Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 11 April 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th April 2014 Written Update

Koki says urmi to search a right match for jigna(rashi). Rashi asks koki to rest and urmi leaves. Kids show their house to mira. Mira checks ahem-gopi's room and feels some what attached to that room. She cries and goes to mandir. Gopi comes there and consoles mira. Mira says she sleeps near khana ji as she feels tensed upstairs. Gopi asks mira to sleep with her but koki comes there and rejects to do so. Koki scolds gopi to stay with ahem so that they can solve their misunderstandings. Koki asks gouri to sleep with bha to feel safe. At urmi's house, jitthu consoles kinjal not to feel bad for her mother. At modi bhawan, hetal feels bad for koki's health condition and also about gopi. Bha consoles her and says gopi-rashi will solve their problems. Here radha calls tripti and says koki is thinking her as meeti and says she will try to talk to gouri and find out what she knows. Koki comes downstairs and finds jigar and scolds him for freaking around in the night. Gopi comes to ahem's room, both start arguing about sleeping on the floor and bed. Koki hears their conversation and comes to their room. Ahem dashes gopi and both fall on bed. Koki finds them on bed and walks back. While going back to her room, koki finds jigar going into rashi's room and walks their. Koki opens the door and slaps jigar. Koki scolds jigar for coming into rashi(jigna's) room in the late night. She yells and calls all the elders. Koki complaints all the elders that jigar doesnt behave good and should be sent to police. Rashi defends jigar saying she has called him to change the tube light. But koki doesnt believe them. Koki finally orders jigar to leave the house next day. Koki drags jigar into the garden and asks him not to enter into the house.