Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th April 2014 Written Update

Gouri leaves modi bhawan 
Mira takes her bag and walks out of the house crying. Here in kids room, tolu-molu slide and fall off their bed. All 3 kids wake up. Vidya finds gouri walking out of the house and thinks of finding whats happening. Kids come out and find gouri walking off. Kids decide to say elders but again think of going behind gouri as they might miss her. Kids follow and find gouri.

At urmi's house, urmi-jitthu will be sleeping, urmi hears some noise in the room and finds a thief and shouts. All wake up and come there, they find kinjal covering herself in a blanket. Urmi yells at kinjal why she has come here secretly, kinjal says she has come to take their money. Madhu says kinjal that they can search the room openly. Madhu blames urmi that she is afraid of searching because she has stolen the money. But urmi blames kinjal-madhu in return. All the 3 ladies start arguing, dhaval gets frustrated and leaves from there. 

Here in modi bhawan, all the elders wake up and find the kids are missing. Koki scolds the watchman for not taking proper responsibility of his job. Kids find gouri and request her to come back home. Koki doubts that the kidnapper might have kidnapped all the kids. Rashi will be worried for her tolu-molu. Koki wonders and looks on rashi, gopi consoles rashi. Radha gets a call from tripti, radha happily say that all kids have gone missing. But tripti explains radha that kids might have followed gouri and now modis will definitely find them. Here kids explain gouri that before her coming to modi bhawan gopi-ahem were fighting and they would help her in making ahem-gopi one again and if she runs away from the house then ahem will again blame gopi. Gouri remains thinking and couldnt decide. 

Next day morning, koki says she cant wait anymore and she would go and find kids. Ahem-jigar say they would find them. But kids return back. All the elders will be happy. Again tripti calls radha. Koki scolds kids for going out in the night alone. Gouri comes there and says they were with her. Radha says tripti that kids have come back and hangs on. Gouri says they went to mandir. Koki sweetly scolds gouri that they were worried for all the 4 kids. Gouri gets emotional and says never no one has scolded feeling her as their own. Koki apologizes and gouri says she will never repeat this. Koki sends kids to their room. 

Dhaval gets a call from someone and he says that police is searching for him. Police comes there and warns dhaval to return the money in a day if not he will be arrested. Dhaval says he doesnt know about the money. So police orders his constables to search the house. Police doesnt find money in the house, so police warns dhaval return money in a day if not they will arrest him. 

At modi bhawan, gopi gives food for kids but they deny to have it. Ahem comes there and asks the kids to have it. Vidya asks ahem to have it first and then they will have it if he says its good. Ahem remains speechless. Here in the garden, radha will be talking to tripti on mobile. Koki comes there and asks who is this tripti and what is she talking to her. Rashi will be walking towards them, radha finds her and acts stomach ache.