Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 30 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th May 2014 Written Update

At urmi's house, urmi says koki that her mother's name is urmila so she named her house with that. Koki doesnt believe her. Koki says urmi to call chirag and ask him to come to police station and she would go to police station and check whether the couple is in or not. Urmi gets worried. Ahem-gopi follows koki and starts to police station. Koki takes an auto to go to police station but she will be stuck in traffic. But at the same time ahem-gopi vehicle also come there. Ahem finds koki in the beside auto and takes back the vehicle. Ahem turns back the vehicle and rushes. At modi bhawan, modis will be worried for koki missing. Radha recalls how she has sent koki to urmi's place by saying koki that she should go and visit her friend and feel relaxed there. Urmi calls rashi and says koki has come there and found ahem-gopi there and went to police station. Koki reaches the police station and yells at the inspector for leaving bharath-gopi. But inspector asks koki to calm down and asks to find herself them in the jail. Koki wonders how ahem-gopi in jail. Koki yells at inspector that she has seen them outside. Later koki apologizes to him. Parag-jigar reach police station. Koki says she has seen ahem-gopi near urmi's place, so she came to check them. Koki comes outside and wonders how ahem-gopi are in jail and how she has seen them outside. Parag takes koki home with jigar. Urmi comes inside her house, madhu says kinjal-dhaval had gone outside. Urmi thinks they went to meet pooja. Urmi thinks of finding pooja's visiting card and visit her. 

Koki-jigar-parag comes back home. Bha asks koki where she has gone. Koki gets frustrated that everyone are asking her all time when she goes out. Chirag-bha-hetal defends ahem-gopi that koki has done the mistake by arresting them. Koki gets hyper that her family is supporting some outsiders but not her. Koki starts crying feeling bad that no one cares her now. Radha feels happy looking at koki's behavior. Here in pooja's office, dhaval explains about his baniyan business. Pooja asks for his future plans. But urmi comes there and says she has come save pooja from them. Urmi shows few samples of baniyan which are in worst state. Pooja believes in dhaval but not in urmi. Pooja says she would do business with them. Urmi gets upset. 

Tripti calls radha and asks about what is happening in modi bhawan. Radha explains her how she has exchanged her tablets and how koki is troubling modis. Tripti feels happy. In the night, koki recalls about bharath-gopi and gets confused how this is happening. Parag shows no interst in listening to her. Koki recalls hetal's defending the couple.