Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd May 2014 Written Update

On the road, a lady will be slapping few men for misbehaving. A goon tries hitting her from back, but dhaval who was passing by stops him. But the lady thinks dhaval too as a goon and slaps him. The other people say the lady that dhaval is an innocent and he was helping her. Dhaval leaves from there, while taking his hanky his voter id card drops on the ground. The lady picks it. At modi bhawan, gopi will be with koki, rashi brings tea for koki. But koki rejects to have it. Radha comes there and says she would put oil on her hair. Koki agrees. Rashi leaves. Koki asks gopi to take care of ahem and not to bother her family. At urmi's house, dhaval comes home. Kinjal finds the nail scratch on dhaval's face. Dhaval explains it, but kinjal gets hyper with that woman. At modi bhawan, ahem-jigar return home from jogging. Ahem says he wants to convince gopi to live with him. Jigar feels happy and says gopi will solve their problems very soon. At urmi's house, Dhaval leaves home early, urmi insists kinjal to sell the shop. The woman comes back with dhaval's voter card. Kinjal gets hyper at that woman but the lady leaves from there giving her card. At modi bhawan, gopi-rashi will be discussing why koki is behaving strangely lately. So gopi thinks of checking koki's tablets once. Radha overhears their discussion and thinks of stopping her if not gopi will find out that koki's tablets have been changed with kid's calcium tablets. 

Radha stops gopi and says vidya was asking her. Gopi says she would check her but rashi stops gopi and says vidya is sleeping so she can go to koki's room to check her tablets. Gopi agrees and goes to koki's room. Radha comes into the garden and thinks she should stop gopi. She finds koki coming there, and thinks she should do something so that koki herself scolds gopi. Radha asks koki to check any other clothes there for washing. So koki goes to her room, but koki finds gopi searching her cupboard. Koki scolds gopi for coming into her room and searching something in her cupboard. Gopi gets tears but koki insists gopi not to touch any of her things as she isnt her family. As rashi has told her that she has helped her in accident so she has allowed her and her husband to stay in her house so she should be in her limits. Gopi leaves crying.

Kinjal while sweeping finds that woman's card and thinks on. Gopi will be upset and working in the kitchen. Gopi says she is worried about koki as her behavior getting worse. But rashi-hetal consoles her. Gopi serves breakfast for vidya-mira. Ahem comes there and sits beside gopi but she walks off from there. Koki as well comes there, all the other ladies comes there. Koki asks bha about parag. Parag comes there, koki finds parag's hand hurt and gets worried for him. Gopi feels bad that she hadnt remember about yesterday too. She goes to her room but she forgets why she has come to her room.