Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 12 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th May 2014 Written Update

At boot camp, all the teams will be ready for next tasks. Ahem asks the police security to be alert. Chief shows the task, the team has to climb down the hill in specific time. Pappu says dhaval that they will go in the last to find out where the mistakes can be done. Koki overhears this and says chief that her team as well shall go in the last. Later, savitha asks tripti about the washroom, but tripti rudely replies that she doesnt know. Savitha starts arguing with her, ahem finds suspicious and rushes over there. But tripti leaves from there. Ahem follows her but she hides and ahem misses her. A lady of the boot camp calls ahem to come back so he walks off. 

Radha finds gopi is busy with vidya keeping safety guards on her and gouri is alone. Ahem comes to gopi and asks her to take special care of gouri. Gouri will be keeping her safety guards, radha comes there and says she would tie for her. Radha loosens the strap, but gopi comes there and finds her strap is loose. So gopi tightens it. Ahem calls the inspector and says some lady in uniform is suspicious so do check on her. Ahem comes back and asks gouri and vidya whether they are fine. Both the girls say yes. Gopi-gouri, ahem-vidya get ready for task. The security people check the safeguards. Radha wishes that they should get succeeded in this plan and gouri should get hurt. Gouri encourages vidya to be strong and should get scared. Both the teams start the task. Modis down the hill will be scared of the task and keeps looking at the teams. The rope connected to gouri will be breaking slowly as tripti has cut it. Tripti gives a success signal to radha. All the 4 will be sliding down well, suddenly gouri's rope gets broken and she hits to a rock. Ahem-gopi -modis shock looking at gouri. Gouri hits the rock and while falling off the the hill, ahem-gopi grabs gouri's hands. Koki remembers mira falling into water and yells out "Mira" and faints. Modis rush to koki. Ahem-gopi slowly brings down. Tripti calls radha and says she has cut the rope before gouri started the task. Modis call for ambulance. Ahem-gopi will be worried for gouri-koki. Inspector orders to seal the place. Radha texts tripti about inspector's order.

At urmi's mansion, urmi comes home and finds a tempo outside and thinks one of her tenants might be selling furniture to pay her rent. Her tenant comes to urmi and gives money and says they have sold a shop and bought a new house with that money and will be going foreign in some days. Urmi remains shocked.