Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 29 August 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th August 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki finds pari's handbag in the cupboard and thinks she would definitely finds something in it. Outside hetal tries to stop pari to go inside but fails, then mira rushes to pari and asks her to help in dancing. Mean while, tolu-molu-vidya enter into the room and tells koki that pari is outside. Molu finds a chocolate box and opens it. He finds a letter in it and gives it to koki. Pari anyhow makes excuses and walks to her room. Koki locks the door slightly inside and takes kids into bathroom. Koki hides in a corner and kids get ready to bath. Pari walks in and finds her things are mess. She doubts and rushes into the bathroom. Their she finds kids playing with water. Pari scolds kids to leave but kids yell at her to leave as its thier parents room. Koki slowly walks in and asks pari why kids need permission to come into their parents room. Pari hears car coming inside the house and rushes downstairs. Koki-kids feel happy. Later, koki-kids check the paper and realizes that pari has fooled them. But koki determines herself to find pari's intentions in a week. 

They hear jigar yelling and come downstairs. Jigar wonders and asks hetal why a constable is behind him since morning. Pari tells jigar that she has appointed a constable to know where jigar is going. Jigar-hetal scolds pari. Pari asks koki whether she found any proofs against her or not. Koki-hetal wonders. Pari says they should stop playing hide-seek game with her anymore. Later, koki doesnt allow pari to have food but hetal allows. Koki says hetal that if they provide all the means to pari then how can they make pari leave their house. Hetal agrees. Again hetal comes to meeti and says not to give food to pari. 

Gopi goes to urmi's house. But urmi drags her out and even madhu. Gopi cries and pleads urmi to listen to her. Urmi keeps on rejecting gopi. Gopi finds a window open and pleads urmi to listen to her. But urmi doesnt. After few trials, gopi asks urmi to listen to her thinking about rashi-tolu-molu. Finally urmi agrees. Gopi explains urmi that pari has planned something evil and entered into the house. And jigar still loves rashi then how can he marry pari. 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th August 2014 Written Update

At urmi's house, pari comes there to take tolu-molu back to modi bhawan. But kids denies to come along with her. Urmi hits pari with a broom stick and yells that kids doesnt come with her. Pari ties urmi to a chair. Pari stops kinjal-madhu not to help urmi till she leaves with kids. Kids deny to go with pari. Pari convinces kids that if they dont return to modi bhawan then she will take away their father to US. Kinjal also convinces kids to go back to modi bhawan. Kids leave with pari. Kinjal unties urmi. Jigar says he would go to urmi's house to bring back his kids. But pari comes there with kids. Jigar-kids hug and feel happy.  Pari asks jigar whether he is happy. Jigar yells to leave from there. Pari replies that she cannot go away from his mind and heart. Modis will be looking at pari very angrily. Pari goes to koki and says she is too cute when she is angry. Pari goes to her room. Kids say everyone that they dislike pari. Koki determines and says she would collect all the evidence against pari in one week and let her leave modi bhawan. Gopi and all support koki. 

Later, in the night, pari asks jigar on which side she has to sleep on the bed. All others come there. Koki scolds pari how can she sleep with jigar. Pari says she is jigar's wife so she has a right to sleep with him. Koki scolds pari not to be so shameless. Jigar says koki not to waste her energy yelling at pari. Jigar takes his bag and says pari to sleep alone and he would sleep outside. While jigar leaving, pari grabs his bag and pushes away everyone out and locks inside. Pari takes out jigar's passport from his bag and lights fire to it. Jigar and all request her not to do so but she lights fire. Jigar remains speechless. Pari opens the door. Jigar finds his passport burnt and gets hyper. Jigar ties slapping pari but ahem stops him and takes away jigar from there. Modis leave from there. Pari wonders why modis are angry with her when she has helped them. Later, in kids room, kids feel irritated with pari's behavior and think of troubling her. Pari talks to someone on mobile that she will arrange money as early as possible and asks him to finish the work. Jigar calls an agent and says he need another passport as early as possible. Jigar finds a police constable outside their house. 

Koki-hetal-gopi will be discussing how to send pari away from their house. Gopi says only urmi can help them. Kids also come there and tells elders that they will help them. But hetal explains kids to think about their studies and playing. Gopi says koki that she would go to urmi and talk to her. Koki-hetal decide to collect few proofs against pari. Koki goes into pari's room and searches all the things belong to pari. Koki finds pari's handbag in the cupboard and thinks from this they can get something important. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th August 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, pari stops koki and says everything is fair in love and war so she has tried this. Now jigar has got a wonderful girl as wife who loves him a lot. By this she has stopped jigar going to US. Koki gets hyper and drags her out of the house. But pari comes back into the house and replies smiling that police will arrest them if they send her out, now she got married to jigar so she has a right to live in this house, her joint family project hasnt completed yet. So now she cannot leave the house at any cost. Jigar yells out at pari that he'll leave to US next day. Pari challenges jigar that he cannot leave her now. 

Urmi comes there and taunts koki that why is she so worried after marying pari to jigar. Gopi tries to stop urmi but urmi asks gopi not to involve in this as she wants an answer from koki. Even hetal tries to stop urmi, but urmi taunts hetal saying she has no value in this house and has never supported rashi when she was alive. All remain shocked. Urmi again asks koki what is she planning by marrying jigar and pari in this less span of time after rashi's death. Pari comes to urmi and says koki isnt involved in this marriage. Pari asks urmi to bless her but she slaps pari. Pari hugs urmi and says till now no one has slapped her. Pari again says not to repeat this again. Urmi yells that she can never take over rashi's place. Urmi says she came to take tolu-molu with her. Urmi rushes to kids room though modis ty to stop them. Hetal-jigar pleads urmi not to seperate the kids from them. Urmi asks kids to question gopi and their father why jigar got married again. Tolu-molu denies to come along with her. But umi forcfully takes tolu-molu downstairs. Parag-chirag asks pari whether she has taken permission from her dad about this marriage and says marriage isnt a joke. Urmi drags kids along with her and leaves from there. Pari stops jigar and says not to worry about kids and she would take care of this. Modis feel bad that urmi has taken away kids because of pari. All leave to their rooms. But pari feels confused why modis are angry with her. 

Kinjal learns about jigar-pari's marriage. Urmi comes back to her home. Urmi asks kinjal-madhu to leave her house. Urmi goes to her room. Madhu says kids to freshen up to have some snacks. Here at modi bhawan, jigar determines to leave to US. Gopi-hetal asks jigar not to leave as he has to worry about his kids. Pari comes there and asks hetal not to worry about jigar. Hetal scolds pari not to involve in their family matters. Jigar says pari that she cannot accept her as his wife. Pari pushes out all out of the room and locks jigar in his room. Pari says now jigar cannot leave to US now. All leave from there. Gopi scolds pari for taking every problem as a joke now she has to regret in future. 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th August 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, jigar brings his luggage downstairs. Hetal once again requests jigar not to leave. Jigar apologizes her. Ahem scolds jigar to stay back. But jigar pleads ahem that he cannot live here. Koki feels suspecious about pari's absence when jigar is leaving. Jigar requests gopi to take care of his children and make them not to realize their parents absence. Gopi nods and cries. Jigar apologizes everyone for not listening to their wish. Kids come home, kids hug jigar and says bye to him. Ahem-gopi decide to go along with jigar to airport. Ahem-jigar-gopi in car, ahem finds police following them. Ahem stops the vehicle. Police says ahem that they need to arrest jigar for leaving the country after marrying a girl. All 3 shock. Ahem asks who is that girl. Pari gets down from police van. Pari says jigar that they got married yesterday. Ahem says they would go to their house and discuss about this. Hetal calls gopi and asks her to make jigar to talk to her. Gopi says jigar isnt going to US and they are returning home. Hetal feels happy and shares the news with all elders. 

Later, ahem-jigar-gopi return home. Hetal feels happy to see jigar again. Koki finds ahem-gopi upset and asks what happened. Police-pari come into the house. Police says modis that jigar has married pari and now leaving to US so pari has filled a cheating complaint against jigar. Modis shock listening this. Pari shows the marriage registration paper to everyone. Jigar gets hyper and scolds pari to leave their house. But pari denies as she is his wife now. Gopi asks pari to stop all this. Pari says she has married jigar as she loves him and wants to take care of him. Police asks jigar to accept pari. Koki says police, that pari has cheated jigar and got married to him. Police says there is no proof that pari has cheated him so jigar cannot leave to US now. Savitha and other colony members come to modi bhawan to find what is happening as police has come there. Chirag says police that their family has a good reputation but police denies this and asks jigar not to leave the country. Police leaves. Savitha taunts about this marriage. Ahem-gopi request them to leave. Savitha calls urmi and says koki might have married pari with jigar. Kinjal comes home. Urmi taunts kinjal that koki has married jigar with pari. Urmi determines herself that she should bring tolu-molu to her house. Even madhu wonders about this news. Kinjal calls hetal but hetal says she would call her back. Hetal requests pari to leave but pari says she would fill happiness in jigar's life. Koki gets angry. Koki says pari that she cannot marry jigar. Pari replies why cant she marry jigar, she is beautiful and intelligent and more over she loves him a lot. Koki gets hyper and raises her hand to slap but pari grabs her hand. 

Monday, 25 August 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th August 2014 Written Update

Koki asks urmi to take away pari from there home. Urmi says when they have allowed radha to live in their house for years then they should allow pari as well as she is rashi's sister. Urmi hangs on the call. Hetal-gopi in kitchen, hetal feels bad about jigar in between rashi's memories and pari. Koki comes there. Gopi calls jigar, he tells that pari is with him and she has understood his situation now. Jigar hangs on the call saying he would talk later. Koki feels suspicious how could pari agree him to leave to US. Jigar-pari reach the temple. Jigar says rashi used to come to this temple when she was pregnant. They both go inside the temple. Pari purchases two garlands and keeps on khana ji. Here urmi reaches modi bhawan. Urmi asks koki to send tolu-molu with her. Urmi calls her lawyer in. The lawyer says urmi has filled a case against modis to take tolu-molu as jigar isnt taking care of kids properly after rashi's death. Ahem says she cannot take kids with her as she needs to consider jigar's and kid's wish too. Urmi asks ahem to call jigar then. 

Jigar-pari reach a pani-puri bandi. Pari says that place is so tacky but jigar says rashi loves this pani-puri and used to have fun with them. Pari couldnt eat the pani-puri. Jigar shows a garden nearby and tells pari that he and rashi used to hangout in this garden. Pari asks him to take there. Here in modi bhawan, ahem says urmi that she cant bear the kids studies with the money she gets from the rents and koki says urmi that when father of kids is alive then she being a grandmother cannot file a case to take kids responsibility. Urmi remians thinking. Koki again says she cant remain calm as its a point of kids future. Kids return home from school. Koki asks kids whether they are willing to live with urmi forever. Kids reject to come along with urmi. Urmi shocks. Koki sends away kids to their room. Urmi says koki that they have spoiled kids minds against her. Koki says urmi that according to law kids should live with their father but not with their grandparents. Lawyer also suggests to leave this case. At urmi's house, the lawyer demands 2000 rupees and asks to prepare 25000 rupees as his fee. 

At garden, pari shows a book to jigar and says she has prepared a love story of his and rashi's, pari asks jigar to sign on that book. He does on few papers. A document drops from the book but pari stops jigar to check that document. A kid dashes pari and cool drink spills on her dress. Jigar says he would buy another dress for her. They both go to a hotel. Jigar says pari that he would wait in the reception and pari goes to the room. Pari calls jigar and says she is scared of something. Jigar rushes over there. Pari hugs jigar and says there were lizards in the washroom and she is scared of them. Jigar leaves pari and says he would check. Pari changes her dress and both come back to modi bhawan. Koki finds pari's dress has been changed and asks about it. Pari says she bought a new one as her dress got spoiled. Next day, jigar comes downstairs with luggage to leave to US. 

Police arrive at modi bhawan and says jigar that he cant leave to US as his newly wed wife has filed a case against him. Modis shock hearing this. 

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd August 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, pari confesses her love towards jigar. But jigar yells her to shut up and leaves from there. Koki asks pari to leave modi bhawan but she disagrees. Koki asks pari that she has no relation with modis so she cannot stay in there house anymore. Ahem says koki that she would leave next day as its too night. Koki agrees and all leaves from there. Gopi packs pari's clothes. Pari pleads gopi that she cannot leave from there. Gopi explains pari that she is giving more pain to jigar. Koki comes there and asks gopi no need to explain or plead pari to leave the house. As she has to leave modi bhawan anyway. Gopi-koki leaves from there. But pari determines herself that she wouldnt leave the house. Urmi calls gopi's mobile but she doesnt picks the call. Urmi thinks gopi isnt willing to allow kids to talk to her so she is ignoring her calls. Jitthu supports gopi that she might have kept the mobile somewhere. But urmi doesnt agree. 

Jigar comes downstairs and calls ticket booking agency and books tickets. Hetal-pari-gopi-koki come downstairs. Hetal asks whom is he calling in the late night. Jigar says he would stay away from home for few days. All get shocked. Jigar says they all are worried for him and he doesnt want to hurt him more. Koki says no he is their family and they worry about him. Ahem says he should think about kids. Jigar asks them to take care of them. Gopi says no one can take his place for kids. Jigar cries and says he couldnt forget rashi and he is feeling miserable without her. Hetal tries to explain jigar that he shouldnt stay alone, kids need him and they cant allow him alone but jigar says he has decided to leave and will be leaving next day. Jigar again says before he gets shattered they should allow him to leave. Jigar leaves from there. Hetal cries and koki comforts her. 

Next day, jigar says everyone that he'll go to US next day and asks hetal to take care of kids. Ahem asks about visa. Jigar says rashi has booked a holiday to US for his family. So he can get the visa. Jigar walks and pari comes there and asks jigar not to leave the house or her. Jigar asks pari to leave him alone. Koki yells at pari that she should leave this house by this time. Pari disagrees. Koki drags pari to send her away. But jigar stops koki and says anyhow he is leaving so she can stay here. Koki says he cannot leave. Jigar walks off from there. Pari says she cannot leave modi bhawan till she completes her project. Jigar goes to tolu-molu and explains that he should go to US and will be back soon. Later, jigar gets into his car and finds pari inside. Pari apologizes jigar for all her mistakes. Pari says she is impressed with him as he loves his wife still. Pari asks jigar to take all the places where he and rashi had gone in past. Jigar agrees to take her. Later, kids get ready to school. Koki calls urmi and says she needs to talk her. Urmi asks koki that she wants to talk to tolu-molu but gopi stops them as they are getting late for school.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Saath Nibhana Saatiya 22nd August 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, tolu-molu asks jigar why he has left alone. Jigar asks the kids to leave but the kids insist to sleep with him, jigar yells at kids to leave. Kids leave crying. Jigar realizes that he has done a mistake by scolding his kids and remains crying. Pari finds him crying in his room. Koki calls for gopi-rashi and comes into the kitchen, she realizes rashi isnt here anymore and feels bad that they couldnt forget rashi so easily then urmi's situation might be in much more agony so they should try to make her come out from this situation. Pari in her room, she couldnt sleep thinking of jigar's pain. Pari will be suprised why she is feeling bad for a person who dont even think of looking at her. She updates on her friendbook that is it possible to get addicted to a person and feel bad when the person is in pain. She gets replies that she is in love. Pari will be surprised that is it possible for her to fall in love with jigar. Jigar holds rashi's picture and cries for rashi to come back. Pari feels bad looking at jigar crying. Jigar goes out of his room. Pari goes into jigar's room. 

Jigar comes downstairs. A travel agent asks for rashi. Jigar says she can never come back. So the agent gives a packet of some family tour package. The agent leaves. Jigar feels bad about rashi's surprise. Pari thinks of arranging some spa to feel relaxed. Here koki-parag feels bad that even elders couldnt bear the pain of rashi's death then how can jigar take it. Koki determines herself that they should make jigar come out of this pain. Pari arranges scent candles in jigar's room and switches off the lights. Koki comes to jigar's room. Pari opens the door. Koki shocks looking at pari in jigar's room. Pari says as jigar isnt feeling to sleep well so she came to give massage to him. Koki yells at pari that she has come for some project and should concentrate on that. Ahem-gopi come there. Pari says jigar is going into depression which she cant bear. Here jigar makes kids sleep. While leaving, hetal comes there. But they hear koki yelling and rushes over there. Ahem asks pari to leave from there. But she denies. Koki yells at pari to leave jigar's room, but she denies to leave. Koki yells at pari that she has gone mad. Pari replies that she has gone mad and has fallen in love with jigar. All remain shocked. Pari confeses that she is in love with jigar and cant live without him. Koki again yells that she is crossing her limit so she should leave their house. Pari denies to leave. Pari asks koki that she hasnt done any mistake by loving someone. Ahem stops koki and says pari isnt in senses to think what she has spoken. But pari says her feelings cant change anymore and rejects to leave modi bhawan. Jigar stops koki and says pari that he still loves rashi and he will never forget her in future as well. Ahem asks pari to go to her room but koki says pari should leave their house now. 

Jigar-koki insists pari to leave modi bhawan as she has no relation with modis.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th August 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, tolu-molu asks gopi for rashi's letters. Gopi says she would read them in the evening. Koki listens this and calls her near. Koki says gopi not to hide the truth from kids and if they learn from others then they would get hurt. Gopi says if kids go to school then they can cheer for sometime. Gopi asks mira to take care of kids and not to say the truth of rashi's death. Mira promises and leaves with all. Koki asks gopi that they should tell the truth before they learn from others. Gopi replies she wants to prepare kids to bear the pain, koki says tell them before it gets late. 

At urmi's house, kinjal goes to urmi's room to give tea but she finds missing. Jitthu and madhu get worried for her. Kinjal says she might have gone to modi bhawan. At modi bhawan, hetal-gopi-koki insists jigar to have some food. But he denies. Pari comes there and forcefully feeds jigar but he will be still angry. Pari says jigar to have food if not koki will blame her. Jigar remains calm. Pari starts sit-ups, jigar walks off from there. Pari rushes behind jigar and hugs him and says sorry for hurting him. At the same moment, urmi enters into the house and finds jigar-pari hugging. Urmi yells that its been only few days that rashi dead and now she is seeing all this. Koki says urmi that its just a misunderstanding. Pari feeds jigar forcefully. Pari feels happy that jigar is eating. Urmi asks pari to pack all her things and come along with her. But pari denies to come with her as she hadnt finished her project. Urmi asks gopi about tolu-molu. gopi replies that they went to school. Urmi scolds gopi for sending them school in this sad situation. Koki defends gopi. Urmi taunts koki that she will ever support her gopi. Urmi says she will wait in rashi's room. Koki calls pari to kitchen to talk something serious. Koki scolds pari not to interfere in jigar's life and not to involve in others life and make them feel bad. Pari hugs koki and says she was trying to make everyone smile as all are sad. Koki gets calm. 

At school, tolu-molu enter into their class, few classmates discuss about them. Their class teacher come there and mira leaves from there. At modi bhawan, urmi scolds pari not to try to woo jigar and just concentrate only on her project. Pari defends herself but urmi scolds her. Pari leaves from there. At school, tolu overhears some kids saying that rashi is dead. Tolu-molu-vidya gets angry and fight with them. Their teacher come there and stop them. Tolu says teacher that kids were speaking that rashi is dead but she has gone out for some work, and she is writing letters daily for them. Teacher sends away kids to home. Kinjal calls hetal and asks whether urmi is fine there. Here Jigar yells at ahem that he cannot work at office as he is upset. Koki-urmi asks ahem not to disturb him about work. Ahem says he wanted jigar to divert his mind so that he will out from depression. 

Tolu-molu return home. Urmi asks what has happened. Tolu says urmi that one of their classmates were saying that their mother is dead. Tolu again says actually their mother has gone out for some work and she is writing letters for them. Tolu says gopi doesnt lie anytime. 

Urmi scolds gopi for hiding the truth of rashi's death. Urmi says she would tell her grandchildren that their mother is dead. 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Veera 16th August 2014 Written Update

Nihal hugs veera and blesses her. Baldev-ranvi hugs nihal. Ranvi asks nihal not to remember the accident and feel bad. Nihal leaves in taxi. All come back into the house and sadly starts removing the banners. Nihal comes back and asks ranvi and others not to remove them. All find nihal back and feel happy. Nihal says he couldnt leave them and stay in Poland. He wants to live for them and their pind and die for them. Veera-ranvi hug nihal and thank him. Ranvi hugs gunjan in happiness and realizes everyone there. Baldev makes fun that no one is watching them. Nihal-ratan look at each other. Nihal asks baldev to take pictures of them. Baldev takes veera's pictures and later the complete family. 

Next day, veera-nihal come to poly house. Nihal finds everything going well and appreciates veera. Baldev comes there with a watermelon. Nihal jokes with baldev that he want to eat watermelon, baldev couldnt answer. Nihal says he was making fun and leaves from there. The couple have the watermelon. Veera says she is happy that everything is going good between ranvi-nihal. Veera again asks baldev that they should go on a date. Baldev asks her where she wants to go. Veera suggests disco.

Ranvi calls the manager and asks about his album release. The manager says the album will be out in the market in 2 days and asks ranvi to collect his cheque. Ranvi feels happy and shares this news with his family. All feel happy and proud of ranvi. But veera doubts why the manager hadnt called them before the release. Later, baldev-veera go to disco. Their others insult baldev saying he should go to some dhaba to dance bhangra for punjabi songs. Baldev gets angry but veera stops him. Baldev orders some food. But the couple doesnt like it. The manager makes fun of them saying they are not posh people to enjoy such a kind of food. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th August 2014 Written Update

At urmi's house, urmi holding rashi's picture cries for rashi to call her once so that she can hear her voice. Kinjal comes there with food and feels bad looking at urmi's crying. Kinjal yells at urmi to eat something. But urmi yells back that she doesnt want to. Kinjal says if she yells back at her then urmi is normal. Both hug and cry. At modi bhawan, koki comes to gopi in the kitchen, koki feels bad that she has scolded and spotted rashi's mistakes but has never loved her as her daughter. Gopi comforts koki saying we yell and scold on the ones who love. Koki says gopi that they should tell the truth to tolu-molu as early as possible. Here in the hall, tolu-molu ask hetal about rashi. But she couldnt answer them. Gopi-koki comes there. Gopi feels bad and says rashi asked her to play a game until she comes back home. Gopi takes an empty paper and reads as if rashi has written a letter that they should listen to gopi, study and eat well till the day she returns. The kids agree to play. Hetal asks kids to go to their room. Gopi as well leaves. Koki says gopi has done a mistake by saying the lie. Pari supports gopi but koki scolds her not to involve in their matters. Koki asks ahem to cancel the flower delivery to their house. In the kids room, kids get upset as they wear the new clothes. Koki-gopi in their room feel bad that they cant celebrate the janmashtami this year. They hear bhajan and rushes downstairs. All hear and come downstairs. Modis find a video playing in which rashi singing the bhajan. They all feel bad. Koki send kids to their room. Jigar scolds pari for making them remember rashi again. Koki scolds pari for hurting jigar. Pari says she cant see jigar upset. Koki-hetal remains surprised. 

Friday, 15 August 2014

Veera 15th August 2014 Written Update

Veera, Ranveer come to baldev's house and think of asking nihal abou taking responsibilities of the krishi vidyalaya. Veera-Ranveer come inside. Nihal asks why they have come in the morning. Baldev says veera that its her house and she can come anytime. All look surprised at baldev. Baldev covers saying veera and ranveer are their own relatives so they can come anytime. Nihal smiles at baldev. All start discussing, veera asks nihal to take the responsibility of krishi vidyalaya. Nihal says he is returning to Poland in the night and he'll be supportive to them all time. Veera insists nihal to stay back. Ranveer asks whats the problem. All ask nihal to stay back. But nihal says he has some work at Poland so he has to reurn. Nihal goes upstairs. Ranveer follows him. Baldev-veera get upset. Nihal holds veera's family picure and says himself that though ranveer has forgiven him but anyhow he will be giving them pain of losing their father because of him so he had to leave them. Ranveer comes downstairs. Veera asks what has happened and did nihal agree to stay back. Nihal comes downstairs. Ranveer seriously says nihal to come home to meet everyone at home before leaving. Nihal wonders at ranveer's behavior. Ranveer takes veera and comes out. Ranveer says nihal is still guilty so they need to make him realise about his real feelings to make him stop. Veera agrees. Veera explains her plan to baldev. 

Baldev goes to market with his friend, his friend shows the cab driver and says he is the one who will be taking nihal to airport. Baldev goes to the driver and bribes him money and says him to switch off his mobile. The cab driver agrees. Nihal comes to veera's house, he will be surprised looking at his pictures with veera and ranveer. He feels happy looking at them. Ranveer says he has given all this sweet moments to them, he was in their lives so how can he live in Poland alone and how does he expect them to live alone. Ranveer hugs and cries but nihal disagrees to stay back. Chaiji asks ranveer let him leave to Poland as his wish, if he had love for them and concern for them then he wouldnt leave, now he loves the people over there so he doesnt need them. Nihal tries to defend but couldnt speak his real feelings. Chaiji asks ratan to ask nihal to stay back and she does. Nihal says he cant stay back. Baldev comes there. Nihal asks about his cab and he replies that cab has left so nihal says he would adjust himself. 

Nihal comes back to veera's house. 

Saath Nibhana Saatiya 15th August 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, gopi feels guilty about rashi's death is because of her. Jithu consoles her saying he has lost one daughter and he dont want to lose another as well. Urmi hears this and scolds jithu that gopi is rashi's killer and she would never treat gopi as her daughter any more. Koki tries to comfort her. Tolu-molu comes back home and asks for rashi. Urmi determines that she would take away tolu-molu with her. Koki asks urmi not to do so. Urmi says now she has lost her daughter so there is no more relation between her and modi bhawan. Hetal-chirag-jigar-koki request urmi not depart them with kids. Koki comes to urmi and hugs her. Koki comforts urmi. Urmi says gopi that she shouldnt touch her kids anymore.

Later, urmi and others return to their house. Urmi stops madhu and says not to come into her house as she is gopi's mom. Madhu feels hurt but accepts that she would leave her house. Kinjal-dhaval says urmi that they will discuss about that later and takes her inside. Jithu requests madhu not to take urmi's words to heart as she isnt normal now. Madhu agrees. At kids room, tolu-molu will be upset as they havent seen their mother since 1 day. Mira tries to console them but they doesnt listen to her. Gopi who will be watching them from outside feels bad. Ahem comes there and consoles her. 

At jigar's room, jigar holds rashi's picture and cries for leaving him alone with kids. Hetal comes there and feeds him food in the name of rashi but he keeps crying. Pari who finds jigar crying for rashi feels bad and wonders why is she getting upset looking at jigar crying. 

Kids insist hetal to tell where their mother is. Hetal remains speechless. 

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th August 2014 Written Update

Last episode of rashi's appearance 

At modi bhawan, jithu shatters crying before rashi's dead body. Urmi-gopi will be in shock. Jigar gets emotional and scolds rashi to wake up for their kids. Ahem goes to jigar and consoles him. Gopi goes to rashi and asks to open her eyes and cries for tolu-molu. Gopi goes to khana ji and begs him to give back their rashi. Gopi comes back and cries before rashi. Urmi looks on gopi. Urmi goes to gopi and drags her out and slaps. Everyone wonders. Urmi yells at gopi that rashi is dead because of her. Urmi scolds gopi why she hasnt saved rashi, anurag has come for her and why rashi has suffered. Ahem gets angry but koki stops him. Urmi even scolds madhu not to act. Ahem says jigar that they should preparations for cremation. But urmi yells at everyone that modis have no right to do rashi's cremation, and she will do everything from her house only. Koki comes to urmi and says smoothly that rashi is also her daughter and she should accept the fate. But urmi doesnt agree. Hetal comes to urmi and begs her not to take rashi from modi bhawan. Even bha pleads urmi. Jitthu hugs urmi and says they both have done kanyadaan to modis so she should leave from modi bhawan only. Both cry for their only child. Koki asks ahem to do the preparations. At savitha's house, tolu-molu get upset as savitha dint arrange any crafts session so they wish to leave. But mira stops them and convinces them to stay back. At modi bhawan, modis does the cremation preparations. Urmi remembers about tolu-molu and thinks of showing rashi last time to kids. But jigar stops and requests her not to bring them as they might not bear. Here tolu-molu think of their mom bringing toys for them. Later at modi bhawan, after cremation urmi will be crying for rashi. Gents return home. Jigar hugs hetal and cries. 

Urmi says modis that she would take away tolu-molu from modi bhawan as there is no relation between her and modis as rashi isnt anymore. 

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th August 2014 Written Update

Rashi Modi No more

Gopi yells at anurag that she love ahem and cannot marry him. Rashi-gopi try to escape bu anurag grabs gopi's hair and pushes away rashi. Rashi his to a bench and finds gopi struggling in anurag's hands. Rashi brings a rod and hits anurag. Both the ladies hit anurag and run away from there. Jigar comes to the school and finds rashi's slippers. Urmi-koki arrives there. All yell for both the ladies. Ahem-police as well arrive there. Gopi-rashi hear modis calling them and rush towards entrance. Both the ladies find modis at the gate and feel happy. Urmi-koki and others feel relaxed when they find rashi-gopi. Jigra tries breaking the lock with the rock but couldnt open it. Anurag comes downstairs with the rod and thinks of killing gopi. Koki yells to check behind. They find anurag trying to hit gopi, rashi pulls off gopi and anurag hits on rashi's head. All shocked. Jigar once again tries to open the lock and opens it. All rush to rashi. Ahem rushes behind anurag and hits him badly. Police stops ahem and arrests anurag. Jigar takes rashi into his arms and rushes out. Ambulance comes. Rashi will be in fainted state. In the ambulance, all will be crying for rashi and tries waking her up. After a while rashi wakes up, rashi apologizes gopi for not understanding her. Rashi thanks hetal for loving her since day 1. Rashi asks urmi to take care of her kids. Rashi apologizes jigar for not being a good wife to him. Koki scolds rashi for talking as her last words. Rashi says today she cant stop herself with her scoldings. Rashi insists gopi to tie the rakhi. Gopi does. After a while, rashi gets fainted. Doctor checks and says rashi is no more. All remain shocked. At modi bhawan, bha-nani will be crying, savitha tries to console them. Bha requests savitha to take the kids to her house as they cant bear their mother's death. Savitha agrees. Savitha requests kids to come to her house for doing some crafts. Mira doubts about elders behavior. Kids agree and go with savitha. Mira come back and asks bha about what has happened. Bha says rashi is no more. Mira also cries. Kinjal's family arrive there and later modis. Modis remain calm. Rashi's deadbody will be arrived a modi bhawan. Bha cries. 

Urmi slaps gopi and scolds her saying because of her rashi got killed. 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th August 2014 Written Update

At school, Anurag tries touching gopi but she keeps on crying. Anurag says gopi not to think about ahem anymore and he knows she was dreaming a happy life with him. Anurag says gopi that they will get married in this school and live happily ever. Ahem and police will be enquiring about anurag near by the school. Anurag goes out of the room for water. Gopi cries for ahem. Police calls ahem and says people have told them that they have seen anurag near the market. Ahem says he would come there. Rashi comes into the school and searches for gopi. Gopi finds rashi downstairs and calls her. Anurag gets alert and ties a cloth to her mouth and scolds her and makes her sit on floor. Anurag will be arranging things for the marriage. Chirag-parag return home. They say that ahem hadnt found gopi yet. Kids come here and ask about their parents. Mira comes there and explains kids that they shouldnt force elders when they arent saying anything. Kids decide to pray khana ji. Anurag arranges everything. Gopi throws the rakhi from the pit pipe, rashi finds that and thinks gopi is somewhere near. Rashi's mobile slips and falls in water so she couldnt call. Ahem-jigar realise rashi got missed. Jigar says he would search for rashi and he should search gopi. Kids will be praying for their parents. Koki-madhu-urmi will be searching for gopi. Urmi feels something bad gonna happen but koki says not to feel so. Anurag makes gopi to sit beside him for marriage. Rashi finds school is locked. So she again goes o the pipe. Rashi finds the pipe coming from which floor and thinks going to that floor. Chirag gets call from police that ahem are at government school. So hetal-chirag-parag leave. Anurag starts the marriage process. Rashi climbs from the pipe and reaches the room in which gopi-anurag there. She tries calling gopi but her voice couldnt reach because of tape recorder. Rashi breaks the window and comes inside. Gopi feels happy to see rashi. Anurag shocks. Rashi comes inside and throws kumkum on anurag and unties gopi. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th August 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, Koki says modis that anurag has kidnapped gopi. Everyone shocked. Koki-ahem-rashi-jigar leave o follow anurag. Pari will be worried for gopi and hetal consoles her. Rashi feels bad that she should have believed gopi. Ahem scolds rashi but koki defends rashi. Rashi feels happy. Anurag gets down in market and purchases something. While getting into auto again finds gopi's earring on ground and looks around. He finds modis vehicle and gets angry that modis are following him. Anurag gets into auto and goes on. Modis follow him. Anurag gets down the auto suddenly and rushes. Modis miss him. Modis get down and start searching anurag. Jigar finds anurag but misses him again. Pari checks her photo album and finds anurag's picture and uploads on social networking site. Koki gets an idea of finding out where did anurag tell the auto driver to go. So rashi calls urmi and says that anurag has kidnapped gopi and they should find the place where anurag has told to go to find gopi. Urmi says she would come there. Urmi leaves along with madhu. Anurag hits gopi and scolds her why she has kept her earring on his pant to give a clue to modis. Urmi demands the auto drivers to tell where anurag has told to go. Rashi shows anurag's picture and shows it to auto driver, the driver finds and tells them about the place.