Twist in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Friday, 30 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th May 2014 Written Update

At urmi's house, urmi says koki that her mother's name is urmila so she named her house with that. Koki doesnt believe her. Koki says urmi to call chirag and ask him to come to police station and she would go to police station and check whether the couple is in or not. Urmi gets worried. Ahem-gopi follows koki and starts to police station. Koki takes an auto to go to police station but she will be stuck in traffic. But at the same time ahem-gopi vehicle also come there. Ahem finds koki in the beside auto and takes back the vehicle. Ahem turns back the vehicle and rushes. At modi bhawan, modis will be worried for koki missing. Radha recalls how she has sent koki to urmi's place by saying koki that she should go and visit her friend and feel relaxed there. Urmi calls rashi and says koki has come there and found ahem-gopi there and went to police station. Koki reaches the police station and yells at the inspector for leaving bharath-gopi. But inspector asks koki to calm down and asks to find herself them in the jail. Koki wonders how ahem-gopi in jail. Koki yells at inspector that she has seen them outside. Later koki apologizes to him. Parag-jigar reach police station. Koki says she has seen ahem-gopi near urmi's place, so she came to check them. Koki comes outside and wonders how ahem-gopi are in jail and how she has seen them outside. Parag takes koki home with jigar. Urmi comes inside her house, madhu says kinjal-dhaval had gone outside. Urmi thinks they went to meet pooja. Urmi thinks of finding pooja's visiting card and visit her. 

Koki-jigar-parag comes back home. Bha asks koki where she has gone. Koki gets frustrated that everyone are asking her all time when she goes out. Chirag-bha-hetal defends ahem-gopi that koki has done the mistake by arresting them. Koki gets hyper that her family is supporting some outsiders but not her. Koki starts crying feeling bad that no one cares her now. Radha feels happy looking at koki's behavior. Here in pooja's office, dhaval explains about his baniyan business. Pooja asks for his future plans. But urmi comes there and says she has come save pooja from them. Urmi shows few samples of baniyan which are in worst state. Pooja believes in dhaval but not in urmi. Pooja says she would do business with them. Urmi gets upset. 

Tripti calls radha and asks about what is happening in modi bhawan. Radha explains her how she has exchanged her tablets and how koki is troubling modis. Tripti feels happy. In the night, koki recalls about bharath-gopi and gets confused how this is happening. Parag shows no interst in listening to her. Koki recalls hetal's defending the couple. 

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th May 2014 Written Update

At urmi's place, ahem explains police that koki is his mother and he cant harm him but police insists to come with them. Ahem asks kinjal to call chirag. Ahem-gopi walk off with police. Rashi will be worried how she should convince koki about their marriage. Urmi calls rashi and says police has arrested ahem-gopi. Rashi shocks and rushes to hetal-chirag. The couple consoles rashi and all 3 come downstairs. All gather in the hall, koki shows the knife and letter to police. Koki says ahem-gopi are planning to kill her. Police takes the evidence and leaves. Parag will be worried about his kids. Koki leaves to her room. All doubt who has kept the knife and letter in her room. Hetal doubts koki herself might have kept it. Jigar says if knife was kept by her but who has kept the letter. Jigar-parag goes to police station. In the police station, parag-jigar-doctor explains police about koki's condition. So police releases ahem-gopi. Ahem asks doctor to check koki once again. Doctor agrees. Gopi says some letter was with knife. Doctor says if the letter was also written by koki then its clear that her condition has gone worse. 

All come back to urmi's place, the neighborhood ladies make fun of koki that she has gone mad. Urmi's family will be discussing about who where to sleep. Ahem hears this and says he and gopi would stay in any hotel. Dhaval-kinjal requests not to leave. So the couple agrees to stay back. In the night, kids call gopi and says they are missing her and no one is reading stories for them. Gopi says she would say a story and they should sleep later. Gopi says a story and all kids fall asleep. Mira hangs on the call. Ahem will be impressed with opi and kisses her. Gopi feels happy as its ahem's first kiss after 8 years. 

Next day, hetal-rashi think of calling ahem and ask him not to go to office for few days. Radha thinks though modis plan anything she will anyhow send koki to urmi's home. Later, hetal will be worried as koki is missing again. Koki comes to urmi's house after searching for few minutes. Koki finds urmi's picture on the arch and enquires with other people. Ahem comes out and gopi follows him with his tiffin box. Koki finds the couple and shocks. Urmi finds koki and rushes to koki. Urmi hugs koki and gives a sign to ahem-gopi to hide. The couple hides. Koki checks again and wonders finding ahem-gopi missing. 

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th May 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki yells at ahem for stopping her. Again koki yells at rashi-jigar for getting married without her permission. Ahem-jigar tries to console her and convince her that the couple love eachother. But koki yells at the 2 couples to leave the house. Ahem agrees to leave the house. Hetal stops ahem and asks koki not to send rashi-jigar & ahem-gopi. But koki asks hetal to stop it. The 2 couples walk out, but at the same time kids come home with dhaval. Kids hug their parents and asks them not to leave. Koki hears this and scolds not to call the couples as their parents. Hetal requests koki not to send jigar-rashi out before kids. koki allows rashi in but pushes away jigar from home. Rashi asks koki to agree for their marriage but koki takes away rashi from there. Hetal asks ahem not to leave but ahem says he cant bear this pain and he would go out of the house. In rashi's room, koki yells at rashi for getting married. Koki says she would send her away to their village and their mom would select a guy for her. Koki leaves from there. Hetal-bha comes there and consoles rashi. Rashi says she was worried that radha would marry jigar so they took this decision. Rashi apologizes hetal. In kids room, mira consoles vidya that their parents would come back soon when their grandmother gets well. Koki listens this and thinks of talking to hetal-bha about kids. 

On the streets, kinjal meets pooja and urmi follows them. Urmi hides behind them and tries listening to their conversation but pooja takes away kinjal in her car. Urmi will be disappointed that she cant know about their plans and how pooja would help kinjal in the baniyan business. Koki comes to rashi's room and asks how kids can call her "dadi"(Grandmother). Suddenly koki feels giddy and headache. Again koki says she will not accept rashi's marriage. Bha says koki she should agree this marriage. Koki feels emotional and cries for insulting, koki leaves crying. Radha finds this and thinks of doing something so that koki gets departed from modi family. Dhaval-ahem-gopi reach urmi's house. Ahem says they would stay in hotel but dhaval requests to stay with them. Ahem couldnt deny it and follows them in. Radha brings milk-fruits for koki and consoles her about jigna's marriage. Radha slowly keeps the knife-a letter under the blanket. Radha while talking to koki sits on bed and says something there under the blanket. Koki shocks looking at the knife. Koki reads the letter saying to be in control of her words and not to dominate people. Radha poisons koki's mind that someone is trying to kill her. Koki thinks for a while and decides something. Kinjal-urmi come back home. Ahem says koki had pushed them out of the house. Kinjal will be happy that ahem-gopi are together. Police arrive there and says gopi-ahem are under arrest as koki has filed a complaint against them. All remain shocked. 

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th May 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, everyone will be worried for koki as she is missing. Ahem-chirag-parag move out to search for koki. At urmi's place, kinjal will be worried for koki and feeling bad as koki isnt recognizing her. Gopi consoles her. Ahem calls gopi and informs that koki is missing. Gopi says kinjal-urmi-madhu about koki's missing. Gopi says kinjal to take care of kids and she would go search for koki. Ahem reach mandir, jigar meets them and says koki was talking to pundit a while ago but she is missing. All move to search for koki. Kids come back home and find kinjal crying. Even gopi reach temple. Ahem scolds jigar for being careless and now koki is missing. All 3 start searching for koki along with chirag-parag. Hetal feels bad as she has yelled at koki for the 1st time. Radha calls tripti and tells her about koki missing and asks her to kill koki if she finds. But koki comes back koki along with pundit. Rashi-hetal feel happy looking at koki. Hetal rushes to koki to hug her but koki stops her doing so. Bha asks koki where she has gone. Koki says she went to mandir by auto and came back. Rashi calls jigar and informs that koki has come back home. Gopi-ahem feels relieved and gopi goes into the mandir and thanks khanaji. All 3 start back home. 

Koki asks pundit to check a date for radha-jigar's (meeti-hasmuk) marriage. All remain shocked. Radha hears this and leaves the tray. Koki scolds radha. Hetal says koki it doesnt happen. But koki requests hetal not to come in between her decisions. Hetal asks koki that she cannot involve in jigar's marriage. All reach home. Koki says she has decided to marry radha-hasmuk and it will happen the very next day. All remain shocked. Pundit leaves. Koki again says that ahem-gopi should leave home now but hetal is rejecting this to happen. Ahem says he and gopi would leave house next day. Koki declares that next day radha-jigar's marriage will take place. Rashi-jigar remain shocked. Koki leaves to her room. Rashi yells at ahem for agreeing to leave home and for jigar-radha's marriage who was trying to her own sister's marriage. Rashi leaves from there, jigar follows her. Ahem asks hetal to convince rashi and take care of her. 

Kinjal asks dhaval to talk to pooja once. But dhaval denies it. Kinjal tries to convince him saying that pooja's garment factory can combine with his baniyan shop and develop the business. Dhaval leaves. Koki will be worried for jigna as she is missing in home. Gopi consoles koki and says she would call her. Hetal also comes there. Gopi says hetal that koki might have forgot about what has happened before. Koki asks hetal about rashi. Gopi calls rashi but couldnt connect the call. Hetal tries calling jigar. But shockingly jigar-rashi come home as a married couple. Koki remains shocked along with gopi-hetal. Rashi says koki that she got married. Koki shocks and yells at rashi. Koki slaps the couple in anger. Rashi-jigar pleads koki to accept their relation. Koki tries slapping jigar but ahem stops her. 

Friday, 23 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd May 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, bha feels bad about koki's behavior. Hetal consoles her. 
Kids decide to decorate ahem-gopi's room and help ahem to pacify gopi. Koki finds mira's doll in her cupboard and recalls mira's doll's marriage and gets confused as she couldnt remember anything. Radha comes there and acts as if she is worried for her. Kids finish decorating the room and find gopi going to her room, but kids stop her saying they want mango shake for them. So gopi goes to kitchen. Here ahem comes home back and walks to his room. Kids send gopi to their room. Both ahem-gopi go to their room. Ahem finds the decoration and "I Love U" card and thinks gopi has done it. Gopi too walks in to the room and thinks ahem has done it. Ahem takes the roses and card, the couple find kids checking them and understands that the decoration done by kids. Gopi apologizes ahem and says she would clean it up. Gopi clears ahem that she isnt trying anything to become close to him, she has convinced herself to live alone and she has understood that she cant get him back. Gopi again says, she has lived for 8 years alone so she got habituated now. Ahem feels bad and stops her talking. Ahem takes gopi's hands and slaps himself. Gopi stops him. Ahem replies that he is wrong with her and he has hurt her a lot. He has missed her a lot. Ahem gets on his knees and apologizes her. Gopi makes him stand and hugs. Both cry and feel happy. Koki comes there and finds the roses on table and asks whats happening between them. 

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd May 2014 Written Update

On the road, a lady will be slapping few men for misbehaving. A goon tries hitting her from back, but dhaval who was passing by stops him. But the lady thinks dhaval too as a goon and slaps him. The other people say the lady that dhaval is an innocent and he was helping her. Dhaval leaves from there, while taking his hanky his voter id card drops on the ground. The lady picks it. At modi bhawan, gopi will be with koki, rashi brings tea for koki. But koki rejects to have it. Radha comes there and says she would put oil on her hair. Koki agrees. Rashi leaves. Koki asks gopi to take care of ahem and not to bother her family. At urmi's house, dhaval comes home. Kinjal finds the nail scratch on dhaval's face. Dhaval explains it, but kinjal gets hyper with that woman. At modi bhawan, ahem-jigar return home from jogging. Ahem says he wants to convince gopi to live with him. Jigar feels happy and says gopi will solve their problems very soon. At urmi's house, Dhaval leaves home early, urmi insists kinjal to sell the shop. The woman comes back with dhaval's voter card. Kinjal gets hyper at that woman but the lady leaves from there giving her card. At modi bhawan, gopi-rashi will be discussing why koki is behaving strangely lately. So gopi thinks of checking koki's tablets once. Radha overhears their discussion and thinks of stopping her if not gopi will find out that koki's tablets have been changed with kid's calcium tablets. 

Radha stops gopi and says vidya was asking her. Gopi says she would check her but rashi stops gopi and says vidya is sleeping so she can go to koki's room to check her tablets. Gopi agrees and goes to koki's room. Radha comes into the garden and thinks she should stop gopi. She finds koki coming there, and thinks she should do something so that koki herself scolds gopi. Radha asks koki to check any other clothes there for washing. So koki goes to her room, but koki finds gopi searching her cupboard. Koki scolds gopi for coming into her room and searching something in her cupboard. Gopi gets tears but koki insists gopi not to touch any of her things as she isnt her family. As rashi has told her that she has helped her in accident so she has allowed her and her husband to stay in her house so she should be in her limits. Gopi leaves crying.

Kinjal while sweeping finds that woman's card and thinks on. Gopi will be upset and working in the kitchen. Gopi says she is worried about koki as her behavior getting worse. But rashi-hetal consoles her. Gopi serves breakfast for vidya-mira. Ahem comes there and sits beside gopi but she walks off from there. Koki as well comes there, all the other ladies comes there. Koki asks bha about parag. Parag comes there, koki finds parag's hand hurt and gets worried for him. Gopi feels bad that she hadnt remember about yesterday too. She goes to her room but she forgets why she has come to her room. 

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st May 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki will be thinking deep that whats happening in the house. Gopi comes there with tea. Koki asks who was the person came home in the night, gopi lies that he was chirag's office person. Gopi leaves without talking much, koki still doubts gopi. Later, radha comes there with tea. Koki says she feels like that she had tea. Radha says no she hadnt and she dint even take bath. So Koki says okay and goes to washroom. Radha closes the door and takes out the tablets from one bottle and changes them with kids calcium tablets. Parag comes there but radha hides under the bed. Parag thinks koki is taking bath and leaves. Radha gets shocked looking at koki coming out of the washroom and hides behind the curtain. Koki takes tablets. Koki feels headache and will be worried and sleeps. Radha feels happy that no one will know that the tablets got changed. 

Mira comes to gopi's room, and requests her to prepare dokla for her. All kids as well come into the room. Gopi agrees to prepare. Vidya remains in the room, all other kids leave along with gopi. Ahem comes out of the washroom, vidya asks ahem to bring a red rose for her. Ahem agrees. At rashi's room, urmi calls rashi and complaints about dhaval is denying to sell his shop. Rashi says urmi that she should have control on them and hangs on the call. Gopi gives dhokla for everyone and serves. Ahem brings roses. Vidya shows ahem that gopi has prepared dhokla for them and asks him to give a rose to gopi. But gopi angrily calls vidya to come and have dhokla. Vidya pleads but gopi insists. Vidya comes back, ahem also walks to them and keeps the roses on table. Gopi watches him silently. Ahem leaves from there looking at gopi. Rashi comes there and asks why kids are upset. Kids reply that ahem couldnt give roses to gopi. Gopi takes rashi aside and says about koki who was asking about the person yesterday. Koki comes there and asks rashi what are they hiding from her. All come into hall, koki yells at everyone to tell the truth. All remain calm. So koki says she too wouldnt speak to anyone and leaves from there. Except radha everyone get upset. Gopi thinks of saying everything to koki but rashi stops her and even ahem says gopi if she will know the truth then it will be pressure for her. Radha thinks it will be more fun in future. 

In the night, ahem takes off the bed from floor and finds gopi coming into the room, he walks to washroom. Gopi finds the extra blankets on bed and keeps on floor and arranges to sleep. Ahem comes out and finds gopi arranging bed on floor. Ahem thinks gopi is very stubborn. But they hear koki yelling at someone. Everyone rush into koki's room, they all get shocked finding koki hitting parag and saying he is a thief. All make koki pacify. Ahem takes away parag from there. In the garden, parag feels bad that he couldnt make koki happy anyday and now he is feeling bad that koki is losing her confidence. Ahem hugs parag and asks him to be strong. 

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 20th May 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, koki-bha-nani in bha's room, koki doubts why everyone dint ask her to watch the movie together. Nani tries to make koki leave the matter, but koki still wonders. So bha explains koki that she is very puntual and she would not allow them to watch the movie so they dint wake her up. Radha goes to tripti's home and finds lock and waits for tripti. Tripti comes home and wakes up radha. Radha asks tripti to run away with her and modis have doubt that mira's kidnap was planned. Tripti says if modis arent doubting anyone so they need not run away. Radha says if koki regains her memory then she will kill her. Tripti explains radha not to run away from modi bhawan if not police will doubt her. Tripti sends radha back to modi bhawan. 

At modi bhawan, ahem will be thinking deeply about mira's case, gopi comes there and ioffers water to him. Ahem take and remains silent. Gopi says ahem that everything will be fine and leaves from there. Vidya comes there and gives his mobile which he has forgot downstairs. Ahem thanks her, vidya kisses him and leaves from there. Koki in her room thinking why she is feeling suspicious about her family members. Radha comes back home and checks jigar sleeping and walks inside. But rashi finds radha and yells at her where she has gone in this late night. Jigar wakes up. Radha lies that she went for mandir. So rashi asks for prasad. Radha says prasad was finished that time. Rashi scolds radha that she was having evil thoughts about marrying jigar. Jigar asks rashi to stop it. Rashi sends radha into the house. Rashi doubts that radha had gone some where.

Next morning, kids in their room plan to make ahem-gopi's friendship. Doctor checks koki and says her to take rest and have tablets on time. Doctor comes downstairs. Doctor tells modis that koki is thinking something and it might effect her present also. Rashi says they have found their lost baby after so many years which koki dont even remember. Doctor asks ahem to take special care of koki and he has increased the dose too to get koki's memory soon. Radha overhears this and gets worried. Radha calls tripti and tells about koki's health checkup. 

Dhawal comes home and asks urmi whether she has sold his baniyan shop. But the broker is his friend so he told everything. Urmi taunts dhawal that he dint get settled till now. Kinjal taunts urmi that she is enjoying with modis money. Dhawal warns urmi not to try to sell his shop. 

Monday, 19 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th May 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, chirag-parag-nani-bha feels happy about mira and wishes koki to get well soon. Koki comes there and asks what are they talking about. Parag says they were talking about her that koki takes care of home but doesnt thinks of her health. Koki nods and thinks on. At urmi's house, urmi tries to convince kinjal not to donate the money in the orphanage but kinjal rejects as they have enough money because of rashi. Urmi thinks of planning something to save the money at home itself as modis have found out mira and gopi will take her place back then rashi cant give money to her. At modi bhawan, door bell rings, ahem opens the door, rashi rushes their and takes the cake from the courier boy. After he leaves, rashi says ahem and kids that they will have fun in mira's birthday. Koki also wakes up and comes there. Rashi says it was the cake delivery boy and stops herself. Koki sends everyone to sleep and she goes back to her room. But koki finds jigar outside and thinks something is happening behind her. 

Urmi comes downstairs and thinks of doing something to save her money. Urmi finds dhaval's baniyan shop and thinks of asking money if not she would sell his shop. At modi bhawan, koki finds parag is missing in their room, rashi takes jigar in kid's room for cake cutting. All gather for cake cutting. Hetal feels bad that koki is missing in this celebration. Mira cuts the cake along with ahem-gopi-vidya as others wish. All the kids clap and sing the birthday song for mira. Mira gives cake to her parents. Bha gifts khana ji's idol to mira. Rashi takes family snaps. Koki hears this and comes there. All remain shocked. Ahem and others hide the cake and radha takes the knife and keeps. Rashi switches on the light. Koki asks what are they doing, rashi says they were watching tv. Koki finds pappu and asks why is this kid here. Rashi says he came to stay here for holidays. Koki finds the knife in radha's hand and jigar in the room and asks why is he here. Rashi says he brought water, but koki doubts where's water. Nani comes there and asks what is she doing here. Rashi gives a sign to nani to take koki away from there. Nani takes her away. Ahem gets a call from police saying they got some information about mira's case so they are coming home. Ahem agrees. At urmi's house, urmi makes a deal with someone about dhaval's shop. Jitthu asks urmi what deal is she doing but urmi denies to say. At modi bhawan, police asks gopi whether she has found anyone near the hill but gopi couldnt remember. Ahem says mira is their daughter who got missed 8 years back. Gopi again doubts that the picnic spot was 2 hours away from town but she was raised in mandir and it looks suspicious. Police says all these incidents are matching and might be koki knows about the culprit. 

Friday, 16 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th May 2014 Written Update

At city hospital, koki will be worried for gouri and hetal consoles her. Rashi-jigar looks on happily that ahem-gopi hugging and are happy about their child. Ahem takes gopi and rushes to gouri's room. Radha will be in tense looking at modis. Modis find ahem-gopi rushing and they all follow the couple. Rashi again says jigar that gouri is mira and will be happy. Tripti comes there and finds this. Tripti thinks of going away from there if not modis would make her arrest again. Jigar-rashi hug in happiness, but koki comes there and yells at jigar. Rashi tries pacifying koki saying, hasmuk was helping her when she was slipping. But koki slaps the couple and says both are involved in this. Koki yells at jigar that he shouldnt come into modi bhawan again. Koki leaves taking rashi as well.

Ahem-gopi comes to gouri's room and recall her childhood memories. Both get emotional and have tears in eyes. Ahem rushes and hugs gouri. Couple tries waking her up. Modis reach the room and look on. Hetal wonders looking gopi calling gouri as mira. Gopi says gouri is mira. Doctor comes there and asks modis to leave from there as gouri is still in serious condition. Ahem denies to leave gouri as he has found her after so many years. Gopi requests ahem to come out. The couple walks out. Urmi asks gopi about this, gopi shows the reports to modis.

Koki takes rashi out of the hospital, jigar follows them and requests koki not to misunderstand but koki finds car keys missing so koki takes rashi back into the hospital. Here gouri wakes up and modis rush in. Gouri says she is fine. Gopi says gouri to call her "Momma" and says she is her mom. Ahem says he is her dad. Gouri wonders and looks on. Gopi explains gouri that they missed her 8years back and found now. They lost her on her birthday near mandir and now 3 days before her birthday. Gopi again says they were believing in khana ji that they would find her any day. Gouri cries and calls momma and papa to gopi-ahem. All 3 burst in tears. Gopi thanks khana ji for giving their mira back. Modis will be in tears for the happy family again. All the elders kiss mira. Koki-rashi comes there and finds everyone crying and asks what happened. Ahem hugs koki and says they found mira, all remains shocked and koki as well. Radha finds modis and gets worried that if koki regains her memory then she will get into trouble and rushes away from there. Koki scolds ahem for hugging her and yells that she doesnt know about mira. Koki again faints. 

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th May 2014 Written Update

At city hospital, gopi-rashi will be waiting for paternity test. Radha overhears this and shocks. Gopi go to khana ji to pray for positive results, rashi finds radha hearing this and says she will wait here to take the results. Radha calls tripti and asks about paternity test. Tripti asks radha not to allow modis know about the secret about mira. Tripti says she would come to hospital and help her. Radha gets scared and says she will do something. At Modi bhawan, bha explains nani about koki's critical situation. Nani says she would help them and wishes koki becomes fine soon. Meeti comes there and says kids are upset about gouri. Nani says they both shall go and convince them.

At hospital, ahem prays khana ji to save gouri as early as possible as he feels gouri as his daughter and cannot miss her as mira. Gopi comes there and also prays for gouri. Ahem leaves from there angrily. Koki meets ahem and thanks him for giving blood to gouri saved her. Ahem asks koki to rest, and koki leaves. Radha finds rashi waiting for paternity reports and goes to urmi and says behind urmi that no one is cared for rashi and even her mom. Urmi hears this and asks what is she saying. Radha taunts urmi that she isnt worried for rashi and if she was her she would have taken her home. Urmi goes to rashi. 

Jigar-kinjal will be worried for gouri. Bha-nani convinces kids to open the door and eat. Urmi comes to rashi and asks her to go home. But rashi rejects to go. Urmi gets hyper on radha and leaves from there. Doc comes out and gives he reports to rashi. Rashi checks the reports and shocks. Rashi rushes to gopi and says Gouri is Mira. Gopi will be happy and reamins shocked. Gopi thanks khana ji hugs rashi. Gopi recalls how gouri was feeling familiar in modi bhawan and with modis. Rashi shows the reports to gopi. Gopi cries with happiness. Ahem comes out of gouri's room, gopi finds him and rushes behind him. Gopi hugs ahem and says mira is alive. Ahem shocks and scolds gopi not to speak nonsense. Gopi shows the reports to ahem and says says gouri is mira. Ahem too gets emotional and hugs gopi. Rashi looks on the couple happily. Both cry with happiness. 

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th May 2014 Written Update

At hospital, radha-tripti will be trying to kill gouri, koki-ahem-hetal-urmi come there so they both hide behind a wall in the room. Koki says gouri makes her feel familiar as she is her own blood. Ahem gets upset and leaves from there remembering mira. Hetal-urmi follows him. Koki feels someone's there in the room and walks towards the wall. Tripti-radha finds a window over there and jumps away. Koki finds theres no one but again feels she felt like someone's there in the room. Tripti scolds radha for not killing gouri, but radha taunts tripti. Both start arguing about each other's mistakes. Radha angrily says that she will not kill gouri now. Tripti tries pampering her and makes radha to remember her grudge about umang's death on modis. So again radha feels bad and determines to kill gouri.

Nurse gives list of tablets to dhaval. Before dhaval leaves, urmi comes there and stops him to spend money on gouri. Kinjal-madhu comes there and scolds urmi for thinking about money at this time. Koki comes there and scolds kinjal for yelling at her friend premalatha. Doc checks ahem and says that both gouri-ahem has same type of allergies in the blood. Doc says this type of similarities are seen only in blood relations. Gopi over hears this and remembers gouri's mark on her leg. Ahem shocks. Here in another room, kinjal feels bad that her mother isnt recognizing her or ahem. Hetal-dhaval consoles kinjal. Rashi comes to gopi and says nani is cool now. Gopi will be thinking about gouri. Gopi says rashi that ahem-gouri has same type of allergy in blood and it happens only in blood relations. Rashi wonders how is it possible. Gopi says she has seen the mark on gouri's leg as it was on mira's. Rashi again shocks. Rashi also recalls mira's mark. Radha comes there. Rashi scolds radha to leave from there. Gopi thinks of saying this to ahem but rashi stops her saying there is no proper evidence about this. 

Radha calls tripti and says gopi has got doubt that gouri might be mira. But tripti scolds radha and asks her to do something before gopi comes to know the fact. Rashi explains gopi about paternity test and takes her into the doc's room. At modi bhawan, kids will be upset about gouri. Meeti comes there to give juice to kids but they reject to have them. Doc says gopi-rashi that they will conduct DNA test and verify. Doc takes gopi and takes blood sample. Radha finds this and gets shocked. After coming out gopi says rashi that the paternity test reports will be out in 1 hour. 

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th May 2014 Written Update

At the hospital, doc checks gouri and says she had lots of bleeding and she has to be operated as well. While gouri was taken into the operation theater gopi finds the same mark on gouri's leg as it was on mira's. Gopi checks it once again. Gouri will be taken into the operation room. Radha will be in tension about gouri-koki. In the auto, urmi-rashi going to hospital. Jigar calls rashi and informs that gouri had an accident at the camp and koki got fainted. Rashi says she would reach hospital. At hospital, kinjal-parag will be worried for koki. Chirag-madhu consoles them. Doc checks koki and says jigar-chirag-parag that koki has been in shock and so fainted. Outside gouri's room, kids will be crying for gouri and gopi consoles them. Doc comes there and tells gopi-ahem that gouri's blood group is O+ and anyone of same group or family member can donate the blood. Ahem says he is of same group and he will give. Ahem goes along with doctor.

Radha calls tripti and informs that ahem is giving blood to gouri and they might know about mira. Tripti says they cant know with blood but plan something to spoil the situation. Radha says ok and hangs on. Koki wakes up and Hetal asks koki how is she. Koki says she is fine. Nani comes there and scolds everyone that no one has informed her about koki's accident. Koki couldnt understand about which accident is she talking about. Koki confirms nani that gouri got into an accident. But nani again says it was with her. Bha gets worried and takes nani outside. Koki will be confused when she got into an accident. Outside the room, nani scolds everyone that they dint inform her about koki's accident. Jigar comes there and says gouri is stable. Nani doubts who is gouri and goes into the room. Nani finds gopi and asks about vidya. Nani finds gouri and thinks its vidya. Rashi says she is not vidya and she is gouri. Gopi says gouri is living with them. Nani says gouri has same features like gopi. Later, gopi asks kids to go to home along with radha. But kids and radha rejects. So hetal asks bha-nani-kids to go home with jigar. Tripti comes to the hospital and asks for gouri's room at the reception. Tripti finds modis outside the room and thinks of going there as a cleaning lady. 

On the way home, vidya asks jigar to stop at the mandir and they should pray for gouri-koki. At the hospital, tripti goes as a cleaning lady and asks modis to wait in waiting room as she need to clean. So modis walk off. Kids in the mandir pray for gouri. Radha comes into gouri's room and tries killing her but tripti comes there. Tripti asks radha to kill gouri soon. 

Monday, 12 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th May 2014 Written Update

At boot camp, all the teams will be ready for next tasks. Ahem asks the police security to be alert. Chief shows the task, the team has to climb down the hill in specific time. Pappu says dhaval that they will go in the last to find out where the mistakes can be done. Koki overhears this and says chief that her team as well shall go in the last. Later, savitha asks tripti about the washroom, but tripti rudely replies that she doesnt know. Savitha starts arguing with her, ahem finds suspicious and rushes over there. But tripti leaves from there. Ahem follows her but she hides and ahem misses her. A lady of the boot camp calls ahem to come back so he walks off. 

Radha finds gopi is busy with vidya keeping safety guards on her and gouri is alone. Ahem comes to gopi and asks her to take special care of gouri. Gouri will be keeping her safety guards, radha comes there and says she would tie for her. Radha loosens the strap, but gopi comes there and finds her strap is loose. So gopi tightens it. Ahem calls the inspector and says some lady in uniform is suspicious so do check on her. Ahem comes back and asks gouri and vidya whether they are fine. Both the girls say yes. Gopi-gouri, ahem-vidya get ready for task. The security people check the safeguards. Radha wishes that they should get succeeded in this plan and gouri should get hurt. Gouri encourages vidya to be strong and should get scared. Both the teams start the task. Modis down the hill will be scared of the task and keeps looking at the teams. The rope connected to gouri will be breaking slowly as tripti has cut it. Tripti gives a success signal to radha. All the 4 will be sliding down well, suddenly gouri's rope gets broken and she hits to a rock. Ahem-gopi -modis shock looking at gouri. Gouri hits the rock and while falling off the the hill, ahem-gopi grabs gouri's hands. Koki remembers mira falling into water and yells out "Mira" and faints. Modis rush to koki. Ahem-gopi slowly brings down. Tripti calls radha and says she has cut the rope before gouri started the task. Modis call for ambulance. Ahem-gopi will be worried for gouri-koki. Inspector orders to seal the place. Radha texts tripti about inspector's order.

At urmi's mansion, urmi comes home and finds a tempo outside and thinks one of her tenants might be selling furniture to pay her rent. Her tenant comes to urmi and gives money and says they have sold a shop and bought a new house with that money and will be going foreign in some days. Urmi remains shocked. 

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th May 2014 Written Update

At boot camp, Tripti gives nails to radha and says to keep them with her. Chief explains the team tasks. Hetal-gopi, koki-savitha, rashi-radha are teamed up. Hetal calls jigar and asks him to send her tablets, jigar says driver has gone out so he would bring them. Chief says kids will be in the Zobing ball and the parents should take out the obstacles in the way if not the kids might get hurt. Radha understands why tripti has given nails. Chief says they has 3 minutes. Hetal-gopi cleans up the area and molu-vidya have fun in the ball. After they complete the task, team b goes. Savitha-koki argue while cleaning, so chief disqualifies their team. Kids will be disappointed. Next pappu-gouri get into the ball. Radha-rashi goes to clean up. While cleaning, radha slowly keeps the nails on the ground. They both go back. Gopi-vidya will be passing from the way, vidya throws water bottle, while picking it up gopi finds the nails and takes out 2 nails and finds another nail. She removes the nail but the ball slides on from gopi. While rushing to gopi, rashi slips and falls down. Jigar comes there with tablets and finds gopi-rashi getting hurt. Koki-hetal rush to gopi. Gopi says she is fine. 

Jigar rushes to rashi, but koki finds him and scolds him. Koki decides to go with rashi to the hospital but chief stops her. Chief says she should finish up her punishment. So jigar lifts rashi and places her in some other place. Rashi takes his cellphone and calls urmi. Jigar goes for doctor. Rashi says she got hurt and koki is planning to marry jigar-radha. Doc checks rashi and says its severe and she should be admitted in hospital. Koki and others come there. Koki decides to go with rashi but chief stops her if not their team will be disqualified. Koki agrees for tolu. Chief gives punishment to koki-savitha. Both the ladies get scared first but later they have fun. Chief again explains all to bring their fathers tomorrow as they will participate with their kids. At modi bhawan, kids will be excited as they will have fun next day with their fathers. Ahem comes there and vidya requests him to come with them. But ahem rejects to come. Vidya feels depressed. So ahem agrees to come with them. Kids feel happy and gopi too. All leave except gopi. Hetal comes there. Gopi doubts who has kept nails and radha has dusted that area. But hetal says to leave the nails and be happy that kids are fine. 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th May 2014 Written Update

At boot camp, hetal will be worried that she and koki might not be successful in playing with the kids as they are aged now. But rashi-gopi consoles her and says they both can do it. Koki comes there and takes hetal to the kids. Chief says today mothers as well play with the kids. Tolu-koki, hetal-molu, gopi-vidya, rashi-pappu team up. Gouri will be remained alone, so radha says she would take gouri in her team. Gouri comes to radha but will be scared of radha. Chief explains the task. Chief asks all the mothers to wear salwar suits for comfort. Hetal will be happy as koki will not be interested in wearing salwar so they can quit playing. Hetal says the chief that she and koki cannot take part in the game, but koki comes there in a salwar suit and says if they want to play with their kids then they have to dress up in salwar. Savita and hetal agree to dress up in salwar. 

Dhaval-kinjal-urmi-madhu in a calm area, dhaval digs to bury the inspector. they place inspector in the pit and keep the sand on him but he wakes up. Shah's get scared, the inspector sneezes so urmi says ghost doesnt sneeze and go back to him. Shah's hit him and think of taking him to police. The 4 people come back home. Urmi says jitthu that they have taken the goon to police station. After enquiry they came back home. Dhaval still doubts where the money has gone and urmi remains shocked. 

At modi bhawan, in the night, jigar comes to rashi's room and thinks of playing a prank with her. Jigar goes near to rashi and tries kissing her but koki comes there. Koki yells at jigar for trying to kiss rashi. Rashi wakes up and tries to stop koki. Koki drags jigar into the hall grabbing his collar. Modis come into the hall,  koki yells at jigar once again for his mistake. Koki calls radha who was working in the kitchen. Ahem-hetal scold jigar for making such mistake. Koki brings radha into the hall, koki says radha that she would arrange her marriage with hasmuk (jigar). All remains shocked. Koki asks radha whether she wants to marry hasmuk. Jigar tries to talk but koki scolds and stops him. Rashi gives an angry look at radha to say no. Radha remembers how rashi has tortured her when she was thinking to marry ahem and replies as yes. Koki says they would arrange the marriage very soon but rashi yells that they cant get married as its very less time. Koki says they would arrange the marriage after the kids boot camp. 

Next day, rashi scolds jigar that koki is trying to marry her husband to radha. Jigar enjoys her jealousy and replies rashi that he too was feeling bad when koki was looking alliances for her. 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th May 2014 Written Update

At the boot camp, gouri agrees to do the task. The person finds gouri's belt is broken and changes. Gouri does the task. Tripti will be upset as their plan got flopped. Gouri will be appreciated by everyone. Tripti-radha meet and plan to finish up their work the next day, but koki comes there and asks radha about which work they are discussing about. Koki looks at tripti and says she knew her but couldnt remember. Tripti-radha remains shocked. Koki couldnt remember, hetal comes there and calls her to come inside. Koki asks hetal to check the woman and asks whether she knows her. But tripti leaves from there and hides beside the bush. Koki finds tripti missing and asks radha about her but radha says she is just a helper in the camp. Hetal says koki that they would find that lady next day. All 3 women leave from there. 

The chief announces everyone that the next day mothers will be participating with the kids. Here at urmi's place, kinjal gets a call from jigar that he is coming with pappu. All the family members try to hide the constable who is in lady disguise. Jigar comes with pappu. Urmi says jigar that she is her relative. Kinjal asks jigar to take pappu to modi bhawan and let him stay till camp gets over. Pappu agrees and takes away pappu. Urmi and others come downstairs but the neighbors ask urmi to dance for sangeeth. 

Here in modi bhawan, radha in kitchen mutters about koki as she is torturing her in the house. Koki comes there and asks radha to finish up her work and keep a water bottle in her room. Koki leaves from there. Tripti calls radha and asks her whether modis got any doubt as they might not send kids to the camp. Radha confirms that modis dint get any doubt. Tripti feels relief and explains about her plan for next day. Gouri thanks khana ji as she has enjoyed a lot in the task. Gopi comes there and asks gouri to take rest. 

Next day, gopi gives juice to kids. Gouri asks gopi that she want to have green tea. Gopi agrees and thinks whether ahem had breakfast or not and calls modi bhawan. Ahem-meeti both take the call, gopi asks meeti whether ahem had breakfast and asks her to give ahem hot toast. Ahem scolds gopi not to bother him anymore. 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st May 2014 Written Update

At urmi's house, kinjal says dhaval that they would ask money from ahem but dhaval denies as they are in tension about koki. So they should think of something else. At modi bhawan, koki wakes up and asks meeti for tea. Vidya-molu-tolu arrange a table and food on it for koki. Koki remembers tolu spitting on her and remains angry. Tolu brings a flower and apologizes koki for spitting on her and says he would never repeat it again. Koki hugs tolu and feels emotional. Rashi comes there and asks kids to pack their things for boot camp. Koki says they would send the kids to boot camp for the kids growth. 

At urmi's place, urmi comes home and yells at kinjal-dhaval for losing money and everyone are insulting her because of him. Dhaval bears urmi's words for a while and again yells at urmi that if she is feeling him and his family as a burden then he would leave her house. Urmi and others remain shocked. Dhaval leaves. Jitthu-madhu scolds urmi for yelling at dhaval and says there will be no one for her if dhaval leaves this house. Urmi imagines herself remaining alone in her oldage. Later urmi goes to kinjal and tries to pacify her. Urmi says she has found a constable's name badge and they would try to know about the money from him. Kinjal agrees and both leave to police station.

Koki-hetal-rashi-kids-jigar get ready to start for the camp. Radha thinks of planning something and send gouri away from modi bhawan when all the ladies are gone to camp. But Gopi says koki that she would remain at home with gouri as she will be alone. So koki says they would gouri as well along with them. Gopi-gouri as well get into car. Jigar-rashi feel depressed as they thought of spending some time together alone in the camp.