Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th May 2014 Written Update

At city hospital, gopi-rashi will be waiting for paternity test. Radha overhears this and shocks. Gopi go to khana ji to pray for positive results, rashi finds radha hearing this and says she will wait here to take the results. Radha calls tripti and asks about paternity test. Tripti asks radha not to allow modis know about the secret about mira. Tripti says she would come to hospital and help her. Radha gets scared and says she will do something. At Modi bhawan, bha explains nani about koki's critical situation. Nani says she would help them and wishes koki becomes fine soon. Meeti comes there and says kids are upset about gouri. Nani says they both shall go and convince them.

At hospital, ahem prays khana ji to save gouri as early as possible as he feels gouri as his daughter and cannot miss her as mira. Gopi comes there and also prays for gouri. Ahem leaves from there angrily. Koki meets ahem and thanks him for giving blood to gouri saved her. Ahem asks koki to rest, and koki leaves. Radha finds rashi waiting for paternity reports and goes to urmi and says behind urmi that no one is cared for rashi and even her mom. Urmi hears this and asks what is she saying. Radha taunts urmi that she isnt worried for rashi and if she was her she would have taken her home. Urmi goes to rashi. 

Jigar-kinjal will be worried for gouri. Bha-nani convinces kids to open the door and eat. Urmi comes to rashi and asks her to go home. But rashi rejects to go. Urmi gets hyper on radha and leaves from there. Doc comes out and gives he reports to rashi. Rashi checks the reports and shocks. Rashi rushes to gopi and says Gouri is Mira. Gopi will be happy and reamins shocked. Gopi thanks khana ji hugs rashi. Gopi recalls how gouri was feeling familiar in modi bhawan and with modis. Rashi shows the reports to gopi. Gopi cries with happiness. Ahem comes out of gouri's room, gopi finds him and rushes behind him. Gopi hugs ahem and says mira is alive. Ahem shocks and scolds gopi not to speak nonsense. Gopi shows the reports to ahem and says says gouri is mira. Ahem too gets emotional and hugs gopi. Rashi looks on the couple happily. Both cry with happiness.