Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Sbaath Nibhana Saathiya 15th April 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki finds mani (radha) isnt at home. Meeti says mani isnt at home. Gopi brings tea for koki. Koki says gopi she need not work at their home. Gopi says she feels happy for doing something for her. Radha comes back home. Koki scolds radha for going out without saying a word to her. Koki asks radha to clean the house and later she would check her work. Radha gets hyper but remains calm. All the 3 kids will be busy studying, gouri asks them to come and play. Vidya sweetly rejects as they have exams. Rashi calls them to show their home work so all 3 leave. Gouri will be checking the books, radha comes there and scolds her saying she is staying for free here so she should work. Radha gives a cloth and asks to clean the home. 

In koki's room, koki-rashi-gopi inside, koki gives the list of grooms and asks her to select one. Koki says she has liked jayesh but she can choose any other one. Rashi denies to marry. Koki says she is giving permission to select one other wise she would decide about her marriage. Gopi consoles rashi that everything will be fine. Rashi will be upset and asks gopi to check kids as they are studying. Rashi calls urmi and scolds her for not planning anything and here koki is planning her marriage. Jigar comes back home and asks meeti for water, but koki finds this and scolds him and asks him to take water by himself. Gopi who is in kitchen finds koki has left she brings water and gives to jigar. 

Radha thinks of giving all the work to gouri which she has to do. Radha will be ordering gouri. Gouri breaks a glass, gopi who was passing by hears this and comes there. Gopi finds gouri cleaning the broken pieces and cuts her hand. Gopi asks gouri why she was doing this. Gopi does the first aid. Gopi asks gouri why she was working. Radha says kids who are orphans will be working like this in homes. Gopi says kids shouldnt work at their age, they should study. Gopi says she will bring books for her and she need not work. Gouri says she is an illiterate. Radha says she is an illiterate fool. Gopi recalls herself in past and feels bad for gouri. Gopi consoles gouri and says she would make her study. Radha says gopi she need not worry about gouri's studies. Gopi warns radha not to ask gouri to work. Radha too yells at gopi not to interfere in their family matters. Koki comes there and scolds radha. Radha says koki that she was taking some help from gouri so gopi was scolding her and she was interfering in their family matters. Koki yells at radha that gopi isnt a guest in their home and she is a family. Again koki scolds radha that gopi supports a good and she can decide anything in their home. Koki asks gopi not to bother radha's words and finds gouri got hurt. Radha says she has broken the glass and has but the hand. Koki gets hyper and drags radha o get out of the house. All the ladies gather in the hall, koki says hetal that she was mistreating gouri. Gopi asks koki to forgive radha. Bha asks koki to leave this and take rest. Bha takes koki to her room. Rashi will be happy but gouri will be scared of radha.