Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Off-screen Pictures of Saathiya cast




Rashi with younger mira



Ahem's family pic

                                                                  Mira / Gouri

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th April 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, all ladies will be discussing how to make koki a normal person. Rashi gives an idea that the last time koki was happy in mira's doll's marriage. So they will do it again and try to make koki remember her past. All like the idea and think to set the plan. Here in urmi's house, dhaval wakes up and finds kinjal folding clothes and keeping in the cupboard, so he insists kinjal to bring tea for him. So she leaves and he checks the money bag. 

At modi bhawan, Gopi will be feeding kids, koki comes there and asks for meeti(radha). Radha comes there and koki scolds for not doing any work and gopi is doing all her work. Rashi comes there and says radha is a lazy girl and doesnt likes to work. Jigar comes into the hall, koki finds him and scolds rashi for wearing good clothes before thier workers. Jigar feels bad and goes upstairs. Koki takes away rashi and says she will give some other clothes to wear. Radha finds gouri and thinks of planning to send gouri away from modi bhawan. Radha gives soup to all the kids except gouri. Koki comes there and scolds radha for not giving soup to gouri and asks her to bring for her. Radha walks to kitchen. 

Rashi comes downstairs in salwar suit and kids make fun of her. Rashi will be upset. Rashi sends kids to play. Radha mixes chilli powder in the soup and brings out. Radha acts as if she is feeling bad as kids have left the soup without drinking. So koki asks radha to drink  her soup(the one mixed with chilli powder) and gives another soup bowl to hetal and asks her to have it and she too takes one soup bowl and haves. Radha gets tears because of the chilli powder. Koki finds this and asks why is she crying. Radha replies, she is very happy that they are taking care of her and got some emotional. Koki says ok and asks her to complete it.

All the ladies, ahem and kids gather in a room and plans to do a doll's marriage. Vidya says its a boring game. All the elders remember the doll's marriage and gets upset. Gopi says though they arent interested they have to participate for speedy recovery of koki. Kids agree. Ahem feels bad and leaves from there. Ahem comes into his room and checks mira's toys and finds her doll. He remembers mira and cries. Gopi finds ahem crying in their room and comes inside. Gopi tries to console him but he leaves angrily from there. Ahem dashes with gouri, she finds tears and wipes. She makes him come inside the room and stand beside gopi. Gouri hugs both and all 3 get emotional.