Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th May 2014 Written Update

At the hospital, doc checks gouri and says she had lots of bleeding and she has to be operated as well. While gouri was taken into the operation theater gopi finds the same mark on gouri's leg as it was on mira's. Gopi checks it once again. Gouri will be taken into the operation room. Radha will be in tension about gouri-koki. In the auto, urmi-rashi going to hospital. Jigar calls rashi and informs that gouri had an accident at the camp and koki got fainted. Rashi says she would reach hospital. At hospital, kinjal-parag will be worried for koki. Chirag-madhu consoles them. Doc checks koki and says jigar-chirag-parag that koki has been in shock and so fainted. Outside gouri's room, kids will be crying for gouri and gopi consoles them. Doc comes there and tells gopi-ahem that gouri's blood group is O+ and anyone of same group or family member can donate the blood. Ahem says he is of same group and he will give. Ahem goes along with doctor.

Radha calls tripti and informs that ahem is giving blood to gouri and they might know about mira. Tripti says they cant know with blood but plan something to spoil the situation. Radha says ok and hangs on. Koki wakes up and Hetal asks koki how is she. Koki says she is fine. Nani comes there and scolds everyone that no one has informed her about koki's accident. Koki couldnt understand about which accident is she talking about. Koki confirms nani that gouri got into an accident. But nani again says it was with her. Bha gets worried and takes nani outside. Koki will be confused when she got into an accident. Outside the room, nani scolds everyone that they dint inform her about koki's accident. Jigar comes there and says gouri is stable. Nani doubts who is gouri and goes into the room. Nani finds gopi and asks about vidya. Nani finds gouri and thinks its vidya. Rashi says she is not vidya and she is gouri. Gopi says gouri is living with them. Nani says gouri has same features like gopi. Later, gopi asks kids to go to home along with radha. But kids and radha rejects. So hetal asks bha-nani-kids to go home with jigar. Tripti comes to the hospital and asks for gouri's room at the reception. Tripti finds modis outside the room and thinks of going there as a cleaning lady. 

On the way home, vidya asks jigar to stop at the mandir and they should pray for gouri-koki. At the hospital, tripti goes as a cleaning lady and asks modis to wait in waiting room as she need to clean. So modis walk off. Kids in the mandir pray for gouri. Radha comes into gouri's room and tries killing her but tripti comes there. Tripti asks radha to kill gouri soon.