Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th May 2014 Written Update

At the boot camp, gouri agrees to do the task. The person finds gouri's belt is broken and changes. Gouri does the task. Tripti will be upset as their plan got flopped. Gouri will be appreciated by everyone. Tripti-radha meet and plan to finish up their work the next day, but koki comes there and asks radha about which work they are discussing about. Koki looks at tripti and says she knew her but couldnt remember. Tripti-radha remains shocked. Koki couldnt remember, hetal comes there and calls her to come inside. Koki asks hetal to check the woman and asks whether she knows her. But tripti leaves from there and hides beside the bush. Koki finds tripti missing and asks radha about her but radha says she is just a helper in the camp. Hetal says koki that they would find that lady next day. All 3 women leave from there. 

The chief announces everyone that the next day mothers will be participating with the kids. Here at urmi's place, kinjal gets a call from jigar that he is coming with pappu. All the family members try to hide the constable who is in lady disguise. Jigar comes with pappu. Urmi says jigar that she is her relative. Kinjal asks jigar to take pappu to modi bhawan and let him stay till camp gets over. Pappu agrees and takes away pappu. Urmi and others come downstairs but the neighbors ask urmi to dance for sangeeth. 

Here in modi bhawan, radha in kitchen mutters about koki as she is torturing her in the house. Koki comes there and asks radha to finish up her work and keep a water bottle in her room. Koki leaves from there. Tripti calls radha and asks her whether modis got any doubt as they might not send kids to the camp. Radha confirms that modis dint get any doubt. Tripti feels relief and explains about her plan for next day. Gouri thanks khana ji as she has enjoyed a lot in the task. Gopi comes there and asks gouri to take rest. 

Next day, gopi gives juice to kids. Gouri asks gopi that she want to have green tea. Gopi agrees and thinks whether ahem had breakfast or not and calls modi bhawan. Ahem-meeti both take the call, gopi asks meeti whether ahem had breakfast and asks her to give ahem hot toast. Ahem scolds gopi not to bother him anymore.