Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Monday, 30 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th June 2014 Written Update

Rashi comes to radha's room and finds her mobile. Radha brings milk for koki and leaves. Radha remembers her mobile is in her room and thinks of carrying with her. Here rashi will be trying to change the sim cards. Before radha enters into her room, koki drags her and stops her. Radha wonders about koki's behavior. Koki takes away radha from there. Rashi hears koki-radha's voice and leaves from there. Koki brings radha downstairs and asks radha to leave their house right now. All others come there and asks what has happened. Koki says she dint mix sugar in the milk which she brought for her. Rashi will be happy that koki was saving her. Koki gives "its okay" look. Hetal asks koki to forgive radha. Koki agrees and warns radha to be careful in future, if not she will drag her out of the house. All the ladies will be happy looking on.

At tripti's house, urmi finds a message in her mobile and confirms whether she has checked her mobile. Again tripti says urmi not to believe radha much as she is dangerous. Urmi defends radha that radha isnt bad. Urmi leaves. Tripti thinks radha and urmi has joined hands. In the auto, urmi calls rashi and asks rashi not to allow radha to speak with tripti. Radha comes to her room, tripti calls her. But before radha receives the call, kids rush inside and dash her. Radha's mobile falls on ground. Tripti thinks radha is cheating on her. Again tripti calls her, kids start playing with the mobile and finally vidya throws it in the water. Radha scolds and hurts vidya. Rashi-gopi-hetal who are watching this from outside feel bad as radha is hurting their child. Hetal rushes their and scolds-hits radha. Radha requests gopi to call madhu from her mobile as she is frustrated at this house. Gopi calls madhu, radha requests madhu to take her from there. But madhu denies sweetly and hangs on the call.

Tripti comes to modi bhawan and looks on from the gate for radha. But koki comes there and asks what is she doing here. Koki asks whether she wants any donation, tripti nods as yes. But koki scolds tripti and asks her to leave from there. Tripti feels relieved that koki hasnt recognized her. All the ladies will be in bha's room, koki comes there and tells everyone that tripti has come there. Koki says she has acted that she hadnt recognized her. So gopi decides to impliment their plan no. 2. Later, rashi calls urmi and says to start their next plan. Koki comes to kitchen and says they all going to mandir and asks her to come along. Radha thinks of going out and call tripti from some booth. 

Friday, 27 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th June 2014 Written Update

Radha tries killing popat (How evil :( )

At modi bhawan, modis gather in bha's room to plan how to trap radha-tripti. Rashi asks urmi to leave but she doesnt agree. Later, radha finds parrot near the garden and goes to it. Rashi hides behind a pillar and looks on. Radha asks parrot whether it know everything, rashi again makes the sound as yes. Radha walks to the parrot and grab it, but rashi comes there and stops her. Rashi scolds radha for troubling the parrot. Rashi calls on all the ladies, koki-gopi-hetal come there. Rashi complaints koki that radha was trying to kill the parrot. Koki scolds radha. Radha says no she was trying to make friendship with her. Parrot replies no. Koki asks radha to do her work in the kitchen. Radha leaves. Rashi will be happy and says everyone that they can make radha do anything through this parrot. But gopi says they should take care of the parrot more as radha might harm her. 

In the kitchen, radha takes out rat poison and adds to the mirchi. Gopi finds this and shocks, gopi rushes from there. Radha tries to feed the parrot, gopi dashes radha and the plate falls on ground. Gopi says she was on call and dint find her. Parrot bites radha's finger. So gopi gives her first-aid. Rashi sends a message to send radha upstairs. So gopi sends radha to her room to take rest. Radha leaves. Urmi finds no one in koki's room and steals few gold jewelry, but rashi comes there and asks her keep them in back again. Urmi tries to bribe rashi, but rashi calls all the ladies there. Radha will be looking them from outside. All the ladies come there, Rashi says urmi was stealing jewelry. Rashi starts scolding radha indirectly that few people in their house behave so well but has evil thoughts. Radha shocks. Rashi drags away urmi out of the house and says she shouldnt be seen in this house forever. Rashi shuts the doors. 

At pooja's office, pooja finds dhaval working hardly and feels impressed with them. Dhaval says he has completed all his work. Pooja asks him to come for a movie with her. Dhaval smoothly denies. Pooja says she would go alone, but dhaval feels bad and says he would accompany her. Pooja feels happy. At modi bhawan, gopi-hetal explains rashi to forgive urmi. But rashi denies to listen to them. Radha will be checking this and thinks tripti might plan something with this broken relationship. Later, radha offers tea for bha but she denies to have it. Gopi requests bha to have it. Bha unwillingly takes it. Tripti calls radha, so she leaves from there. 

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th June 2014 Written Update

Modis started troubling radha 3:)

At modi bhawan, madhu will be surprised about radha's revenge on gopi. Gopi-rashi say madhu that they will make her realize her mistake. Gopi takes promise from madhu that she would support them. Radha comes there, so rashi changes the topic saying koki has allowed gopi-ahem to stay with them because they have saved her life. Radha will be worried that gopi-ahem will be at home now. Madhu says gopi to be strong. Kids will be happy that koki is back at home. Tolu-molu will be worried that next week their school will be re-opened. They hear fortune-teller's voice and they rush downstairs. Gopi will be worried why the kids are rushing out. Kids will be asking questions to poppat (parrot), gopi-rashi comes there. Gopi scolds the man for keeping the parrot in the cage and making money out of it. Gopi warns him to give the parrot to them if not they will call the police. The fortune-teller leaves the parrot with modis and leaves. Rashi gets an idea to use this parrot in taking revenge with radha. 

Rashi-Gopi-Kids come inside the house. Rashi shows the parrot to everyone and says its pundit's parrot and he is going other city so he asked to take care of it for few days and can say future or past. Vidya-other kids starts asking the parrot with few questions, parrot will be giving the right answers. Gopi asks the parrot why koki's health is getting worse and by whom, parrot replies its because of tripti-radha. Radha remains shocked with the answer. Radha defends herself saying she dint do anything, koki asks radha to be calm as she is mani. Parrot says she heard everything at the mandir. Radha gets tensed. Rashi asks radha why is she so tensed about parrot. Radha says nothing like that and leaves from there.

Rashi explains that she has recorded the answers before coming inside the home. Hetal-koki will be impressed with rashi's work. Rashi says even kids helped them. Radha will be worried and tries calling tripti but couldnt reach her. Hetal calls radha and gives some cleaning work to her. While radha working in the kitchen, mira comes there. Few vessels fall on ground from the cupboard. Radha starts yelling at mira, and she will be crying. Koki-gopi comes there. Koki tries hitting radha but gopi stops her. Radha finds koki-gopi and says smoothly that she was explaining mira to be careful. Gopi asks mira to come with them. Gopi asks koki to control her anger. 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th June 2014 Written Update

Modis on revenge mission. 

Next day morning, At urmi's house, radha gets ready and asks madhu also to get ready and come along to modi bhawan. Madhu will be worried for koki-gopi but radha will be happy to see koki dead. Modis return home. Hetal will be happy looking at koki. Hetal says everyone were worried for her and she shouldnt leave house without saying anyone. Hetal remembers about koki's lost memory but koki says she has recalled her memory. Koki apologizes hetal for misbehaving with her. Bha says koki that maata rani has helped her to gain her memory. Koki apologizes everyone if she has misbehaved with all. Koki remembers hitting parag with sandal and apologizes him. Parag asks koki to forget everything. Koki feels bad for ahem-kinjal and apologizes them. Kinjal-ahem hugs her and feels happy. Hetal says everyone that she would call madhu-radha that koki is all well. But gopi stops hetal and explains all the fuss she has done to them, how she kidnapped mira and tried to kill her and even koki. All remain shocked. Bha feels bad that radha being with them has planned all this. Rashi finds radha has come with madhu. Rashi sends the kids to their room. 

Radha happily enters the house along with madhu. Urmi thinks radha is very dangerous than she expected. Madhu asks hetal about koki. Radha insists hetal to tell about koki-gopi and others. Ahem-gopi-rashi come out. Radha feels shocked. Gopi recalls her bitter past because of radha. Madhu hugs gopi and feels happy. Radha thinks gopi is calm so its sure that koki is dead. Radha goes to gopi and cries to show koki. Modis look on angrily at radha. Radha finds koki coming downstairs and remains shocked. Koki comes downstairs and remembers the bitter past about mira, tripti trying to kill her and slaps radha. All get shocked with koki's behavior. Rashi tries to balance the situation saying, koko why she has slapped radha so hardly. Koki says she found dengue mosquito on radha's cheek and she felt to save her. Radha goes inside to apply ointment. Koki apologizes gopi for slapping radha. Urmi explains everything to madhu, she gets angry with urmi. Gopi takes away madhu and explains. Radha calls tripti and says about koki alive. Both the ladies feel disappointed that their plans got spoiled. 

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th June 2014 Written Update

Koki reveals the truth before modis about mira's missing for about 8 years. 

Koki yells for mira. Koki finds gopi beside and hugs her happily. Koki asks gopi for mira. Gopi shows mira and koki hugs her happily. Koki recognizes everyone and hugs them. Koki says she was saving mira from radha & tripti. All wonder. Koki says everyone that those 2 ladies have kidnapped and tried to kill mira. Gopi asks koki whether she is confident that it was radha. Koki explains, she went to mandir after 8 years because of ahem-radha's marriage but there she heard that radha has thrown stone at gopi and she got slipped. Then radha kidnapped mira and kept her near mandir. When she was taking away mira, tripti tried killing them. She got hit to the stone and forgot everything. Mira says so it was tripti who was radha. Mira tells koki that they both tried to kill koki by throwing the electric pole on her and later rushed away from there when gopi-rashi have come there. Gopi couldnt believe that her sister has gave this much pain to her for these many years. Koki explains gopi that there are few evil people on earth who doesnt care about others feelings. Modis remain shocked with the truth. Rashi says so this was the reason why radha wasnt with them on that day along with tripti. Gopi will be confused why radha has done this to them. Koki says the 2 ladies wanted to take revenge about umang's death. Rashi says they should call police and make the ladies arrest. But gopi stops rashi and says radha gave so much pain to all of them by trying to kill mira only because of her, and koki has suffered all these days. So they shouldnt get arrested so easily. And she would suffer them as much they have done to them. Gopi promises maata rani that she would make tripti-radha feel sorry about her deeds she wouldnt do any aarthi of maata rani. Rashi says they should collect some proof against radha-tripti. Everyone agree with gopi. Rashi calls hetal and says everyone are safe and asks not to say about koki or mira to radha. 

Radha-tripti come back to rajkot. Both will be happy that they have successfully killed koki and got saved. Radha says tripti that she would go to her mother as she has told hetal that she will be with madhu for few days. Both depart happily. Radha comes to urmi's house and says madhu that she has come there to take care of her. Madhu will be worried about koki-gopi. At modi bhawan, urmi will be doubtful why rashi has told her to keep secret about koki-mira. Madhu calls hetal and asks about koki-gopi but hetal replies that she dint get any information yet. Radha hears madhu's conversation and thinks they might have thought about bha and kept koki's death a secret. Radha says herself that now she took revenge with modis for his death. 

Monday, 23 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd June 2014 Written Update

Koki regained her memory :)

Rashi-gopi find mira's dupatta and thinks she is near to them. Both the ladies rush to the dupatta and rush forward. Mira hears radha yelling for help. Mira prays maata rani to help her to help radha. She finds a tree branch and throws to radha, radha grabs it. Mira tries pulling her up. Tripti finds koki and also finds an electric pole which is hanging and ready to fall. Tripti plans to kill koki by letting electric pole to fall on koki. Here modis in search of koki-mira. Koki finds tripti pushing the electric pole to fall on her and tries to move away from there but couldnt. Finally tripti succeeds, the electric pole wire to fall on koki. Koki gets current shock and faints. Mira finds koki and yells dadi. Radha is saved by mira. Mira rushes to koki. Gopi-rashi hears mira's voice and rushes. Radha thinks tripti has killed koki. Radha comes to tripti. Tripti hears gopi's voice and takes away radha and rushes. Mira finds radha with tripti. Tripti says she has killed koki, radha feels happy. Both rush away from there. Gopi-rashi reach mira. Mira says koki has got electric shock. 

Rashi takes off the current wires from koki. Gopi tries waking up koki. Jigar calls rashi, rashi explains where they are and says they found koki-mira. Ahem-jigar rush to the spot. Gopi scolds maata rani for not helping them. The ladies decide to take koki to mandir. All the ladies walk towards mandir. Ahem-jigar find them. Jigar try to find a doctor but couldnt. A devotee says them to take inside the mandir ans she will be fine. Hetal calls jigar, they tell her that koki-mira have been found. All reach mandir. Gopi prays maata rani to make koki fine. After a while, koki wakes up and remembers everything. Koki yells for mira. Modis remain shocked looking at koki. 

Friday, 20 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th June 2014 Written Update

The carriage people feel dizzy so they stop the carriage aside. Tripti-radha take away koki from there.  Gopi helps an old woman who has slipped because of people rushing. Son of that old woman scolds her for being careless, so gopi scolds them for misbehaving with his mother. Rashi-mira will be taking picture at a beautiful view, where ahem-jigar will be searching for koki. Mira finds tripti radha taking away koki with them and walks to them. Mira finds koki clearly and calls her. Tripti radha will be shocked looking mira. Tripti radha rush in between crowd, mira misses them. Rashi realizes that mira is missing after checking her pictures. 

After discussing with the son-mother gopi finds koki no where. But she finds ahem-jigar. She rushes to them and hugs ahem. All three go to check koki but they find koki is missing and even the palki people. Rashi comes there and tells that mira is missing. All 4 separate in each direction to search for koki-mira. Later, ahem scolds rashi gopi for being careless regarding koki and mira. Hetal calls jigar, he tells her that koki-mira gone missing and they found gopi. Hetal gets worried. 

Tripti radha take away koki, but still mira will be following them calling dadi. Radha defends herself that she was taking care of mira but she suddenly gone missing. Ahem apologizes rashi and asks everyone to search for koki-mira. Tripti radha take koki up hill, radha gets tired carrying koki. Tripti scolds not to yell about killing koki as people might hear them. Tripti says they would go some more up hill and throw away koki from there. Modis find the palki guys and rush over there. Gopi asks for koki to the guys but they will be still in dizzy state and says they do not know about her. Tripti radha find mira is behind them and rush again but mira finds koki and rush to them. Ahem asks the ladies to wait there and they both would go find koki-mira. 

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th June 2014 Written Update

Modis and evil couple reach near the mandir. The evil couple think of showing pictures of koki-gopi to people and find out. Ahem says the announcer to call gopi-koki on mic to find them. All start searching for koki-gopi. Mira prays mata raani to help them to find her mom-dadi soon. Urmi will be angry with rashi that she hadnt call her till now. Kinjal calls madhu and tells modis have reached Katra. Urmi hears this from madhu and will be angry with rashi. Urmi thinks of going to modi bhawan and have some delicious food. The evil ladies hear an announcement about koki-gopi that their family is in search of them. Tripti-radha worry that modis have reached there. Ahem still calls to gopi's mobile but it will be switched off as its stolen. Rashi says they should ask people to find out them quickly. Modis-radha's couple will be searching for koki-gopi in the same place. Rashi feels she heard radha's voice, tripti finds rashi and covers radha and takes her from there. Koki-gopi reach Charan Padhuka. Koki will be getting tired, gopi feels bad for her. Radha-tripti covers themselves with their dupattas and keep searching. Gopi requests koki to stop and her sandle will be broken. Gopi requests to take a palki (A carriage where old people will be carried to mandir by 2 guys). Gopi forcfully makes koki to sit in it. Koki-gopi move on, and radha finds them and shows to tripti. The ladies find 2 guys in a shop talking about datura which makes a person unconscious. Tripti-radha steal a datura from the shop and leave. Tripti asks to break the datura while she brings water bottle. The ladies mix the datura in water. Koki feels dizzy and thirsty. Gopi will be walking before the carriage. Tripti-radha give the datura mixed water to the carriage people and even koki. Here rashi slips and falls down struck to koki's sandals. Rashi feels happy that they are koki's sandals and she might be near to them. Modis get a clue that koki is near by and feel happy. The palki guys and koki start feeling dizzy. 

Ahem meets gopi. But they find koki-mira missing.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th June 2014 Written Update

Koki-gopi will be walking along with other devotees. Ahem tries calling gopi but she hangs on the call. Gopi goes beside koki and tries calling ahem, but a thief on a bike steals her mobile. Here ahem's car gets punctured. Gopi will be worried how to communicate with ahem. Koki asks gopi whether she wants to come along with them or go to police station to file a complaint. Gopi agrees to come along with her as she cant leave koki alone. Koki agrees and both the ladies walk together again. At modi bhawan, modis will be worried for gopi-koki. Urmi calls kinjal who is in modi bhawan and complaints about dhaval that he is coming home late and dont know what he is doing outside. Kinjal gets frustrated and replies that dhaval was with her in modi bhawan. Koki's saree gets spoiled near Baan Ganga, devotees explain them that every devotee should have bath in this Baan Ganga and should go for maata's darshan so koki decides to take bath there. 

Radha-tripti will be waiting for modis at airport. Radha says she has punctured their tyre at home but modis reach there. Radha-tripti hide aside and checks on modis. Radha will be much worried about her breakfast and asks about it to tripti but tripti scolds radha to leave about food and think about modis. Ahem-jigar unknowingly give tolu-molu's school id cards at the security check. The person wonders at the kids id cards and asks whats these. Ahem-jigar shocks. The evil couple feels happy. Ahem-jigar blames tolu-molu and scolds rashi. Gopi tries stopping koki to have bath in the water but pundit suggests the ladies to have bath for better health. So gopi agrees. Botht the ladies have bath in Baan Ganga. Radha-tripti check-ins and gets on the plane. But ahem-jigar will be stopped to for check-in as they got delayed. Gopi offers some prasad to eat but she denies. Gopi explains koki that god never asked their devotees to starve. So koki agrees to have. Both the ladies share the prasad. Gopi feels happy that anyhow koki is having something to eat. Ahem calls someone and orders for a chopper. Tripti-radha reach Jammu. And even ahem too. 

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th June 2014 Written Update

Ahem calls jigar. Jigar tells ahem that koki is with gopi in katra. Ahem feels relaxed and says he would return home by night flight. Radha calls tripti and scolds for making their plans again flop. Tripti gets upset when radha says koki is with gopi in katra. Gopi will be very concerned about koki but koki feels suspecious why gopi is so concerned about her and she should go to her mother's place as early as possible. Madhu will be worried about gopi-koki so she calls kinjal and asks about them. Kinjal tells that koki-gopi are together in Katra. Madhu feels happy and tells to jitthu and urmi hears this. Ahem comes back home. Jigar tells that he has booked tickets for ahem-rashi-himself to katra. A devotee gives a entry pass to mandir to all the members. But gopi thinks to take home first and when koki gets fine then she will bring her for darshan. 

Tripti thinks radha might reveal her name as well in anger so she calls radha and tries pacifying her saying that they should do something before koki gets her memory back. Radha says tripti that ahem-rashi-jigar will be leaving to katra in the morning. So tripti says they both should go there before them and do something in katra. 

Next day, Gopi will be in the hotel. Ahem calls her, she explains everything about koki's health. Ahem gets upset, gopi says koki isnt recognizing her and they will be going for darshan soon and pleads to come soon. Ahem says gopi to take care of herself and koki and hangs on the call. Ahem comes to his room and finds mira packing his clothes. Ahem feels happy. Mira asks ahem to bring mom-dadi safely. Ahem says everything will be fine. Gopi offers aloo parathas before leaving to darshan. But koki denies, gopi insists to have them. So koki says when she is no one for her then why is she so concerned about her. Gopi gets hurt with koki's words. Radha comes to ahem's room and finds no one in the room and takes out ahem's-jigar's adhar card from his wallet. Mira comes there. Radha says mira that because of her koki and all others are suffering. Mira starts crying, ahem hears this and goes to her. Ahem consoles mira that she isnt responsible for everything. Mira insists to come with them so ahem agrees to take her. Radha comes to hetal and says she wants to go to urmi's place for few days. Hetal agrees. 

Monday, 16 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th June 2014 Written Update

Finally in the market, gopi finds koki and rushes to her. Gopi hugs koki and feels happy. But koki has already forgot gopi and denies to recognize her. Here modis will be worried for gopi as her mobile couldnt reach. Koki while yelling faints. Gopi gives some water and she wakes up again. Koki denies to recognize gopi. Gopi will be worried for koki. The devotees suggest gopi to go to mata rani temple along with koki. Gopi will be angry mata rani for not helping them and still testing koki. Gopi goes to mata ki darshan with koki. Gopi finds her mobile got switched off. Gopi thinks of not talking to modis in front of koki, if not koki will be angry with her and leave her. Vidya will be upset about gopi, so rashi explains the kids to be strong and gopi will bring back their dadi home at any cost. Rashi asks kids to pray khana ji to keep gopi-koki safe and bring them back home soon. Radha will be happy looking at modis and thinks this time koki will never come back home because of tripti's evil plans. Gopi will be taking care of koki, the other devotees will be impressed with her. They all rest in some rest house. 

Ahem gets down in Chennai and tries calling gopi but he couldnt reach her. Then he calls jigar and asks him about updates. A woman observes ahem talking about koki and tells him that she has seen her. The lady takes him to some calm area and demands to give all his money. Gopi comes out and tries calling gopi from a std booth's owner's mobile. While the goons hit ahem and ahem also fights back. Police come there and saves ahem. Ahem finds the missed calls. Gopi calls jigar as ahem isnt taking her call. Gopi says everyone that koki is with her in Katra and explains everything. Gopi again says koki isnt recognizing her anymore. Jigar says ahem is in Chennai and will be back to modi bhawan in the night. Then they would come to Katra. 

Friday, 13 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th June 2014 Written Update

In the railway station, gopi still searching for koki and she is nearby to her. Ahem gets down the train. Koki will be in confusion where to go. Koki drops the house keys on ground. A group of maata's devotees near koki, one of the ladies ask koki where she wants to go. Koki replies that she wants to go to mother's house. So the lady thinks its maata's place and asks koki to come along with them. Ahem-gopi finds their home keys and thinks koki might have got onto the overhead bridge. But koki gets on the train along with maata's devotees. At modi bhawan, bha explains hetal that rashi was also worried for koki and jigar is also responsible for this mistake. So hetal gets convinced and says she is wrong about rashi and she would go alone to bring her home. Ahem-gopi search on the bridge and hears there are 2 trains on platform, one for Jammu and other for Chennai. So the couple decides to search one each. Both hug and decide to search for koki anyhow. Ahem gives gopi some money and both depart. Both get into each train. Gopi's Chennai train get started, Ahem looks on gopi from Jammu's train. In the train, gopi prays khana ji asking to help her in finding koki. Ahem calls gopi and asks her about how is she. Gopi says she will definitely find koki. The devotees will be singing maata rani songs. The devotees will be happy to go for maata's darshan. Koki recalls how modis have confused her. 

At urmi's house, hetal apologizes rashi. Urmi taunts hetal for insulting her daughter. Hetal says rashi that she got worried for koki when she told about her misunderstanding. Hetal says koki is coming back home so she too should come home. Rashi remains calm. So urmi says rashi will come with her later. Kinjal asks hetal that she would come with her and check koki once. Hetal says rashi that she has treated her as a daughter and scolded her. Hetal leaves. Rashi remains thinking. Gopi comes into the same compartment of koki's but at the same time koki goes to washroom. Ahem calls jigar and tells that they dint find koki yet and they are searching for her. Ahem again says gopi is in Jammu train and he in Chennai train. Jigar explains everything to bha-parag-chirag. Chirag thinks of talking to railway police. Bha-parag get upset. Radha will be happy about the situation. But will be unhappy that she couldnt share this news with tripti. Rashi rushes to hetal at car and says she would come along with her. Hetal feels happy and urmi will be angry with rashi's behavior towards hetal. In gopi's train, TC asks gopi for ticket. Gopi pays fine and takes ticket. Gopi asks TC to help her in finding koki. TC agrees. 

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11th June 2014 Written Update

At urmi's house, gopi brings the silver vessels from modi bhawan. Urmi thinks rashi has sent them for her. Gopi clears urmi that rashi told to keep them careful with her till koki gets well. Kinjal comes there and asks gopi to keep them in locker. But gopi says she feels urmi's house is safe so she brought them home. At modi bhawan, koki says bha that she is going to temple. Bha asks koki to take hetal with her but koki rejects then bha says koki to take rashi. So she agrees. Radha finds this and calls tripti and says they will plan something to make koki far away from modi bhawan. Radha's mobile gets out of money of recharge so hangs on. Koki-rashi in car reaches mandir. Koki thinks how to leave from there without rashi. Tripti too reach there. Koki goes and buys flowers for pooja. Tripti finds rashi and thinks she would spoil her plan. Koki-rashi goes into the mandir. Koki meets pundit and asks him to do pooja of newly wed with rashi. Koki says rashi that she would bring more flowers and comes to the shop, rashi walks away with pundit. Koki finds rashi doing pooja and leaves from there. Rashi after a while finds koki missing near the shop and rushes over there. The shopkeeper says rashi that she has left. Rashi yells for koki but koki leaves in an auto. Rashi pleads a lady and takes her motorbike as her driver wasnt in the car. Rashi follows koki. While following, rashi breaks a traffic signal so the inspector stops her. Rashi requests police to let her call her husband. Rashi calls jigar and tells the auto number and asks him to come to the signal after mandir. Jigar rushes to ahem and explains everything along with the auto number. Koki reaches railway station, there she takes Ahmedabad ticket. Ahem calls police and says them to track the auto. Ahem calls gopi and tells about koki missing. Ahem asks gopi to come near mandir. Jigar shows the licence and both leave from there. Ahem picks gopi. Police again calls ahem and says koki went to railway station, so gopi-ahem leave to police station. Rashi comes back modi bhawan and says everyone that koki has left somewhere alone. Radha feels happy that finally koki left home. Koki gets into the train. 

Monday, 9 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th June 2014 Written Update

On the streets, koki scolds ahem saying he was trying to kill her. Other people defend ahem but koki thinks they are supporting him. Ahem requests others to stay calm. Koki says she will never leave him and leaves from there. Koki will be trying find an auto and ahem follows her. But koki thinks he is trying to kill her. Koki takes an auto but still ahem follows her. Koki tries to remember her previous accident and gets confused. Koki gets down at modi bhawan and hurries inside the home. Ahem gives money to driver and calls rashi to come outside with jigar. Radha calls tripti and says koki is strongly believing ahem is trying to kill her and might have left home. Radha finds koki coming back and gets disappointed. 

At urmi's house, ahem calls gopi and explains his accident with koki. But urmi will be curious about ahem's meeting. Gopi gets tensed. But ahem consoles and says he too is worried about koki. Gopi hangs on the call. Gopi says he has met with an accident with koki so he couldnt attend the meeting. Urmi feels disappointed as she has lost an opportunity to get money. Ahem scolds rashi-jigar for leaving koki alone. Koki comes to her and finds ahem talking with rashi-jigar in front of the house and shocks. Radha comes there and asks what happened to her. Koki shows ahem-jigar-rashi discussing. Koki explains radha that ahem was trying to kill her and she has experienced the same before. Radha shocks and tries to divert the matter. Koki sends radha to leave as she is busy. Koki calls parag but couldnt connect. Koki thinks of asking parag about ahem's release. 

Dhawal comes back home. Gopi says he seems happy these days, urmi comes there and taunts the couple that they would suffer in future because of pooja. Hetal-rashi will be worried about koki. Koki comes into kitchen, rashi tries talking to her but koki ignores both the ladies and says she doesnt want to believe them and she would cook her food herself. In the cupboard, koki finds gopi's pickle and asks why gopi on the pickle bottle and who is rashi? Rashi says gopi-rashi are sisters and they both opened this business, rashi sint cute as gopi so they printed gopi's picture on bottle. Again rashi asks koki to have food but she denies to have. She takes 2 rotis and leaves from there. Radha takes water to koki's room and says they might be trying to kill her and she would take care of her all time. Koki thanks radha for taking care of her. Radha feeds to koki. Koki takes the pickle bottle and says she would keep it with her if not others might mix poison in it. Ahem comes back home. Ahem will be angry with rashi-jigar for not taking care of koki. Gopi explains ahem to be cool and says everything will be fine. Gopi calls rashi, rashi explains her about koki's doubts and ahem scolding them. Gopi gets worried and says rashi to take care of all the things on which their names or pics printed. Hetal says there are few silver things in koki's cupboard and they should take them out. 

Friday, 6 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th June 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, radha finds kids playing cricket in the house and asks them to allow them to play. They agree. Radha hits towards bha who was passing by. Bha slips but radha grabs her. Radha exchanges the medicine mixed laddu with her normal laddu. Radha says bha that the laddu is safe and can be given to koki. Later, rashi will be in garden area, koki comes there. Koki asks rashi why is she outside. Rashi says because of hasmuk..... Koki says who is hasmuk and why is she asking about coming into the house. Koki couldnt remember why she has come outside and again walks back into the house. Rashi realizes that koki has forgot everything though after taking tablets. Rashi calls gopi and explains, gopi consoles that everything will be fine. At urmi's house, urmi overhears that ahem talking on phone with client discussing about sending the advance money in cash. Urmi thinks of taking few lakhs from that money for her house repairing. Ahem remembers that the file is in modi bhawan. Ahem calls jigar but it will be unreachable. Urmi comes there and asks ahem to come with her to modi bhawan and collect it. Ahem agrees as he needs it. 

At modi bhawan, ahem-urmi reach there. Jigar says ahem that he and rashi cannot help him by going inside the house. So urmi says she would help him in going inside the house and can take care of koki also. Urmi takes ahem through kitchen window. After coming in ahem asks urmi how she knew about it. Urmi says rashi has told her that the lock got spoiled. Ahem says urmi to wait there and he would bring the file. Urmi thinks of meeting rashi once. Here kids will be watching horror movie and get scared and rush outside. Koki wakes up. Kids find urmi in darkness and get scared. Urmi walks into the room. So kids think of checking. They find a shadow moving so vidya locks the door and rushes. Urmi remains in. Ahem takes his file and while leaving finds koki coming towards his room. Ahem hides behind a curtain. Koki comes there and switches off the light and locks from outside. Kids will be scared of sounds. Koki hears this and goes into their room. Kids say that they have seen a ghost in store room. So koki goes along with the kids to check. Here urmi opens the window and jumps out. Koki opens the door and finds nothing. Koki shows everyone that there is no ghost, koki takes back the kids to their room. Urmi comes into the house and thinks ahem might be searching for her so she calls ahem. Koki hears mobile ringing and thinks of finding this. Ahem's mobile battery dies. Urmi finds koki going to ahem's room. Urmi dashes with hetal-bha. Urmi tells them ahem-herself coming there. Koki unlocks the door. But urmi comes to koki and turns her back and hugs her. While ahem leaves quite from the room. 

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th June 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki scolds rashi for coming into the house. Rashi also defends herself that if bha allows her inside the home then she cannot deny it. Koki says rashi that if bha allows her inside the house then she has no problem but warns rashi not to come in front of her nor into her room. Koki leaves. Bha-hetal asks rashi not to argue with koki. Rashi says she is so frustrated because yesterday night koki has locked the car with emergency alarm on so she couldnt come out and now she is scolding in the early morning itself. Hetal laughs at rashi. Hetal again says koki isnt taking her tablets and parag has told her that yesterday night koki was denying to take her tablets. At urmi's house, Ahem asks gopi to speak to rashi and say the updates. Ahem leaves. Ahem finds a girl about to fall, so he helps her. At the same time, urmi throws dust down which falls on ahem. He gets hyper. Gopi requests ahem to change and leave to office. Urmi-gopi argue for throwing the dust. Madhu-kinjal comes there and learns that urmi has thrown dust on ahem. Both the ladies scold urmi for doing so. Ahem changes and leaves. Urmi mutters that ahem is behaving like a king in her house. Hetal-rashi makes koki's tablets into powder and mixes in koki's breakfast. But radha finds this and thinks of spoiling their plans. Later, meeti takes the breakfast to koki's room but radha keeps a toy car on stairs. But kids stop her before falling. Later radha hits meeti and tries to make the bowl fall on the ground but hetal grabs it. Rashi comes there and scolds radha to be careful. Koki will be searching for sewing work box. Meeti comes there and gives the breakfast to koki. Koki requests meeti to search the box for her so she does. Koki tastes the food and feels its too bad in taste. So koki asks meeti to bring dhokla for her. Hetal-rashi get upset and radha feels happy. 

Dhaval comes to pooja's office. There pooja orders her secretary to cut off the money in the payment of her client. Dhaval suggests to keep a good-rel with her clients so she should ask the client what was the reason behind their delay then only she should cut the payment. Pooja gets impressed and does. At modi bhawan, rashi will be sitting before cooler and koki comes there and scolds rashi to enjoy the summer outside as well. Rashi comes out and calls gopi. Rashi says they have mixed tablets into the breakfast but she dint have it. Hetal comes there and gives prasad to rashi. Gopi-rashi gets a plan that they should mix the tablets in prasad and give it to koki as she never denies it. Kinjal comes to modi bhawan. Hetal-rashi mixes the medicine in the laddoos. Radha finds this. Radha comes to them and asks for prasad. Rashi gives a laddoo to radha. Bha says she would go to koki's room and give the laddoo to koki. Bha leaves. 

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Beintehaa 4th June 2014 Written Update

Aaliya finds Barkath taking milk out and asks for whom she is taking milk for. Barkath replies its for Usman. Aaliya insists that she will give it to Usman and tries to take glass from her, but milk falls on the ground. Barkath gets angry. Aaliya says she will get another glass and thinks why did Barkath buy that medicineAaliya-Zain in their room. Aaliya asks Zain to switch off the lights. Zain gifts her a night gown and asks her to wear it. She wears it and asks him to switch off the lighs again. Zain asks her to keep silent and removes the outer gown. Zain holds her romantically but falls on the bed. Aaliya laughs. Aliya hugs zain and says she want to speak something about barkath. She asks him whether he believes her. Zain replies he believes her. Then Aliya explains him about the incidents happened regarding barkath, about patel law firm, Barkath trying to slit her wrist, and then buying a medicine which paralyses a person for 10 minutes. Zain wonders. Zain asks why she bought a paralysing medicine. Aaliya says even she is confused and asks him if he will help her finding Barkath's truth. Zain agrees and says he will help her always and says let us ask Barkath directly. Aaliya says they should obverse barkath and find out what Barkath wants to do.

Barkath says Usman that she wants to ask him something. Usman says she is his daughter and everything is hers and can ask whatever she wanted. Aaliya comes there and asks Barkath what she wanted to ask. Barkath thinks Aaliya is behind her like a dog and she should do something about Aaliya first. Usman asks again what she wanted. Barkath says she will ask later. Zain comes there. Barkath hugs Zain and says she wanted to talk to him. Zain says they would speak later. Barkath says she wants to speak to Usman alone and says she wants to gift him on a father’s day. Usman says he should gift his children instead. Barkath insists and says she has selected some gifts on internet and asks him to select his choice. Usman agrees. Barkath thinks Zain has changed after coming from Bhopal, but she has Surayya on her side.

Barkath gives 2 lakhs to Shaziya and says there is jewelry festival going on. Shaziya says she would like to go and asks who will pick Saif. Barkath says Aaliya will pick Saif or she herself will pick the kids. Surayya comes there with a dish. Barkath tastes it and praises her dish and tells her shaziya need to go out and was worried about saif
Surayya says she would ask aaliya to bring the kids from school. Surayya goes to Aaliya’s room and finds her with Zubair. She asks Aaliya to pick Saif. Aaliya says Zubair will pick Saif. Surayya says Zubair does not know Mumbai’s roads and asks her to pick personally. Aaliya agrees. Aaliya informs Zain about the Surayya’s behaviour. Zain says mom is not like that and asks if she is keeping an eye on Barkath. Aaliya says she has asked Zubair to keep an eye on Barkath. Zubair calls Aaliya and says Barkath is around the swimming pool and speaking to someone, Usman is going towards swimming pool. Aaliya then realizes that Barkath has mixed paralyzing medicine in swimming pool. 

Aaliya thinks of stopping Usman from swimming and calls Zubair, but Zubair’s phone is out of reach. She calls Usman, and even he does not pick the call. Barkath on the other side pours medicine in swimming, calls Mir Khan and informs him that she did her work. Aaliya calls Zain and informs about Barkat’s plan and asks him to come soon to stop Usman from swimming. Zain rushes home in his car. Aaliya calls Usman again,but he does not pick his call. Usman comes near the swimming pool to starts swimming.

Zain rushes near the swimming pool and sees Usman floating in water. Barkath smirks and thinks Usman should not have died by drowning in water.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th June 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, Rashi slaps radha and says she is the one who was changing koki's tablets and this is the reason why koki's health isnt improving. All get shocked. Radha finds everyone believing rashi so Radha defends herself as innocent saying she was checking the tablets as they were different. And she doesnt know who has changed the tablets. But still rashi says she is the culprit so radha admits her mistake. All remain shocked. Radha says she doesnt wants koki to be fine. Again says she is innocent and she doesnt know whats written on the bottle also. Radha cries and again says when no one believes her then she should leave the house right now. Radha walks in, koki comes there and finds everyone gathered in the garden area. Koki asks whats happening here. But hetal says radha to go with koki and take care of her. Radha walks off with koki. Rashi will be angry that hetal has believed radha. Jigar says they would give complaint in police station. rashi says she too would come along. Rashi determines to keep an eye on radha now. 

Ahem-dhaval-jigar goes to police station. Koki denies to take tablets. Here rashi says gopi that she is doubting radha about the exchange of tablets. Koki says parag that she would take tablets which are given by radha only as no one in the house is supporting her. Rashi-jigar come back, koki in the hall. Rashi opens the main door along with jigar thinking to sleep in their room and in the morning they would get up and go to servant's room. But koki finds the couple. Koki scolds rashi and sends the couple away. Kinjal-dhaval will be worried about koki. Kinjal thinks of going to meet koki next day. Rashi will be angry that she couldnt sleep because of mosquitoes. So jigar takes rashi to their car and unlocks it. Jigar switches on the AC and both sleep. But koki comes there and scolds jigar. Koki locks the vehicle and leaves. The couple will be upset. Next day, rashi knocks the window and asks jigar to bring keys. Rashi comes into the house. 

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd June 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki says rashi-hetal that the couple should leave modi bhawan and live by themselves. Hetal denies for that decision as she is elder than koki. koki says she cant listen to her instructions anymore as its related to her sister. Koki gets hyper and stressed so rashi agrees to leave the house along with jigar. At the dinner table, kids request hetal to bring back their parents into home. So hetal promises to bring back the couple into the house. Radha feels happy that koki is making her work easy. At urmi's house, ahem thinks of going to modi bhawan and find the culprit who has changed the tablets, but gopi stops him and explains him that koki might get hyper if she finds them and says jigar-rashi will take care of koki. Outside the house, a kid will be playing in the warenda and the railing breaks and the kid hangs from there. Kid yells for help and all rush outside. Ahem-dhaval helps the kid and saves him. The tenants scold urmi for not repairing the railing. The kids parents thanks ahem for saving the child. Urmi again mutters that she needs lots of money to repair the railing and because of extra people her money is going wasted. Gopi gives a pleasing look at angry ahem.

At modi bhawan, rashi brings pillow-blanket out where jigar waiting for her. Hetal finds this and asks rashi not to sleep outside. But the couple explains hetal that if koki gets hyper in the night then it will be a problem for them. Hetal gets convinced. Jigar closes the door and leaves. Urmi calls rashi and scolds ahem that because of him her money is getting wasted. Rashi defends ahem and again says she will be sleeping in servant quater as koki has ordered her. Urmi gets angry with modis. Rashi-jigar sleep in the servants room, but rashi couldnt sleep without AC so jigar waves air for her. Next day, hetal-rashi will be discussing about tablets, koki comes there and scolds rashi for coming inside the house. Rashi taunts whether she should bath outside, so koki couldnt answer her and leaves from there. Gopi calls rashi, rashi says kids hasnt done anything. Rashi finds radha and doubts her. Rashi hangs on the call and says hetal that she doubts radha and she would find it out soon. Later, radha finds koki with vidya and walks to koki's room. Radha once again changes the tablets but rashi comes there. Radha remains shocked. Radha breaks a glass and that time radha keeps back the tablets in her pocket. Rashi drags radha to garden area and modis follow them. 

Rashi says everyone that radha was changing koki's tablets. Radha admits it.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd June 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, Gopi finds tablets on ground and recognizes that they are koki's tablets. Gopi rushes back into the house and walks towards koki's room. Hetal-bha-rashi also rush after gopi. Gopi checks the tablets in koki's room and thinks they are calcium tablets. Rashi finds koki coming to her room and takes away gopi from there. Rashi takes gopi to her room. Their gopi shows the calcium and koki's actual tablets and says someone has interchanged them. All the 3 ladies remain shocked. Bha says koki herself might have changed and rashi doubts kids might have done that. Koki calls hetal for help in kitchen. So hetal asks rashi to go and drop gopi in urmi's house before she finds gopi. So rashi asks gopi not to worry about koki's tablets and leave the house. Rashi leaves with gopi. Radha comes out and checks the tablets missing and doubts who has found them. Radha finds gopi-jigar-rashi leaving in car and doubts whether the 3 might have known about the tablets. Radha turns back and finds koki there. Koki scolds radha and asks her to do her work. 

At urmi's house, ahem will be calling for gopi. Urmi comes there and says gopi dint return from modi bhawan. Madhu serves tea-food for ahem. In the car, gopi still doubts that someone has interchanged them. Rashi says kids might have changed them and she would take care of koki's tablets. Gopi says kids might have not done this, so rashi says she would find out any way. The couple drops gopi and leaves to modi bhawan. At urmi's house, dhaval-kinjal-urmi-madhu-ahem will be discussing about pooja. Urmi says kinjal to quit working with pooja. but ahem says dhaval has to do something other than to be idle. Gopi comes inside and says ahem that rashi-jigar has come to drop her. Urmi taunts ahem-gopi that her daughter has no place in her house. Dhaval tries consoling the couple but gopi says she knows urmi well and she doesnt mind her words. 

Jigar-rashi come back to modi bhawan. Jigar stops himself at the door and says rashi that he would not come inside as koki might see him and makes a fuss. So rashi makes fun of jigar that he is afraid than his kids. Jigar comes inside and hugs rashi. Koki finds the couple from upstairs and walks off from there. Rashi comes to her room and finds koki in her room. Koki asks rashi to wear cotton dresses and simple jewelry as she is a wife of a driver. Hetal comes there and asks whats happening. Koki asks hetal to stay away from her family matter. Koki blames hetal that hasmuk is still in house because of her and now hasmuk-jigna got married. Koki leaves from there. Later in the night, rashi asks kids whether they have changed koki's tablets with their calcium tablets. Radha overhears this and thinks of doing something before rashi doubts her. Koki comes there. Rashi sits to have dinner. But koki asks rashi to live with driver hasmuk. Radha feels happy. Hetal says koki how can she live in the garden area along with hasmuk. So koki says now jigna and hasmuk should leave the house and live by themselves.