Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th June 2014 Written Update

At urmi's house, gopi brings the silver vessels from modi bhawan. Urmi thinks rashi has sent them for her. Gopi clears urmi that rashi told to keep them careful with her till koki gets well. Kinjal comes there and asks gopi to keep them in locker. But gopi says she feels urmi's house is safe so she brought them home. At modi bhawan, koki says bha that she is going to temple. Bha asks koki to take hetal with her but koki rejects then bha says koki to take rashi. So she agrees. Radha finds this and calls tripti and says they will plan something to make koki far away from modi bhawan. Radha's mobile gets out of money of recharge so hangs on. Koki-rashi in car reaches mandir. Koki thinks how to leave from there without rashi. Tripti too reach there. Koki goes and buys flowers for pooja. Tripti finds rashi and thinks she would spoil her plan. Koki-rashi goes into the mandir. Koki meets pundit and asks him to do pooja of newly wed with rashi. Koki says rashi that she would bring more flowers and comes to the shop, rashi walks away with pundit. Koki finds rashi doing pooja and leaves from there. Rashi after a while finds koki missing near the shop and rushes over there. The shopkeeper says rashi that she has left. Rashi yells for koki but koki leaves in an auto. Rashi pleads a lady and takes her motorbike as her driver wasnt in the car. Rashi follows koki. While following, rashi breaks a traffic signal so the inspector stops her. Rashi requests police to let her call her husband. Rashi calls jigar and tells the auto number and asks him to come to the signal after mandir. Jigar rushes to ahem and explains everything along with the auto number. Koki reaches railway station, there she takes Ahmedabad ticket. Ahem calls police and says them to track the auto. Ahem calls gopi and tells about koki missing. Ahem asks gopi to come near mandir. Jigar shows the licence and both leave from there. Ahem picks gopi. Police again calls ahem and says koki went to railway station, so gopi-ahem leave to police station. Rashi comes back modi bhawan and says everyone that koki has left somewhere alone. Radha feels happy that finally koki left home. Koki gets into the train.