Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 13 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th June 2014 Written Update

In the railway station, gopi still searching for koki and she is nearby to her. Ahem gets down the train. Koki will be in confusion where to go. Koki drops the house keys on ground. A group of maata's devotees near koki, one of the ladies ask koki where she wants to go. Koki replies that she wants to go to mother's house. So the lady thinks its maata's place and asks koki to come along with them. Ahem-gopi finds their home keys and thinks koki might have got onto the overhead bridge. But koki gets on the train along with maata's devotees. At modi bhawan, bha explains hetal that rashi was also worried for koki and jigar is also responsible for this mistake. So hetal gets convinced and says she is wrong about rashi and she would go alone to bring her home. Ahem-gopi search on the bridge and hears there are 2 trains on platform, one for Jammu and other for Chennai. So the couple decides to search one each. Both hug and decide to search for koki anyhow. Ahem gives gopi some money and both depart. Both get into each train. Gopi's Chennai train get started, Ahem looks on gopi from Jammu's train. In the train, gopi prays khana ji asking to help her in finding koki. Ahem calls gopi and asks her about how is she. Gopi says she will definitely find koki. The devotees will be singing maata rani songs. The devotees will be happy to go for maata's darshan. Koki recalls how modis have confused her. 

At urmi's house, hetal apologizes rashi. Urmi taunts hetal for insulting her daughter. Hetal says rashi that she got worried for koki when she told about her misunderstanding. Hetal says koki is coming back home so she too should come home. Rashi remains calm. So urmi says rashi will come with her later. Kinjal asks hetal that she would come with her and check koki once. Hetal says rashi that she has treated her as a daughter and scolded her. Hetal leaves. Rashi remains thinking. Gopi comes into the same compartment of koki's but at the same time koki goes to washroom. Ahem calls jigar and tells that they dint find koki yet and they are searching for her. Ahem again says gopi is in Jammu train and he in Chennai train. Jigar explains everything to bha-parag-chirag. Chirag thinks of talking to railway police. Bha-parag get upset. Radha will be happy about the situation. But will be unhappy that she couldnt share this news with tripti. Rashi rushes to hetal at car and says she would come along with her. Hetal feels happy and urmi will be angry with rashi's behavior towards hetal. In gopi's train, TC asks gopi for ticket. Gopi pays fine and takes ticket. Gopi asks TC to help her in finding koki. TC agrees.