Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st May 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki will be thinking deep that whats happening in the house. Gopi comes there with tea. Koki asks who was the person came home in the night, gopi lies that he was chirag's office person. Gopi leaves without talking much, koki still doubts gopi. Later, radha comes there with tea. Koki says she feels like that she had tea. Radha says no she hadnt and she dint even take bath. So Koki says okay and goes to washroom. Radha closes the door and takes out the tablets from one bottle and changes them with kids calcium tablets. Parag comes there but radha hides under the bed. Parag thinks koki is taking bath and leaves. Radha gets shocked looking at koki coming out of the washroom and hides behind the curtain. Koki takes tablets. Koki feels headache and will be worried and sleeps. Radha feels happy that no one will know that the tablets got changed. 

Mira comes to gopi's room, and requests her to prepare dokla for her. All kids as well come into the room. Gopi agrees to prepare. Vidya remains in the room, all other kids leave along with gopi. Ahem comes out of the washroom, vidya asks ahem to bring a red rose for her. Ahem agrees. At rashi's room, urmi calls rashi and complaints about dhaval is denying to sell his shop. Rashi says urmi that she should have control on them and hangs on the call. Gopi gives dhokla for everyone and serves. Ahem brings roses. Vidya shows ahem that gopi has prepared dhokla for them and asks him to give a rose to gopi. But gopi angrily calls vidya to come and have dhokla. Vidya pleads but gopi insists. Vidya comes back, ahem also walks to them and keeps the roses on table. Gopi watches him silently. Ahem leaves from there looking at gopi. Rashi comes there and asks why kids are upset. Kids reply that ahem couldnt give roses to gopi. Gopi takes rashi aside and says about koki who was asking about the person yesterday. Koki comes there and asks rashi what are they hiding from her. All come into hall, koki yells at everyone to tell the truth. All remain calm. So koki says she too wouldnt speak to anyone and leaves from there. Except radha everyone get upset. Gopi thinks of saying everything to koki but rashi stops her and even ahem says gopi if she will know the truth then it will be pressure for her. Radha thinks it will be more fun in future. 

In the night, ahem takes off the bed from floor and finds gopi coming into the room, he walks to washroom. Gopi finds the extra blankets on bed and keeps on floor and arranges to sleep. Ahem comes out and finds gopi arranging bed on floor. Ahem thinks gopi is very stubborn. But they hear koki yelling at someone. Everyone rush into koki's room, they all get shocked finding koki hitting parag and saying he is a thief. All make koki pacify. Ahem takes away parag from there. In the garden, parag feels bad that he couldnt make koki happy anyday and now he is feeling bad that koki is losing her confidence. Ahem hugs parag and asks him to be strong.