Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 6 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th June 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, radha finds kids playing cricket in the house and asks them to allow them to play. They agree. Radha hits towards bha who was passing by. Bha slips but radha grabs her. Radha exchanges the medicine mixed laddu with her normal laddu. Radha says bha that the laddu is safe and can be given to koki. Later, rashi will be in garden area, koki comes there. Koki asks rashi why is she outside. Rashi says because of hasmuk..... Koki says who is hasmuk and why is she asking about coming into the house. Koki couldnt remember why she has come outside and again walks back into the house. Rashi realizes that koki has forgot everything though after taking tablets. Rashi calls gopi and explains, gopi consoles that everything will be fine. At urmi's house, urmi overhears that ahem talking on phone with client discussing about sending the advance money in cash. Urmi thinks of taking few lakhs from that money for her house repairing. Ahem remembers that the file is in modi bhawan. Ahem calls jigar but it will be unreachable. Urmi comes there and asks ahem to come with her to modi bhawan and collect it. Ahem agrees as he needs it. 

At modi bhawan, ahem-urmi reach there. Jigar says ahem that he and rashi cannot help him by going inside the house. So urmi says she would help him in going inside the house and can take care of koki also. Urmi takes ahem through kitchen window. After coming in ahem asks urmi how she knew about it. Urmi says rashi has told her that the lock got spoiled. Ahem says urmi to wait there and he would bring the file. Urmi thinks of meeting rashi once. Here kids will be watching horror movie and get scared and rush outside. Koki wakes up. Kids find urmi in darkness and get scared. Urmi walks into the room. So kids think of checking. They find a shadow moving so vidya locks the door and rushes. Urmi remains in. Ahem takes his file and while leaving finds koki coming towards his room. Ahem hides behind a curtain. Koki comes there and switches off the light and locks from outside. Kids will be scared of sounds. Koki hears this and goes into their room. Kids say that they have seen a ghost in store room. So koki goes along with the kids to check. Here urmi opens the window and jumps out. Koki opens the door and finds nothing. Koki shows everyone that there is no ghost, koki takes back the kids to their room. Urmi comes into the house and thinks ahem might be searching for her so she calls ahem. Koki hears mobile ringing and thinks of finding this. Ahem's mobile battery dies. Urmi finds koki going to ahem's room. Urmi dashes with hetal-bha. Urmi tells them ahem-herself coming there. Koki unlocks the door. But urmi comes to koki and turns her back and hugs her. While ahem leaves quite from the room.