Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th May 2014 Written Update

At hospital, radha-tripti will be trying to kill gouri, koki-ahem-hetal-urmi come there so they both hide behind a wall in the room. Koki says gouri makes her feel familiar as she is her own blood. Ahem gets upset and leaves from there remembering mira. Hetal-urmi follows him. Koki feels someone's there in the room and walks towards the wall. Tripti-radha finds a window over there and jumps away. Koki finds theres no one but again feels she felt like someone's there in the room. Tripti scolds radha for not killing gouri, but radha taunts tripti. Both start arguing about each other's mistakes. Radha angrily says that she will not kill gouri now. Tripti tries pampering her and makes radha to remember her grudge about umang's death on modis. So again radha feels bad and determines to kill gouri.

Nurse gives list of tablets to dhaval. Before dhaval leaves, urmi comes there and stops him to spend money on gouri. Kinjal-madhu comes there and scolds urmi for thinking about money at this time. Koki comes there and scolds kinjal for yelling at her friend premalatha. Doc checks ahem and says that both gouri-ahem has same type of allergies in the blood. Doc says this type of similarities are seen only in blood relations. Gopi over hears this and remembers gouri's mark on her leg. Ahem shocks. Here in another room, kinjal feels bad that her mother isnt recognizing her or ahem. Hetal-dhaval consoles kinjal. Rashi comes to gopi and says nani is cool now. Gopi will be thinking about gouri. Gopi says rashi that ahem-gouri has same type of allergy in blood and it happens only in blood relations. Rashi wonders how is it possible. Gopi says she has seen the mark on gouri's leg as it was on mira's. Rashi again shocks. Rashi also recalls mira's mark. Radha comes there. Rashi scolds radha to leave from there. Gopi thinks of saying this to ahem but rashi stops her saying there is no proper evidence about this. 

Radha calls tripti and says gopi has got doubt that gouri might be mira. But tripti scolds radha and asks her to do something before gopi comes to know the fact. Rashi explains gopi about paternity test and takes her into the doc's room. At modi bhawan, kids will be upset about gouri. Meeti comes there to give juice to kids but they reject to have them. Doc says gopi-rashi that they will conduct DNA test and verify. Doc takes gopi and takes blood sample. Radha finds this and gets shocked. After coming out gopi says rashi that the paternity test reports will be out in 1 hour.