Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th April 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, rashi comes there and asks koki what is she talking with radha. Koki says radha will be talking to someone on mobile all the time. Radha again acts stomach ache as koki will be trying to remember tripti's name. Radha says she is in pain, so koki says she would give her medicine. Here at dining table, kids insist ahem to taste the food. Ahem takes a bite and says food is good. So kids again insists him to have full plate so ahem forcfully has some. Kids asks ahem to appreciate gopi when food is tasty. Ahem says gopi that food was good and leaves from there. Gopi goes to kitchen to bring sweet, gouri thanks kids for helping her. All the kids decide to party and leave from there. Gopi comes out and wonders where kids have gone. 

At urmi's house, dhaval will be worried about the money and wonders where they have gone. And dhaval will be worried as police might arrest him before pappu. Kinjal consoles dhaval saying everything will be fine. At modi bhawan, kids will be dancing playing music. Gopi comes there and asks them not to make fuss. But kids will be still dancing. Koki comes there and asks kids to stop this and study. Koki asks hetal to take molu and make him study, and asks vidya-tolu to go their room to study. In kids room, radha comes there and asks gouri to come out. But tolu says that she will not come and scolds radha. Koki comes there and scolds tolu for misbehaving with radha. All the elders come there. Koki hits tolu so he spits on koki's face and yells, that he is not her ahem nor she is his mother. Tolu runs from there, all remains shocked and koki also remains shocked. 

At urmi's house, kinjal once again asks urmi whether she has taken the money and urmi says she hadnt. Kinjal wonders who has taken the money. Kinjal gets a call from his school, that pappu will be sent for physical fitness program to have a better growth. Kinjal says the principal that she would think and call them back. In modi bhawan, koki will be upset about ahem's (tolu) behavior and cries. Hetal consoles koki. In the hall, rashi-ahem scolds tolu. Gopi comes there. Rashi tries to defend tolu but ahem gets hyper and scolds her that koki is also upset as he has spit on his mom. Rashi remains calm. Kids come there, gouri says tolu that he had done a mistake by spitting on the elder. Tolu feels bad and says rashi that he would apologize koki and he would help them to recover koki. Tolu apologizes ahem and goes to koki's room. 

All come there and knock the door but koki doesnt open the door. Ahem opens the door with the duplicate key and shocks finding koki fainted on the floor. Ahem tries to wake her up. Gopi calls the doc. Kinjal will be happy that her son got selected for camp and should share this with rashi and make her jealous. Kinjal calls rashi but she doesnt take the call. Doc says modis to take spl care of koki as its dangerous for her health. Tolu feels bad and apologizes koki. Hetal asks radha to take away the kids. In the hall, radha asks gouri where did she go in the morning. But vidya scolds radha and takes away. Later, kinjal calls rashi and taunts rashi that pappu got selected in the camp. Rashi says hetal that kinjal is taunting about the kids. Gopi suggest hetal that they will send kids to the camp so that kids can learn so much. Hetal and rashi agrees.