Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th May 2014 Written Update

At boot camp, Tripti gives nails to radha and says to keep them with her. Chief explains the team tasks. Hetal-gopi, koki-savitha, rashi-radha are teamed up. Hetal calls jigar and asks him to send her tablets, jigar says driver has gone out so he would bring them. Chief says kids will be in the Zobing ball and the parents should take out the obstacles in the way if not the kids might get hurt. Radha understands why tripti has given nails. Chief says they has 3 minutes. Hetal-gopi cleans up the area and molu-vidya have fun in the ball. After they complete the task, team b goes. Savitha-koki argue while cleaning, so chief disqualifies their team. Kids will be disappointed. Next pappu-gouri get into the ball. Radha-rashi goes to clean up. While cleaning, radha slowly keeps the nails on the ground. They both go back. Gopi-vidya will be passing from the way, vidya throws water bottle, while picking it up gopi finds the nails and takes out 2 nails and finds another nail. She removes the nail but the ball slides on from gopi. While rushing to gopi, rashi slips and falls down. Jigar comes there with tablets and finds gopi-rashi getting hurt. Koki-hetal rush to gopi. Gopi says she is fine. 

Jigar rushes to rashi, but koki finds him and scolds him. Koki decides to go with rashi to the hospital but chief stops her. Chief says she should finish up her punishment. So jigar lifts rashi and places her in some other place. Rashi takes his cellphone and calls urmi. Jigar goes for doctor. Rashi says she got hurt and koki is planning to marry jigar-radha. Doc checks rashi and says its severe and she should be admitted in hospital. Koki and others come there. Koki decides to go with rashi but chief stops her if not their team will be disqualified. Koki agrees for tolu. Chief gives punishment to koki-savitha. Both the ladies get scared first but later they have fun. Chief again explains all to bring their fathers tomorrow as they will participate with their kids. At modi bhawan, kids will be excited as they will have fun next day with their fathers. Ahem comes there and vidya requests him to come with them. But ahem rejects to come. Vidya feels depressed. So ahem agrees to come with them. Kids feel happy and gopi too. All leave except gopi. Hetal comes there. Gopi doubts who has kept nails and radha has dusted that area. But hetal says to leave the nails and be happy that kids are fine.