Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th May 2014 Written Update

At urmi's place, ahem explains police that koki is his mother and he cant harm him but police insists to come with them. Ahem asks kinjal to call chirag. Ahem-gopi walk off with police. Rashi will be worried how she should convince koki about their marriage. Urmi calls rashi and says police has arrested ahem-gopi. Rashi shocks and rushes to hetal-chirag. The couple consoles rashi and all 3 come downstairs. All gather in the hall, koki shows the knife and letter to police. Koki says ahem-gopi are planning to kill her. Police takes the evidence and leaves. Parag will be worried about his kids. Koki leaves to her room. All doubt who has kept the knife and letter in her room. Hetal doubts koki herself might have kept it. Jigar says if knife was kept by her but who has kept the letter. Jigar-parag goes to police station. In the police station, parag-jigar-doctor explains police about koki's condition. So police releases ahem-gopi. Ahem asks doctor to check koki once again. Doctor agrees. Gopi says some letter was with knife. Doctor says if the letter was also written by koki then its clear that her condition has gone worse. 

All come back to urmi's place, the neighborhood ladies make fun of koki that she has gone mad. Urmi's family will be discussing about who where to sleep. Ahem hears this and says he and gopi would stay in any hotel. Dhaval-kinjal requests not to leave. So the couple agrees to stay back. In the night, kids call gopi and says they are missing her and no one is reading stories for them. Gopi says she would say a story and they should sleep later. Gopi says a story and all kids fall asleep. Mira hangs on the call. Ahem will be impressed with opi and kisses her. Gopi feels happy as its ahem's first kiss after 8 years. 

Next day, hetal-rashi think of calling ahem and ask him not to go to office for few days. Radha thinks though modis plan anything she will anyhow send koki to urmi's home. Later, hetal will be worried as koki is missing again. Koki comes to urmi's house after searching for few minutes. Koki finds urmi's picture on the arch and enquires with other people. Ahem comes out and gopi follows him with his tiffin box. Koki finds the couple and shocks. Urmi finds koki and rushes to koki. Urmi hugs koki and gives a sign to ahem-gopi to hide. The couple hides. Koki checks again and wonders finding ahem-gopi missing.