Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 2 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd June 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, Gopi finds tablets on ground and recognizes that they are koki's tablets. Gopi rushes back into the house and walks towards koki's room. Hetal-bha-rashi also rush after gopi. Gopi checks the tablets in koki's room and thinks they are calcium tablets. Rashi finds koki coming to her room and takes away gopi from there. Rashi takes gopi to her room. Their gopi shows the calcium and koki's actual tablets and says someone has interchanged them. All the 3 ladies remain shocked. Bha says koki herself might have changed and rashi doubts kids might have done that. Koki calls hetal for help in kitchen. So hetal asks rashi to go and drop gopi in urmi's house before she finds gopi. So rashi asks gopi not to worry about koki's tablets and leave the house. Rashi leaves with gopi. Radha comes out and checks the tablets missing and doubts who has found them. Radha finds gopi-jigar-rashi leaving in car and doubts whether the 3 might have known about the tablets. Radha turns back and finds koki there. Koki scolds radha and asks her to do her work. 

At urmi's house, ahem will be calling for gopi. Urmi comes there and says gopi dint return from modi bhawan. Madhu serves tea-food for ahem. In the car, gopi still doubts that someone has interchanged them. Rashi says kids might have changed them and she would take care of koki's tablets. Gopi says kids might have not done this, so rashi says she would find out any way. The couple drops gopi and leaves to modi bhawan. At urmi's house, dhaval-kinjal-urmi-madhu-ahem will be discussing about pooja. Urmi says kinjal to quit working with pooja. but ahem says dhaval has to do something other than to be idle. Gopi comes inside and says ahem that rashi-jigar has come to drop her. Urmi taunts ahem-gopi that her daughter has no place in her house. Dhaval tries consoling the couple but gopi says she knows urmi well and she doesnt mind her words. 

Jigar-rashi come back to modi bhawan. Jigar stops himself at the door and says rashi that he would not come inside as koki might see him and makes a fuss. So rashi makes fun of jigar that he is afraid than his kids. Jigar comes inside and hugs rashi. Koki finds the couple from upstairs and walks off from there. Rashi comes to her room and finds koki in her room. Koki asks rashi to wear cotton dresses and simple jewelry as she is a wife of a driver. Hetal comes there and asks whats happening. Koki asks hetal to stay away from her family matter. Koki blames hetal that hasmuk is still in house because of her and now hasmuk-jigna got married. Koki leaves from there. Later in the night, rashi asks kids whether they have changed koki's tablets with their calcium tablets. Radha overhears this and thinks of doing something before rashi doubts her. Koki comes there. Rashi sits to have dinner. But koki asks rashi to live with driver hasmuk. Radha feels happy. Hetal says koki how can she live in the garden area along with hasmuk. So koki says now jigna and hasmuk should leave the house and live by themselves.