Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 18 April 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th April 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, gouri hugs ahem-gopi and says vidya is so lucky to have them as her parents. Again gouri says the couple to have belief in khana ji and everything will be fine. Here in the garden, radha calls tripti and says because of koki she had to drink mirchi soup and now she is suffering. Tripti says radha that she is thinking like a fool to send gouri out of the house and not to repeat them. Koki comes into the hall, kids will be making their doll ready for marriage, rashi-gopi-hetal says the kids are planning for doll's marriage. Gouri also comes there. Koki and gouri feels this as familiar but couldnt remember anything. Koki says she is feeling burdensome and she needs rest. Koki leaves, even kids feel bored about the game and leave. Gouri finds the doll and feels familiar and looks on. Radha will be in tension that gouri might remember her past. Gouri goes to khana ji and cries saying she feels some familiar with this house but couldnt understand anything. Again gouri thinks to explain this to gopi so that she can help her. Hetal-rashi-gopi will be discussing about koki's memory loss. Rashi will be depressed that koki isnt regaining her memory. Hetal says everytime they are doing some deeds koki is thinking but couldnt see it clearly. 

Radha comes to gopi's room before gouri and finds gopi in the room. Radha says gopi that koki is calling her. Gopi rushes out. Gouri comes there and radha hides behind the curtain. Gouri thinks of waiting for gopi in the room. Radha slowly takes out gopi's jewelry and keeps beside gouri. Radha yells at gouri that she has stolen gopi's jewelry. Radha starts yelling at gouri, all the ladies come there. Radha blames gouri that she has stolen the jewelry. Radha finds a necklace got stuck to her salwar, so she slowly pushes it underneath the carpet. Gouri will be crying. Radha insists gopi to check her jewelry whether some thing are missing. Gopi checks and finds a necklace is missing. Gopi asks sweetly whether she has open the box. Gouri crying promises and says she dint steal anything. Gopi remembers mira doing the same and hugs gouri. Gopi says she knows very well that she cant steal some thing. Radha yells at gouri that she is a theif and should be sent out of the house. Koki asks them to stop and checks the cupboard and asks everyone that gouri cant take the jewelry box out as they are high enough for her. Radha shows a stool and says she might have used it. Radha again yells at gouri that orphans do so and tries slapping gouri, but gopi stops her. Gopi scolds radha not to say gouri as an orphan or try to slap her. Radha remains shocked. Koki asks radha if she has stolen a necklace then it should be with her but it isnt. And to know the real culprit they have to check all the house.