Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th June 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki scolds rashi for coming into the house. Rashi also defends herself that if bha allows her inside the home then she cannot deny it. Koki says rashi that if bha allows her inside the house then she has no problem but warns rashi not to come in front of her nor into her room. Koki leaves. Bha-hetal asks rashi not to argue with koki. Rashi says she is so frustrated because yesterday night koki has locked the car with emergency alarm on so she couldnt come out and now she is scolding in the early morning itself. Hetal laughs at rashi. Hetal again says koki isnt taking her tablets and parag has told her that yesterday night koki was denying to take her tablets. At urmi's house, Ahem asks gopi to speak to rashi and say the updates. Ahem leaves. Ahem finds a girl about to fall, so he helps her. At the same time, urmi throws dust down which falls on ahem. He gets hyper. Gopi requests ahem to change and leave to office. Urmi-gopi argue for throwing the dust. Madhu-kinjal comes there and learns that urmi has thrown dust on ahem. Both the ladies scold urmi for doing so. Ahem changes and leaves. Urmi mutters that ahem is behaving like a king in her house. Hetal-rashi makes koki's tablets into powder and mixes in koki's breakfast. But radha finds this and thinks of spoiling their plans. Later, meeti takes the breakfast to koki's room but radha keeps a toy car on stairs. But kids stop her before falling. Later radha hits meeti and tries to make the bowl fall on the ground but hetal grabs it. Rashi comes there and scolds radha to be careful. Koki will be searching for sewing work box. Meeti comes there and gives the breakfast to koki. Koki requests meeti to search the box for her so she does. Koki tastes the food and feels its too bad in taste. So koki asks meeti to bring dhokla for her. Hetal-rashi get upset and radha feels happy. 

Dhaval comes to pooja's office. There pooja orders her secretary to cut off the money in the payment of her client. Dhaval suggests to keep a good-rel with her clients so she should ask the client what was the reason behind their delay then only she should cut the payment. Pooja gets impressed and does. At modi bhawan, rashi will be sitting before cooler and koki comes there and scolds rashi to enjoy the summer outside as well. Rashi comes out and calls gopi. Rashi says they have mixed tablets into the breakfast but she dint have it. Hetal comes there and gives prasad to rashi. Gopi-rashi gets a plan that they should mix the tablets in prasad and give it to koki as she never denies it. Kinjal comes to modi bhawan. Hetal-rashi mixes the medicine in the laddoos. Radha finds this. Radha comes to them and asks for prasad. Rashi gives a laddoo to radha. Bha says she would go to koki's room and give the laddoo to koki. Bha leaves.