Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 28 April 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th April 2014 Written Update

Radha takes her black tikli and keeps on gouri's back. Radha says she couldnt open gouri's zip and asks rashi to open it. While trying to open the zip the tikli will be removed and both rashi-gopi find no mark on gouri's back and decides that the lady was saying lies. Radha gets shocked and messages the lady to run away. Rashi-gopi-gouri comes downstairs and tells koki that there was no mole on gouri's back. The lady tries to escape. Rashi and kids try to stop her but she escapes biting rashi. Lady leaves in an auto. Jigar yells at modis to bring first aid box for rashi. Koki scolds jigar for grabbing rashi's hands. Koki checks rashi's hand and says she would do the first aid. Koki takes rashi inside. 

Kinjal will be waiting for dhaval, dhaval comes back home. Dhaval says kinjal that he would return back the money to police. Kinjal says no. But dhaval finds the money is missing from the wardrobe. 

Ahem says the inspector that the lady's name is sheela and they can recognize her. Police says the lady might know about gouri very well and this might be the reason she tried kidnapping gouri. Police asks modis whether they wanna take care of gouri and modis agree. Radha will be worried about herself. Later, rashi calls urmi and tells her about the hungama of gouri's kidnapping. Urmi again asks rashi about marriage alliances, rashi says happily that koki has forgot about it because of this kidnap. Urmi again says dhaval has got few lakhs of rupees. 

Vidya wakes up suddenly in the middle of the night and calls for her mom. Tolu wakes up and and says she is fine. Vidya wants to see gouri, so tolu goes and wakes up gouri and brings her to her room. Gouri asks vidya what happened, vidya says she is scared of yesterday's kidnap. Gouri says she would sing a bhajan for her to be strong. Gouri sings the bhajan, koki-gopi wakes up and comes to the kids room and check her. Koki feels emotional looking at gouri, and tells gopi that she feels that there is some relation between her and gouri. Koki leaves and even gopi emotional about gouri. Gopi leaves. Radha finds this and decides to send gouri out of modi bhawan as early as possible. Gopi comes back to her room and finds ahem looking at mira's picture. 

Ahem will be thinking of mira in sleep, gopi wakes up and finds ahem calling mira. Gopi feels bad and cries. Ahem wakes up and finds gopi's hand on his and scolds her. Gopi says even she misses mira. Ahem walks off from the room. Radha finds ahem and checks gopi in her room, gopi will be crying. Radha comes into bha's room and finds gouri is awake and says she is much worried about gopi-ahem as they are facing problems because of gouri. And vidya would have been got kidnapped because of gouri. Radha leaves. Gouri wakes up and finds and ahem-gopi upset. Gouri thinks radha was right and she should leave modi bhawan as modis are worried because of her. 

Modis find all 4 kids missing. Koki doubts that the kidnapper might have kidnapped all the kids.