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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th December 2014 Written Update

Urmi visits the builder and asks him to buy her chawl. Builder says if he has to vacate the chawl people from the chawl then she will receive less amount than decided. Urmi agrees. The builder takes few signatures of agreement. After coming home, dhaval-kinjal warns urmi that the builder would take their chawl but urmi assures them that it doesnt happen. Tolu calls urmi and asks her to come to modi bhawan as they are celebrating christmas at their house. Urmi wonders. Koki invites urmi for xmas party. Later in the evening, urmi reaches modi bhawan for xmas party. Radha will be waiting for vivan to come home. Tolu-molu remember rashi and feel bad. Pari consoles them and asks not to cry whenever they remember rashi, if not rashi in the heaven would get upset. Tolu-molu say that rashi has sent pari to take care of them. Jigar feels happy. Pari goes to kitchen to bring snacks. Jigar goes there and thanks her for taking care of kids well. Pari tells she has fallen in love with him and before she used to hate kids but now they have become her world. Jigar remains silent. Koki calls them so they come out. Kids will be playing with santa. Santa gives gifts to everyone. All of them will be dancing for jingle bells music, vivan in santa costumes takes pari aside. Vivan says he knew very well that she has planned this xmas party at home to avoid his dinner party but he has done something he wanted already. Pari remembers taking a gift from santa and gets scared. Pari comes inside and takes her gift and walks to her room. Jigar finds pari worried and follows her. Pari goes to a balcony and opens the gift wrap. She finds the ring and shocks. Vivan comes into the balcony and tells he would take her back again. Pari tells vivan that she loves jigar truly now and he can reveal their relation with jigar. Pari warns vivan to stay out of her life. Vivan tells he has sent their engagement cd to jigar. Pari says if something bad happens after jigar checking that video then she would never forgive him. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 26th December 2014 Written Update

Vivan gets upset that he loved pari and she is not caring him instead she is loving a guy who doesnt care about her. Radha wakes up and finds her legs got swollen. Radha recalls vivan winking at pari 
and thinks of finding the truth behind it. Radha comes out of the room and finds pari-vivan sending kids to school. Vivan says pari not to be close with jigar. Radha comes there, so pari leaves saying vivan to have orange juice after coming back from jog. Even vivan leaves though radha tries to talk to him. At the breakfast table, modis will be having breakfast. Ahem asks vivan to have some. Vivan says pari has sent his breakfast to his room so he will have only fruits. Vivan says he wants to give a dinner party to modis. Ahem likes the idea. While leaving vivan tells pari that he would announce about their relationship in the party. Radha finds this and thinks something is wrong and she has to find it out. Later in the evening, kids come back from school. Pari asks the kids about their christmas celebrations and all tell they have enjoyed a lot. Kids asks pari whether they can celebrate christmas or not. Pari says kids that everyone can celebrate all the festivals as god is one. Ladies leave for some function in their neighborhood. Kids insist pari that they want to celebrate christmas in their house too. Pari agrees. Modis return from the function and even males return home. They all find house is decorated with christmas theme. Kids - pari tell they have arranged to celebrate xmas. Ahem tells modis about vivan's dinner party. Kids insist to have party at home itself. Ahem agrees and calls vivan. Ahem informs vivan about the xmas party at home. Vivan gets angry and thinks this might be pari's plan. Vivan says ahem that he would love to attend the party. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th December 2014 Written Update

Gopi explains koki that she too has misunderstood pari first but later she found how much she loves jigar and believed that pari is the best pair for jigar now and she would definitely take care of tolu-molu well. Koki warns gopi that she would repent about later. Pari comes to her and locks the door. Pari shocks finding the her-vivan's pics together on wall. Vivan comes out of the washroom and tells she has not changed a bit, or she has changed her perfume and he still loves her. Pari yells at vivan that she is in love with jigar now and everyone in the family knows the truth. Vivan taunts pari that he knew all the story how she planned to marry jigar and bringing radha home and later radha getting pregnant. But he still loves her and he would take her back with him to Delhi. Pari says she loves jigar truly so he cant get her back. Vivan taunts pari that jigar has 2 sons and has married 3 till now. And importantly jigar doesnt love pari but he still loves her. Vivan yells out that he still loves pari. Pari requests vivan not to shout. While stopping him, he drops a flower vase. Koki who was passing by pari's room hears this sound and walks there. 

Koki bangs pari's door and asks whether she is fine and asks to open the door. Pari gets scared hearing to koki's words. Vivan asks pari to tell some excuse as usual. Pari opens the door. Koki asks why is she so scared. Pari says there was a lizard in her room and got scared of it. Koki finds pari's behavior suspicious and walks inside the room. Pari finds pics on floor and walks there. Pari stands on the pics so that koki doesnt find them. Koki looks around and walks out. Pari once again locks the door, vivan comes out of the window. Vivan asks pari to sleep well and leaves. Later, kids come to pari's room and asks her to help them to prepare the Christmas costumes for them. Jigar-gopi as well come there to help kids - pari. All of them will be busy in the preparations. Jigar finds pari disturbed. Kids fall asleep so gopi takes away vidya-mira. Then tolu-molu also sleep. Pari-jigar take them to kids room. Jigar asks pari whether she is fine. Pari replies as yes. Jigar tells pari that she can share anything with him. Pari feels touched and gets tears. Jigar wipes her tears. Vivan will be looking at them angrily from his room.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th December 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, pari will be making rotis. Vivan comes there. Vivan tries to talk to pari but she gets scared of him. Vivan grabs pari's hand and while taking her hand, vivan gets hurt by the hot tawa and yells out of pain. So koki-gopi rushes over there. Pari gets scared and jumps out of the window before koki comes inside. Koki asks vivan what is he doing here. Koki calls for pari and she walks back into the kitchen. Koki scolds pari for not taking care of vivan properly. Pari walks out calmly. Pari will be walking towards the gate thinking about vivan and jigar comes in car and finds pari walking and hits the breaks so that pari doesnt get hurt. At the same time vivan as well rushes towards pari. Pari hugs jigar and cries. Vivan gets angry. Pari looks at vivan and walks back into the house. Jigar asks vivan as well to come into the house and walks off. Next day, Pari calls her dad and asks him to meet her near a hotel. Vivan comes to pari's room and searches for her. He finds pari leaving and rushes out. Vivan as well starts off in the car. Pari meets mehta, he consoles his daughter. Pari takes the hotel number. While leaving, pari takes back the car from the parking, but vivan stops. Vivan gets down and scolds pari for avoiding him when he wants to talk to her. Pari says she doesnt want to talk to him nor has anything to talk. Vivan stops her and tells he has a gift for her. He opens a gift wrap and shows a ring. Pari asks whats this. Vivan explains pari that she has left their wedding ring in Delhi and he has all information how she got married to jigar and how radha come back into modi bhawan. Vivan tells he would leave Rajkot along with her. Pari denies to accept. Ahem gets down at the hotel to meet his client and finds pari-vivan talking. 

Pari comes back home where gopi-jigar will be worried about her. Gopi asks where did she go. Ahem as well comes inside the house. Pari replies she went to mandir. Modis gather in the hall. Ahem asks pari why she is lying when she dint even go to temple and he found her talking to vivan. Pari gets tensed. Vivan comes there and tells yes its true that pari was him and she is behaving so because of him. Pari signs vivan not to say anything. Vivan says he wants to give modis a gift before leaving Rajkot so he took pari's help. Vivan shows a small khana ji's murthi/idol and tells pari was helping him to select it and surprise them. Ahem feels sorry about pari and remains calm. Vivan says he want to place it in the mandir. All walk towards mandir. Gopi stops vivan and tells him that no one in the family enters into the mandir when they are wearing a leather belt. Gopi places the idol in mandir. All close their eyes and prays. But vivan winks at pari when she opens her eyes. Pari gets nervous. Even radha finds vivan winking. Koki will be suspecious about pari's behavior. All leave. Gopi stops koki and asks why is so worried about pari and she should start believing pari now. But koki says gopi that she might regret believing pari. 

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Vote : Which Pair did you like the most?


A. Mihika & Mihir 

B. Mihika & Ashok Khanna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Gossips

Shresth Kumar to enter modi bhawan as ahem's client. Khanna will be blackmailing pari that he would reveal their truth before modis and spoil her life. More romantic and filmy sceens to come ahead between pari and khanna. Pari-khanna has dated before and got separated, so pari will be scared how modis would take this and jigar might get separated from her. Lets see how the twists and turns would be in between the love triangle Jigar-Pari-Khanna. 

Ahem aka Mohammad Nazim wants to romance Katrina
Ahem is very much disappointed that the main male leads in their show doesnt have much scenes of performance. Nazim also shared that he likes Yeh hai mohabbatein as the both female and male leads have equal scope of action and the story revolves around only them. Nazim also shared that his 6 pack body cannot be exposed on his show because its a complete ladies family show(so sad). When asked Nazim whether he is interested in romantic scenes, he explained that he would love to and likes to romance with Katrina Kaif(huh!!). 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd December 2014 Written Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Gossips 

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 17th December 2014 Written Update
Pari in trouble with her ex-boyfriend 
Hetal says she would arrange a rat trap. Pari gets a msg. Koki-gopi find bread crumbs in the hall and doubts the rat is in pari's room. Both the ladies go to pari's room and find out a rat inside the cupboard. Pari says she has no idea about the rat. Koki tells pari that pari has planned to spoil her dad's muffler using the rat and then by repairing it she can become good with everyone. Pari says no. Gopi tries to defend pari but koki leaves angrily. Pari tells gopi that she is very confident that radha has done this. Jigar comes there and finds pari crying. Radha explains jigar that pari has planned to win koki's heart but it has back fired. Jigar gets angry with pari and asks to apologize koki. Pari says she has done but couldnt win. Ahem gets a call from office that hotel booking for their clients has been cancelled. Pari suggets ahem to invite them to stay in modi bhawan. Gopi-jigar as well likes the idea. They all insist so ahem agrees. Next day, pari decorates modi house prettily. Modis will be impressed with pari's arrangements. Gopi prepares desi food for the clients. Radha will be upset that her plans have got spoiled. Mr. Khanna(Client) arrives. Ahem recieves him. Pari remains shocked looking at khanna. 

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 17th December 2014 Written Update

Raman starts to airport. Other family members ask raman to wait for ishu-ruhi. But raman denies to wait. Raman says he couldnt see ishu-ruhi while leaving. Finally toshi allows raman to leave. Raman says goodbye to everyone as if he isnt going to come back. Bhallas feel bad that raman isnt meeting ishu before leaving. Raman leaves to airport. Raman in car, recalls all the sweet moments with ishu. Ishu comes back home and wonders how could raman leave without saying bye to her and ruhi. Mani comes there. Even mani wonders why raman left. Mani reveals the truth that raman has left to singapore forever and he has applied for permanent resident and took a bachelor apartment. Mani says he met raman's boss and got all the information. Pathak comes there and tells that from now on she is free from the family. Ishu checks the file and shocks looking at the divorce papers. Ishu recalls how raman was telling her that she is a free bird now and no one will stop her. Mani says raman thinks ishu should be free now. Bhallas think of talking to raman. Ishu angrily says she would talk to him and listen to his explanation. Ishu allows toshi to come along with her and leaves angrily to airport. 

Raman arrives at the airport. There a lil girl will be calling for her father, raman feels its ruhi and turns back. Raman feels bad looking at the lil girl. Toshi-ishu in car will be scolding raman for being so stupid. A traffic police follows ishu's car as she breaks the signal. Toshi asks ishu to stop the car. The inspector asks ishu to show her licence and other car documents. Ishu gets down and starts scolding all the men and even raman. The inspector will be shocked at ishu's yelling. In the airport, raman will be hearing 2 other men discussing about their wives and enjoys their conversation. Ishu calls raman but he doesnt takes the call. Ishu gets hyper. The inspector says he has a plan to reach airport early. At airport, a punjabi will be suffering to understand his tamil FIL's words. Raman helps that punjabi. Raman says the guy that his wife is also a tamilian. That guy asks raman to tell his problem. The guy thinks raman's wife is angry with him and suggests to get back to her and beg her to forgive. Raman says its too late now and goes back to his seat. The police inspector takes ishu-toshi in a ambulance. At airport, raman goes for checking. Finally ishu-toshi reaches the airport. The security people doesnt allow them in. Toshi will be yelling for raman. Ishu requests the security to allow them in as her husband is leaving them and going to Singapore. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th December 2014 Written Update

Gopi-mira-pari reach the competition area. Gopi encourages mira that she shouldnt bother about winning nor should be scared on stage. Savitha comes there with her grand daughter. Savitha taunts mira that she will be 2nd and not to worry. Koki comes there and taunts back to savitha that everytime savitha challenges modis she will be losing the game. And this time also mira will be the winner. The announcer requests all the kids to get ready for the competition. Competition starts. After a while, radha tells koki that a good family girl shouldnt dance like mira is doing now. Koki-gopi scolds 

radha not to bad mouth about mira nor about dance. Mira starts dancing. Radha will be eagerly waiting when the gunguroo will be broken. Suddenly the strangs of gunguroo break and few gunguroo fall on ground. Mira will be in pain as the gunguroo on the ground will be hurting her legs. Mira stops dancing. Radha will be happy. Gopi-pari takes mira into a room. Pari checks the gunguroo and finds the gunguroo strangs are cut and because of them mira got hurt. Gopi says she has checked before giving them to mira. Koki comes there and gets worried about mira. Gopi does the first aid. Koki softly scolds gopi that she should have taken care of the gunguroo. Gopi shows the gunguroo and says the strangs are been cut. Koki scolds gopi that she has not taken care of the gunguroo and now blaming some one else. Pari tries to defend gopi but koki scolds pari as well that pari is spoiling gopi. Koki asks gopi to take mira home and let her see how much mira has prepared for exams. Koki leaves. Gopi apologizes pari. Pari doubts koki might have cut the strangs. Gopi defends koki and tells pari that koki can never do so. Pari doubts its only radha who can do so. Gopi doesnt believe that radha can do so. Radha hears this and feels happy.

Later in the night, mira will be worried that she might not get good marks. Pari comes there and tells she would help mira in her studies. Gopi feels happy and leaves. Next day, pari gets an unknown number call. The person says pari that he is feeling happy to hear her voice in early morning. Pari gets scared. The call gets dc. Jigar knocks the door, pari opens the door. Pari hugs him. Jigar says she might had a bad dream. Jigar asks pari to come for a walk. Pari agrees to come. Mira will be shocked after knowing that it was maths exam and she has prepared for English. The builder comes to urmi's house. The builder demands urmi to return the advance money back. Urmi says she would give him in 2days. Urmi will be worried as she has used that money for car's advance. Mira comes back home and tells about the exam. Koki scolds gopi for being careless. 

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Popular TV Shows of 2014

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Diya Aur Baati Hum:

A simple middle class family girl Sandhya who was ambitious to become an IAS officer gets married to an illiterate halwai Suraj. Though Suraj being a moma's boy helps Sandhya to fulfill her dream of becoming an IAS officer. Despite this inspirational story, this drama has a cute love story between Sandhya and Suraj showing how they developed feelings and belief in each other. The show still runs with highest TRP. The performances and screenplay are the key roles of the success of the show. 

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

A divorcee man Raman and a single woman Ishitha forced to get married by their parents. Raman's daughter Ruhi is the main cause for their marriage. After a lot of arguments, fights and misunderstandings the couple finally falls in love with each other. A very cute love story of Raman - Ishitha and a very loving relationship between Ishitha - Ruhi are the key roles of the success of the show. The other best part is the screenplay. 

Kumkum Bhagya:

A big misunderstanding leads to a forced marriage. Abhi, a Rockstar gets married to a simple middle class family girl Pragya to get revenge on her thinking she was the cause for the breakup of his sister and her boyfriend. The drama has lots of cute romantic fights between the main leads. The chemistry is just cute between the main and second main leads. It is a complete family show and still running with various interesting twists. The story of the show is the main key role. 


An epic show presented very well. The show has gained a lot of craze in few days and has run with a good TRP. The show grabbed a good amount of awards as well. The sets, animations and performances were the best of the show.

Jodha Akbar:

A love story of Jodha and Akbar has been presented in an excellent way. Still the show is running with a good TRP rating. The show has won the hearts of viewers with their excellent performances and screenplay. 


A simple girl Madhubala gets married to RK a leading actor. The chemistry between the main leads was excellent. The story had many twists and turns but never made the audience bored. Love story of RK and Madhu was a huge success. The story despites how Madhu changes an arrogant actor RK into a normal and loving guy. The show has run with high TRP. 

MahaRana Pratap:

An epic story of the legend Maha Rana Pratap has gained a good rating with excellent performances and direction. Faisal khan has debuted into television as young Maha Rana Pratap.

Pick your favorite show and give us the reason why you like it in the comment section.

5 Popular Sadened Breakups of Bollywood

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th December 2014 Written Update

Affairs and Breakups of couples in Bollywood were on news since long time. There are few breakups which audience have wished they actually shouldnt have done. Even the fans wished few couples to be together but the fate dint wish the same. Here are few breakups which has sadened every fan of Bollywood. 

1. Amitabh Bacchan - Rekha:

This couple's affair is still a mystery. Never ever either Amitab or Rekha has admitted their relationship. Since their movie Silsila, the couple has stated their love silsila in their real life. Jaya yells at anyone when she is asked about Rekha or about Amitab-Rekha's relationship. Now we can only see all three ignore each other in public places. 

2. Salman Khan - Aishwarya:

Salman and Aishwarya met on the sets of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and fell in love with eachother. The couple has dated openly for many days. Because of Salman's over possessive nature and assaults, Aishwarya has decided to breakup with him. The obssesed Salman has made ruckus openly in the movie sets where Aishwarya was working. Later Aishwarya was in relationship with Vivek Oberoi and Salman with Katrina. After a while both Aishwarya and Salman had broke off with them. Now Aishwarya is married to Abhishek and Salman still a Single Macho Man.

3. Shahid Kapoor - Kareena Kapoor:

Shahid and Kareena has openly dated for about 3 years and was one of the famous couple in Bollywood. The kiss scandal also dint made the couple to split. When Kareena met Saif on the sets of Tashan, they both have become more than friends. Never Kareena or Shahid has revealed the reason behind their split, the couple has never commented badly about eachother. They were giving decent best wishes for each other before media. Though the couple were offered movies together after their split, they never accepted them. 

4. Ranbir Kapoor - Deepika Padukone:

The couple has denied their relationship for a longtime but they couldnt hide from the reporters. The couple has been together in public functions and were lovey dovey everywhere. Deepika even got tatooed RK on her back. After katrina's entry, our lover boy has shifted his concentration onto her. For many days there were rumors that Ranbir was two-timing with Deepika and Katrina. Later Ranbir - Katrina started dating openly. Ranbir kapoor's mom wasnt happy about Ranbir's relationship with Deepika. Deepika revealed in a TV show that Ranbir has cheated on her. Now its official that Ranbir-Katrina are Live-in relationship. 

5. Amishek Bacchan - Karishma Kapoor:

Abhishek-Karishma has got approval for marriage from their parents and got engaged as well. But the couple has announced that their engagement has been cancelled because of the mother's of the couple. Rumor were around that Babitha involving more in Karishma's life and Jaya wasnt happy about the marriage. After the break up Karishma got married to her childhood friend Sanjay Kapoor and later Abhishek got married to Aishwarya Rai.

Share your favorite couple you wished they never departed in the comment section.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th December 2014 Written Update

Radha to use Mira to break Koki-Gopi's relationship 

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Mira tells koki that she has studied for sometime and took permission to practice dance with gopi. Koki thinks gopi has ignored her words. Koki taunts gopi that she has started to ignore her words now. Pari defends gopi but koki stops her. Gopi explains koki that mira wasnt interested in studies in this time so she thought of giving mira some break so that she can feel relaxed and study well. Gopi again says she has seen so many kids in the school she has worked. Koki explains gopi that mira has started her studies a bit late so she has keep studying for long time. Koki warns gopi that she would feel guilty later about mira's studies. All leave to have dinner. Radha determines to use mira to break the relation between koki-gopi forever. 

At urmi's house, kinjal tells she has followed urmi and found that she is selling chawl to a builder. Kinjal tells urmi that chawl people would believe her and she shouldnt lie about dengue in the chawl. Urmi scolds dhaval-kinjal for interfering in her matters.  At modi bhawan, jigar scolds pari for spoiling his surprise holiday package for his parents. Pari thinks she has missed the package which has arrived later. Mira comes to koki and gives her gunguroo. Mira tells koki that because of her dance practice they both have argued and gopi told her to take permission from koki. Mira assures koki that she would pass with good marks and participate in dance competition as well. Koki agrees mira to participate in dance competition. Mira leaves happily. Mira meets gopi and tells koki has agreed. Gopi feels happy and sends mira to her room. Gopi finds this and calls gopi. Koki softly says now gopi has changed and this might be because of pari. If she keep on listening to mira's wishes then she would regret about her studies. 

Meeti gives a sorry card to pari, before meeti says something jigar calls her. So pari thinks jigar has sent the card. Koki brings the gunguroo to mira and wishes her best for the competition. Koki leaves. Mira goes to washroom. Radha walks into the room and cuts few strands of the gunguroo. And changes the exam timetable using a whitener and shuffling the exams. Builder calls urmi and asks when will be the chawl people vacate the chawl. Urmi tells these days are bad so she cant allow them to vacate so in 2 weeks she would make the chawl people to vacate. At modi bhawan, koki tells hetal that she would never forgive gopi if mira fails in studies. Hetal says mira would definitely pass. Kids come there and asks the ladies to take them to the competition. Hetal agrees. Even radha asks koki to allow her to come. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th December 2014 Written Update

Monday, 15 December 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th December 2014 Written Update

Gopi asks radha to scratch her nose to the ground and plead hetal. But hetal stops radha and gives 1 lakh rupees. Radha gives the money to the vendor. Gopi assures that he would receive the consignment. The vendor leaves. Gopi warns radha to be careful before she plans something bad about the family. Later Koki and hetal at mandir, hetal says koki that gopi has saved rashi pickle business and made radha to apologize her. Hetal again says gopi has come into their house because of koki and now gopi has become like koki. Now gopi is supporting pari and there is no wrong in it. Hetal asks koki to think once about gopi without any anger in heart so that she can understand what gopi is thinking. Radha finds this and thinks she should do something to break the relation between gopi-koki, if not all the modis would become her problem. 

At urmi's house, Kinjal stops urmi who was going out. Urmi says kinjal that she is going on walk and leaves. Urmi will be walking in the park and someone will be following her. The builder comes there and gives advance money to buy her chawl. Urmi will be happy and checks the money. Urmi comes back to the chawl, Urmi tells the chawl people that she would give 10k each family for their new houses. But the chawl people say that they already knew that she is planning to build a building in this chawl. The chawl people scold urmi but kinjal-dhaval stop them. 

At modi bhawan, koki tells hetal that ahem-jigar has gone for some meeting. Mira comes there and takes both the ladies into the garden area, and shows her dance. Both the ladies will be happy and impressed. Mira tells her grandmoms that she is learning for the colony competition. Vidya comes there. Vidya asks mira to come and study. Vidya tells koki that they have exams in 2 days and they are on preparation holidays. Koki asks mira why isnt she studying. Mira says she was practicing dance so dint study. Gopi comes there. Koki tells gopi to take care of kids studies. Koki tells mira that she should concentrate on studies first and later she can think about dancing. Radha finds this and thinks koki-gopi shouldnt become one and she should break their relation. Jigar calls pari and tells he has sent some parcel and asks her to keep it safe in their room. Pari agrees. Door bell rings. Pari opens the door and finds a flower bouquet outside. Pari thinks jigar has sent it. Pari walks away to her room. Meeti receives the parcel packet sent by jigar. Radha will be upset thinking jigar has sent a bouquet to pari. 

Later, mira will be uninterested in studying and wants to dance. Gopi says mira that she would give a 1 hour break later that time she can dance. Mira agrees. Koki arranges the dinner for all and hears the music. Koki walks there and finds mira dancing, pari-kids will be watching her. Koki stops the music. Koki asks mira to study first. Mira tells she has studied and took permission from gopi to practice dance. Koki gets angry. 

Monday, 8 December 2014

Saath nibhana saathiya 8th December 2014 written update

At modi bhawan, koki-gopi console pari and asks her to be happy as jigar has softened his heart towards her now. Pari ad well feels happy about it. At urmi's housr, urmi has back pain and asks kinjal to massage her. But kinjal denies as urmi is responsible for all the problems at modi bhawan. Ahem tells a story about their family as a story to mira and vidya. Pari tells a story to tolu molu, jigar finds this and feels happy that kids are quite friendly with pari now. Radha comes to jigar a d asks him not to look at other woman as she too is his wife. Jigar threatens radha that they should celebrate their suhag raat with no delay, radha gets scared and leaves from there. Pari finds this and feels happy that jigar has scared radha. 

Modis decide to have a peace havan pooja in their house. Radha comes there and tells modis that its her birthday and they are arranging a special pooja. Radha takes jigsr to sit for pooja, but jigar takes pari to sit along for pooja. Radha gets pissed off. After pooja modis start off to orphanage. Urmi finds dengue has been spread alot in the city now. She gets a plan to kick her tenants out of the chawl. Urmi mixes a medicine in food and kinjal starts vomiting. Urmi will be happy as her plan has worked. Urmi takes kinjal to hospital, on the way back chawl people that kinjal is suffering with dengue and they should vaccate the chawl to stay safe. Chawl people will be happy as urmi assures them that she would take care for a new house.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th December 2014 Written Update

Finally Radha married to Jigar. Pari is kicked out of modi house. 

Koki-gopi reach modi bhawan along with mira-vidya. They find out about jigar's marriage in mandir and rush there. But unluckily jigar fills radha's maang before gopi reaches mandir. Pari gets upset as she has to move out of modi bhawan and jigar got married to radha. Jigar gets upset as his life got complicated. Radha kicks out pari from the house. 

Pari tells everyone that she has to move out of the house as she has signed the divorce papers and jigar got married to radha. Pari takes her luggage and walks out, but gopi stops her. Koki asks gopi to let pari leave but gopi denies. Pari says gopi that she should accept the truth. And now she should realize that jigar isnt her husband anymore. When she has learnt the lesson that she should love husband's family as well, she has to leave the house. Gopi explains pari that she has to believe in love, and modis will never accept radha as their daughter-in-law. When gopi has come into this house, even ahem hasnt accepted her but later on she got accepted from all modis. Pari again tells gopi that jigar himself isnt interested in accepting her as his wife then she cannot think of staying back. Koki yells at gopi not to insist pari to stay back. All this fuss has happened because of pari. So pari should leave the house. Even ahem supports koki. Hetal apologizes pari for not accepting pari as her DIL. Jigar asks hetal not to feel sorry for her. Hetal says jigar that if jigar had accepted pari then she would have taken rashi's place and even kids would have got a mom. Hetal feels bad and leaves from there. Hetal goes to her room, radha comes there. Radha asks hetal to give rashi's jewelry to wear. Hetal rejects and yells she cannot take rashi's jewelry. Radha insists hetal to give the keys. Radha takes the keys to open the cupboard. But hetal takes back and scolds radha that she cannot take rashi's place nor she can take rashi's jewelry. Radha again takes the keys and takes away rashi's jewelry. Though hetal pleads radha, radha takes away. Gopi pleads koki to understand her explanation but koki yells that gopi might be planning to divide their family into parts. Pari pleads koki not to break her relation with gopi because of her. Modis hear hetal's voice and rushes to her room. They find hetal on bed. Radha tells jigar that she has come to take rashi's jewelry. Urmi scolds radha. Urmi tries to take back the jewelry but radha pushes urmi. Gopi tries to take the jewlry, but she pushes gopi as well. 

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd December 2014 Written Update

Koki-Gopi find mira-vidya. Ladies try to rescue the kids. 

At modi bhawan, radha will be dancing with music on. Modis gather in hall. Jigar comes there and stops. Radha says she is celebrating her sangeeth. Radha again switches on the radio and dances again. Jigar frustrates and breaks the music system. Jigar yells at radha that he will not marry her if she behaves so. Ahem stops jigar as kids are under radha's control. Radha goes back to her room. Pari-hetal finds radha in her room, and starts acting. Pari acts upset about the marriage. Hetal consoles pari that they are arranging the marriage in the house so there will be no proof of wedding between anyone so its just an act. Radha comes out and asks everyone to gather in hall. Radha orders everyone that marriage will be in the mandir and jigar should come on horse too. Radha walks off into her room. Modis will be relieved. Ahem calls gopi to inform about the marriage venue has changed. Mobile slips from koki's hands while taking out of the bag. But koki asks gopi not to stop the vehicle as they have to think about the kids before. Gopi keeps going on. Koki-gopi reach the Khurana station. There they find mira's tiffin box and keep on searching. Koki-gopi meet one of the goon and doubts that kids are with them. 

Radha gets ready and comes downstairs. Dulhan's car arrives. Radha says she has ordered the car decorated with flowers for herself. Koki-gopi hear ladies laughing out loud and thinks its the goons. Gopi-koki check into the room through a window and find mira-vidya tied up to chairs. Koki gets emotional and cries. Radha hurries up modis to go to mandir. Modis pray khana ji and leave the house. In the car, jigar feels guilty as this all fuss is happening only because of him. 

Koki-gopi bang on the doors and hide aside so that the goons open the door. When the goons open the door and search, koki-gopi enter inside the room and lock inside. Ladies untie the kids. They find a window and think of jumping out. While gopi-koki discuss who to jump out of the room, ladies enter inside the room. Koki-gopi takes things around and hit the mad ladies. Finally gopi-koki rush out of the room. The mad ladies also jump out of the window. All the four rush on their scooty. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd December 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, radha says pari that she is going to marry jigar in a complete traditional way. Jigar rejects to get married. Radha tells jigar that if he denies to marry then the goons would kill the kids. Jigar agrees to marry. Everyone scold radha for her evil behavior. Radha stops pari to leave the house till her marriage with jigar. Pari scolds radha as she is torturing everyone. Radha asks pari to leave the house if she wishes. Pari tells radha that she can do anything for gopi as she has gone against her family supporting her. Radha sends the video of kids crying to everyone and tells not to think anything against her. Koki gets hyper and comes to radha and slaps her. Koki grabs radha's neck and scolds how dare she is to kidnap her grandkids and to get married to jigar. All others stop koki, radha 
warns koki that if they trouble her then the reaction would be on mira-vidya. Koki whispers to gopi that she is acting and support her. Koki leaves radha. Radha asks koki not to stand before her and koki shouldnt attend her marriage. Gopi assures radha that koki will not attend the marriage. Gopi takes away koki from there. Radha tells modis to get ready for the marriage. 

Vidya-mira will be under control of 4 mental hospital patients. They will be happy that if they take care of the kids then radha will be giving them a lot of money and they need not go back to the mental hospital as well. Koki-gopi watch the kids video and recognize that the kids are in a godown which is near a railway station. Gopi-koki decide to reach the place as early as possible. Gopi thanks koki for helping her. Koki once again clears gopi that she is only helping her for her grandkids and after that she will have no relation with gopi. Gopi call ahem and informs that koki-herself going to search for the kids with the clue they found in the video. And asks ahem to stay back and take care of everything here, and delay the marriage as much as possible so that they can return back with the kids. 

Ahem-jigar decide to call police so that they can help koki-gopi. Koki-gopi go outside through window. They couldnt find an auto, so gopi brings a scooty. Both leave. Police arrive modi bhawan and tells they want to interogate radha. Police tells radha that she will be arrested as she has kidnapped vidya-mira. Radha asks police to confirm with gopi whether its true or not. Tolu-molu come downstairs. So ahem apologizes police that kids have played another prank with them. Police leaves. Radha yells at modis not to act smart. Koki-gopi reach rajkot railway station. They enquire about luggage room and rush there. They find no one there and thinks they have come to wrong place. Gopi goes to ticket counter, and asks about 8'o clock train. There they get information that a goods train goes at that time. 

Monday, 1 December 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 1st December 2014 Written Update

At hospital, ishu will be upset as doc has lied before everyone. Raman explains ishu that they should think twice as they should think about mihika and stop themselves. Raman asks ishu to go to home and have rest. Raman goes into mihika's room and finds she is crying. He makes fun of mihika about madrasis cant cry and should kill someone but not themselves. Raman says that he has some surprise. Mihir comes there. Mihir-mihika cries. Mihir asks her how could she leave him and kill herself and how she could think that he would beleive ashok. Mihika apologizes him. Mihir scolds mihika for taking this nasty decision leaving him behind alone. Both hug and cry. Mihir asks mihika to promise not to leave him alone anytime. Shagun remembers the scene of ashok decieving her and agreeing to get married to mihika. Shagun calls the reporter and says she wanted to give an exclusive interview how ishu has ruined her life. Ishu at home will be angry-upset about ashok-mihika's scandal. Romi-simi plan to help ishu. Shagun will be giving interview on live. Shagun tells that raman and ishu has 
taken revenge on her. Shagun explains that ishu cant give birth to a baby so she trapped raman and taken away her daughter ruhi. And now ishu has spoiled her life using mihika. Mihika has seduced ashok and spoiled her life. Bhallas-ayyars watch the video and feel bad. Mrs ayyar will upset. Ishu tries to console her. Raman comes to ayyar and says he would take care of everything and she should be strong. Raman determines to teach a lesson to ashok-shagun. Ishu will be crying, ruhi consoles cutely ishu to be strong. Raman-ishu will be impressed with ruhi's strong heart. Ruhi demands raman to prepare juice for ishu. Raman will be standing and looking at them. So ruhi says she would punish him as he dint go and bring juice for ishu. Ruhi kisses the couple. 

Shagun comes with ladies to raman's house to seak justice for ruining her life. But ruhi stops them and asks not to trouble ishu anymore. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 1st December 2014 Written Update

Radha demands pari to sign divorce papers. Pari agrees. Radha reveals how pari has forced jigar to get married to jigar. Radha shocks modis about her marriage with jigar next day. 

At modi bhawan, koki demands pari to sign the divorce papers. But pari denies. Gopi-hetal requests pari to sign but pari rejects and leaves from there. Ahem-gopi-jigar goes to pari's room and requests pari to sign. Pari says she cant as she cant break her relation with jigar. Though everyone pleads her, pari rejects to do so. Pari sends away them from her room asking to leave her alone. In the garden, urmi will be angry as radha-pari are toubling them. Dhaval will be upset for vidya-mira. Urmi scolds madhu as her daughter is making all the fuss. Koki will be angry with pari as she isnt agreeing to them. But ahem stops koki. Ahem tells koki that they have to explain pari in a cool manner. Madhu goes to radha and scolds radha for troubling everyone. But radha yells back at madhu and says she would slap her if she scolds her again. Madhu leaves. Again Ahem-gopi-jigar goes to pari's room and requests to open the door and help them. Pari remains calm. Gopi says ahem that she would talk to radha once, but ahem says radha would never agree. Gopi feels bad that pari isnt agreeing and radha isnt listening to her then there is no other way to save her kids. Ahem says they should try to convince radha any how. 

All gather in hall, Radha asks gopi whether pari has signed the papers. Gopi says no. Radha yells at gopi that one hour has passed and she cannot save vidya-mira now. Jigar requests radha to send kids to them but radha denies. Koki asks radha to leave the kids. Radha shows the video where kids are tied up and crying. Ahem grabs radha and says he would kill her if she harms his kids. Radha warns ahem that in 15mins the goons will kill the kids. Gopi again begs radha to leave her kids. Pari comes there and says she will sign on divorce papers. Jigar assures pari that he will be with her. Finally pari signs the divorce papers. Radha taunts jigar that love is blossoming in them with this divorce. Jigar yells radha to stop this. Radha says jigar that he should know how pari got married to him. Radha reveals that pari has planned to spend a night with him and force him to marry. Jigar shocks and yells at pari to leave this house. Pari tries to explain but jigar doesnt listen. Pari agrees to leave. But radha stops pari and says she should wait to leave the house for one day as she is going to marry jigar next day. Pari remains shocked. 

Radha says jigar that he has to marry her taditionally for the sake of kids. 

Monday, 17 November 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 17th November 2014 Written Update

Ishu is still upset about the incident and couldnt sleep. Raman finds ishu upset and gets angry with ashok. Ishu remembers the humiliation done by ashok and param, cries. Toshi comes to ishu's room and finds ishu crying. Toshi asks what has happened. Ishu cries and explains. Toshi gets angry and thinks raman will never leave her now. Vandhu-romi in hospital, romi says he is fine and no need of check up. Doc tells romi is fine. Romi-vandhu leaves. Sarika thinks herself that romi isnt well now and would learn how it will be when he takes a wrong report. Raman goes to shagun and yells why she has sent the wrong address. Shagun defends herself that she told milka to bring her to the party. Raman says the message has come from her mobile. Shagun says her mobile has a password to open the mobile. Raman asks whether aadhi knows the password. Aadhi hears raman yelling at shagun and walks off from there. Here at ashok's place, aadhi comes to param and tells raman is doubting him now and he is angry. Param says aadhi that though he tells that param has sent the message no one believes him and raman will definitely scold him. Aadhi will be scared and leaves from there. 

Shagun defends herself that she hasnt done this. Milka believes her. But raman yells at shagun that he wouldnt leave aadhi if he has done the mistake. Raman leaves. Mihir yells at shagun for her wrong upbringing. Mihir remembers that rajeev has planned before and sent him to bring some alchol. Mihir thinks of telling to raman but milka stops him and asks him to tell raman later as he needs to take care of ishu. Milka thinks of revealing ashok's true intentions before shagun so that she doesnt marry him. Simi in her room, Simi doubts param has done all this fuss with well planning. Simi calls param and asks about how did ishu come to the bachelor party. Param admits that he has messaged using shagun's mobile. Param again says ishu-raman has insulted him very badly so he has planned this revenge. Simi cries and says why he should do and she has believed him. Simi again says he should be thankful to raman-ishu but he is taking revenge on them. Param says raman has manuplated her and hangs on the call. Later, raman will be waiting for aadhi outside the house. Aadhi comes back. Raman yells at aadhi that he has become an evil living with shagun. Aadhi says raman that shagun got hurt because of ishu, ishu has stolen ruhi from him, always scolds shagun and raman has never cared for him and never felt how he feels about him. Aadhi yells at raman that he doesnt treat him as his father and wanted no relation with him and he will be hurting ishu and he is ready to go jail for his mother. Raman will be shocked listening to aadhi. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th November 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, pari comes to radha and finds radha worried and feels happy. Pari calls radha to come downstairs as modis wanted to talk to her about urmi's death. Koki tells radha that they have decided to call police and arrest her because of urmi's death. Radha pleads koki that not to make her arrest. Koki says radha that she has tried to kill her in jigar's party so she might have planned to kill urmi. Radha pleads bha, gopi, hetal not to make her arrest. But no one supports her. Radha pleads everyone that she is pregnant and they shouldnt hurt the baby atleast. Modis start acting that they are worried about the baby and decides not to make her arrest. But koki says radha that she has to obey her rules if not they would make her arrest. Radha accepts to obey them. Hetal tells 1st rule that she would not try to hurt to her baby, 2nd rule: not to hurt mira, vidya and tolu-molu, 3rd rule: she should respect everyone in the family, 4th rule: to stay out of jigar. Later, koki-gopi-pari brings healthy laddus for radha but she rejects to eat. Koki warns radha to listen to them if not she will be arrested. Pari forces radha to eat the bitter laddu as she has forced mira to eat the chilly powder. 

Here shah family come back to their home. Kinjal and all tells urmi to stay at home for 9months so that their plan would be successful. Urmi rejects to stay at home. Kinjal locks the main door. Urmi says everyone that she wouldnt eat or move away from the door. Kinjal calls gopi. Gopi pleads urmi to listen to them. Gopi will be talking to urmi on mobile in her room, radha passes from the room and hears gopi talking to someone. Gopi finds radha near her room door, and acts as if she is talking to kinjal and feeling bad about urmi's death. Radha hears gopi talking and thinks she is talking to kinjal and leaves. 

Radha thinks of kicking pari out of the modi house. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Weekly Update : 10th to 15th November 2014

Pari tells modis that she has a plan to keep radha under their control. Gopi-koki and all agree as radha started troubling kids. Jigar shares the good news of his new business under the name of rashi. Modis plan to keep it secret from radha as she might spoil their party. Pari-mehta plan scare radha to kill her by taking radha to temple. Radha will be scared and rejects to come along with modis to temple. But urmi comes to modi bhawan and informs radha that modis have gone to party. Jigar gets insulted in the party as the other officers laugh at him as he has married pari after 3months of his wife's death. Radha as well goes to the party. Radha plans to tell everyone in the party about her pregnancy. But koki spoils her plan by asking radha to apply lipstick before going on to the stage but gives a glue stick. By that radha's lips get stuck and couldnt talk. Later, radha and urmi gets into an argument. Radha makes mira to eat chilly powder as to take revenge with modis. Koki and her gang plan to keep radha calm now. Pari tells everyone about her plan to make someone get killed in radha's hands so that they can blackmail radha. Modis think of implementing this plan with urmi. Pari-gopi plead urmi to help them but she rejects. Kinjal agrees to help modis. Pari keeps a stick in a flower pot and provoke radha to hit her. While radha taking out of the stick from the flower pot, the pot slips and falls on urmi who walks in. Modis continue their plan as urmi is dead by radha's hands. Modis convince radha that urmi is dead. Modis finish the cremation. Radha will be scared that urmi's spirit might take revenge on her. 

Yeh Hai Mohabattein 13th November 2014 Written Update

Raman brings milk for ishu and asks her to sleep on bed for today. Ishu drinks milk and thanks raman. Raman says he should indeed thank her. Ishu asks raman to talk to mihir and ask him not to break his relation with shagun as after a long time they both got together. Raman replies ishu that now mihir is angry with shagun though she hasnt done any mistake this time. Both get to bed, after a while, raman finds ishu sleeping and sits beside her. Raman feels bad for ishu and gets back to bed. Raman will be thanking ishu for all the help she has done for his family till now. Here suraj and param will be happy about ishu's situation. Param tells today they would celebrate the bachelor party. Suraj says param that he would make ashok happy by insulting ishu in the party. Suraj says he would plan something so that ishu comes to the party. Here milka comes to ishu to apologize her. Ishu says she has done nothing, aadhi has to be taken care. Milka tells ishu that shagun has come to apologize. Ishu meets shagun, shagun apologizes ishu and invites ishu for her hen's party. Ishu denies but shagun insists. Ishu remembers raman's words that he isnt willing to attend any of shagun's functions anymore. Shagun insists so ishu agrees. Raman explains mihir in office that he shouldnt break his relationship with shagun as its effecting his kids. 

Aadhi will be playing basket ball and remembers how he got insulted because of ishu. Param comes there. Param explains aadhi that ishu is the main reason for all this fuss. She has provoked raman so that he hurts shagun. And she has seperated his family as well. Param again tells aadhi that now he will help him to get revenge with ishu. Aadhi agrees to help. Param tells aadhi that he has to message ashok's bachelor party's address from shagun's mobile so that ishu comes there and gets insulted by them. Aadhi brings the mobile, param sends the message. Param informs suraj that he has succeeded in the plan. Here at milka's house, ishu comes there. Milka asks ishu to come along with them but ishu tells she would directly come there. Shagun calls milka to come fast. So she leaves. Ishu gets the address msg from shagun. Ishu will be confused how and why she should attend this hen's party. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th November 2014 Written Update

At urmi's house, pari comes there to seek urmi's help. Urmi denies and drags her out of the house. But gopi helps pari and explains urmi that radha is troubling them and as well kids. Urmi again rejects. Gopi seeks help from urmi for the sake of tolu-molu. Pari explains the plan about fake dying. Urmi gets angry and rejects to help. Urmi closes the door. Kinjal also pleads urmi to help but she denies. At modi bhawan, radha finds ladies in hall and thinks now modis will not dare to trouble her anymore. Gopi-pari come back home. Ladies will be upset that urmi has rejected to help them.  Kinjal comes there. Kinjal says everyone that she would help them as urmi is rejecting to help. Pari takes them to the balcony, and explains the plan that daily radha applies oil to her hair and takes sun bath in the morning. So that time pari will provoke radha and makes her drop the plant pot to fall. At the same time kinjal will be ready with fake blood on her head and acts as if she is dead. So they can trap radha in a murder case. Modis decide to impliment this plan as they need to get rid of radha forever. Urmi finds kinjal has gone to modi bhawan to help modis. But urmi will be angry that how could she go to modis to help when she has rejected to help. Urmi says she would go to modis. Here pari places few marbles under the flower pot and keeps the pot loose. Modis will be ready for the plan. Modis already fixes a cc camera near the balcony. Radha will be applying oil in the balcony. Pari goes to radha and starts provoking. Pari provokes radha that she will be considering her as an affair but not wife. In the warenda, urmi finds kinjal and starts scolding her for coming here to help modis. Urmi gets hyper and drags kinjal to take her away. Pari challenges radha to hit her. Radha takes out a stick from the flower pot and will be ready to hit pari. But the pot hits urmi and she gets fainted. All get shocked looking this. 

Gopi scolds radha for killing urmi.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th November 2014 Written Update

Urmi at her home, holding rashi's picture cries, and tells that after she has passed away jigar has got married to pari and now radha is back in modi bhawan and she is pregnant with jigar's baby. And urmi will be upset as she couldnt keep her promise about she taking care of tolu-molu. Kinjal finds urmi crying and consoles her. Radha asks koki to prepare the rotis for her after grinding from chakki herself. Pari gets angry and scolds radha. Radha says her baby that modis arent fulfilling her wishes and drinks poison. Gopi-hetal gets worried for radha. But radha tells the ladies that she hasnt done anything yet but she will kill her baby if they dont listen to her. Finally koki agrees. Urmi calls tolu-molu and asks whether they are fine. Kids assure urmi that they are fine. Kids say that radha asked koki to gring wheat using chakki. Urmi feels happy and tells koki is worth for this torture from radha. Koki who was passing by hears this phone call conversation and takes the call. Koki warns urmi not to teach nonsense to her kids. Urmi says she would laugh at her as she too has tortured her in the past. Later, in the night, mehta tries killing radha using chakki but pari stops him and takes him away. Pari apollogizes radha who got scared of this. Pari promises she would bring another chakki for her and says mehta sleep walks and as he was in pressure about this chakki, he tried to throw it on her. Radha gets scared of it. Koki gets ready to grind wheat using chakki, but radha stops her and asks she need not do that. Radha leaves. Koki asks pari whether it was her plan. Pari says koki that she cannot see radha troubling her in any way. Kids come downstairs to go to school. Gopi-koki-pari finds mira some what tensed and asks about it. But mira denies the question and leaves to school. Later, gopi gets a call from mira's school teacher telling mira cried in school without any reason. Kids come back home. Radha as well come downstairs. Pari takes kids to her room saying she wanted to show their family pics on fb. All the kids and ladies gather in pari's room. Pari says everyone that she cannot ask anything before radha so she brought everyone here. Gopi slowly asks mira about the problem, after a while, mira tells that radha has warned her that she would kill her if she doesnt listen to her and radha has slapped her. Ladies will be angry about radha's behavior towards kids. Pari asks everyone to be calm and she has a plan to solve this problem. All ladies agree to help pari. 

Later, radha recieves few wedding invitations through post. Radha says now she would atted these marriages and insult modis there. Modis says if they doesnt attend the marriage then no one cares about radha's nonsense. Jigar gets a call that his new business on the name of rashi has been approved and they have a party for all his family members. Jigar happily hangs on the call. Jigar shares this news with pari. Pari congratulates jigar and hugs him. Pari says she would gather all the family in bha's room to share this news. In bha's room, jigar shares this good news to everyone. Pari offers jigar to have some sweet, jigar forcly has some. Pari hugs and kisses jigar. Jigar invites everyone to party and leaves. All the gents leave. Pari says they have to plan properly and do not let radha to know about this good news. Radha comes there to find out whats happening. Pari finds radha at door and asks ladies to give her a position in their house other than radha, but ladies doesnt agree. Radha hears this and feels happy. Pari leaves angrily from there. Later, mehta-pari acts before radha that they would take modis to temple and kill radha over there. Radha gets scared and thinks of avoiding. Kinjal shares the news about jigar's new business with urmi, but she will be angry as modis havent invited her. 

Urmi comes to modi bhawan and asks about koki to radha. Radha tells they went to mandir. But urmi tells radha that they have gone for some party. Urmi tells the address of the party and leaves. 

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th November 2014 Written Update

At shagun's mehendi function, simi finds param and meets him. Param lies to simi that he has returned last night and busy with work so couldnt call her. But simi finds out that param was in the city since 7days. Ashok taunts raman that they both are sharing wife, kids and all raman has shared. Ishu asks ashok not to get into a fight and spoil shagun's mood. Ruhi will be getting bored so she thinks of finding her brother but goes to suraj's room and hangs on the video call. Suraj yells at ruhi. Ruhi comes out crying and dashes to shagun who was talking to ashok. Ashok-shagun yells at ruhi. Shagun raises hand to slap ruhi but ishu comes there and stops her. Ishu scolds shagun that ruhi is her daughter and she has no right to scold or slap her. Shagun taunts ishu that she dint give birth to ruhi but defending her. Ishu taunts back that though shagun has given birth to ruhi she never treated as her daughter or loved her properly. Ishu-raman takes away ruhi from there. Ishu feels bad for ruhi that she has forced ruhi to attend shagun's functions but now she got yelled. Ruhi comes there and consoles ishu that shagun would never scold her now as ishu mom will be always there to protect her and they all would attend the remaining functions. Shagun cries before aadhi that ishu has spoiled her mehendi function. Aadhi will be angry with ishu that she has insulted his mom and he should take revenge. Later, mihir asks raman's help as he has forgot to call choreographer. Raman asks mihir to invite ayyars and provoke them so that bhallas also dance along. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th November 2014 Written Update

Pari spoiling Radha's plans

Modi Ladies find radha in garden. Their Radha will be talking to her baby that modis arent accepting so she is eating papaya to get aborted. Gopi stops radha eating papaya. Pari comes there and starts feeding radha. Pari says as radha is eager to have papaya to abort the baby and moreover she found on internet that baby cannot be aborted by eating orange colored other than kaccha papaya. Pari warns radha not to play these stupid tricks before them. Later, urmi calls gopi and apologizes for not taking care of her properly when she was with them. Thats the reason now her deeds reflecting on her. Now radha is troubling her gandkids. Gopi consoles urmi and assures she would take care of tolu-molu ever. Pari explains all the ladies that radha would never abort the baby as its more important to radha to blackmail them. They hear water sound and come out. They find radha washing clothes on hand. So pari brings few more clothes and tells radha that its better to work during pregnancy for safe delivery. Koki also supports pari. Pari once again warns radha not to make them fools. Ladies leave from there and radha thinks of another plan. 

Later, radha tries dusting the lights, gopi feels sympathise for radha. But again pari says everyone that radha is acting. Radha acts as if she is feeling giddy. Gopi asks radha to stop this, radha says everyone that they have to accept the baby. Koki agrees to accept the baby. Radha drinks water. Pari 
asks koki not to accept the baby as radha is bluffing them. Koki says though radha is acting but they cannot allow to harm the baby. Pari gets upset and leaves from there. Later, pari will be browsing about how to get rid of another woman in between husband-wife. Radha comes there and throws away pari's luggage and keeps her clothes in the cupboard. Pari scolds radha and throws away radha's clothes and keeps hers. Again radha does the same. Radha says she is the mother of jigar's baby so she has more rights on the room. Jigar comes there. Radha says jigar that she was decorating their room. Jigar tells pari to share his room and let radha use her room. Jigar again tells pari that he has married her and should take care of her in all the problems. Pari will be happy and impressed with jigar's words. Radha will looking at them angrily. Jigar takes away pari from there. 

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 5th November 2014 Written Update

Radha pregnant with Jigar's baby. 

At modi bhawan, koki will be worried about what radha would do now. Door bell rings, gopi opens the door. Savitha comes inside and asks gopi to switch on the tv. Gopi does. Modis come downstairs listening to the news about jigar's first night video will be revealed in the night news. Modis shock. Savitha scolds modis and leaves. Koki scolds radha for giving the video to the tv channel. Modis start scolding radha. Radha feels dizzy and tells everyone about that. Modis scold radha that she is acting. Ahem talks to the tc channel head and tells them not to telecast the jigar's video. Radha faints. Gopi sprinkles water and wakes her up. Gopi takes her to room. Doc checks radha and says she is fine but she is pregnant. Modis remain shocked. Doc asks radha to consult a gynic. Radha says modis to be good to her as she has given a good news. Modis say radha that they will never accept her nor the baby into their family. Pari walks away from there angrily. Radha determines herself to make modis to accept her baby by using their sentiment. Hetal feels bad as jigar's life is in twists. Koki consoles hetal that there will be a way for every problem and they have khana ji's support so they need not worry about anything. Pari will be crying as she got married to jigar but had no happiness in her married life. Mehta comes there and consoles pari that she should be strong enough. Gopi will be upset before khana ji about this problem. Radha walks there and acts as if she wants to abort the baby. Next day, kinjal tells urmi that radha is pregnant with jigar's baby. Urmi gets hyper and scolds kinjal about her family. Kinjal asks urmi to admit the truth. Jigar will be upset about all the problems in his life. Ahem tries to console him. Tolu-molu come to jigar and asks why is he crying. Jigar hugs them and remains silent. Ahem tells kids that jigar is missing rashi and he got upset. Kids takes jigar to his room as ahem tells them. Urmi will be upset that she has troubled gopi before marriage so now he is troubling tolu-molu. Later, modis will be having lunch, Pari asks modis that she has no place in their house. Hetal consoles pari. Gopi comes there, Gopi says koki that radha isnt in her room, and in the night she was talking to some doctor about abortion. All ladies search for radha in all the rooms but doesnt find her. 

Radha will be talking to her baby that modis arent accepting so she is eating papaya to get aborted. 

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 4th November 2014 Written Update

At modi bhawan, pari comes to kids and explains them that radha is troubling jigar and all others alot so they should help her to get rid of radha from house. Mira will be in confusion to help or not. Pari again says mira that radha has kidnapped her and kept away from modis for 6 years so radha might do something this time as well. Kids agree to help pari. Kids go to radha and start troubling her. Radha gets irritated and runs after them to hit them with her sandal. Pari records this in her smartphone. Tolu sprays deo in radha's eyes. Radha washes her face. Radha grabs mira and warns her to keep distance with her if not she would do the same as she has done during mira's childhood. Radha about to hit mira, gopi comes there and stops radha. Gopi slaps radha and warns to stay away from her kids. Modis gather in hall. Tolu says koki that radha was trying to hit them with her sandal. Gopi again says radha not to dare to hit them. Koki-ahem-jigar scold radha. Radha taunts gopi that kids are misbehaving with elders so she was teaching lesson. And from now she would take care of her kids tolu-molu. Radha again says tolu-molu that very soon they will get another brother/sister to play with them. Gopi scolds radha to talk rubbish before kids. Radha says kids that now she is her mother and they have to accept the truth. Radha leaves from there. Kids asks gopi whether radha was saying the truth? Gopi convinces kids that radha is lying with them and they need not worry about her. 

Pari comes to radha and says she has to leave modi bhawan. Radha wonders why. Police arrive at modi bhawan and asks for radha, Police tells radha that some kids have complained that she was hitting them with sandal so she will be arrested. Modis look on calmly. Radha asks for proof against her. Gopi-ahem says yes she has hit the kids. Pari calls kids. Modis will be worried looking at the kids as they will be in bruises and marks. Pari shows the video to police. Police say they would arrest her now. Radha tries hitting kids, but they rush to their parents. Radha asks police to check the marks. Police check and find out that kids have applied makeup. Police says they cant arrest radha now. Koki apologizes police and they leave. Gopi-jigar insists kids who has guided them to do this. Kids show pari. Koki scolds pari guiding kids in a wrong way. Pari says radha hates kids and was trying to hit them. Gopi says she has repeated the same again. Radha warns pari and others that she will show the reaction for this incident. Radha leaves from there. Jigar warns pari not to guide kids in a wrong way if not he would throw out of the house. Later, gopi-koki will be working near dining table. Koki will be worried what radha would do now. 

Savitha asks gopi to switch on the tv. They find a trailer of jigar's first night. Modis remain shocked.