything. Gopi again says koki isnt recognizing her anymore. Jigar says ahem is in Chennai and will be back to modi bhawan in the night. Then they would come to Katra.